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Perceptions series (complete)

Hi there folks. Some of you might know me as a kind of obsessive reader and reccer, but I’ve finally stuck my head above the parapet and written something myself. It started off as a ficlet at tamingthemuse and somehow when I wasn’t looking, it turned into a 15 part series – now complete (collapses in heap.) It’s S/X – eventually…., so I thought I might as well post here.
Pets my baby and sends it off into the big scary world!

Title: Perceptions Series (Prologue + 15 parts)
Author: sparrow2000
Pairing: S/X
Rating: Adult – eventually…
Disclaimer: At the head of each chapter
Summary: Spike comes back to Sunnydale pre “Lover’s Walk” and watches the local entertainment. Suddenly Xander finds he’s talking more to the evil undead than he is to his friends. Stuff happens

Perceptions Series
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