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A Consort's Holiday

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday 12/26
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"

The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday.

Genre: Comedy.

The evening was young and the bar was bouncing.
It was exactly what both men needed.
They had worked their way to the edge of the dance floor
to watch the action, and both could feel themselves
relax and get into the feel of the room.

People were still staring and pointing, but Xander easily
accepted Spike's infamy as the cause.
He was surprisingly comfortable with fame.
"Want to dance, Spike?"

Spike glanced over and noted, sadly, that
Xander was already twisting, jerking and gyrating.

"In a mo, Pet. How bout you run and grab us both
a beer first?"

After thinking it over Xander had to admit he could use a
cold one to cut the road dust that had settled in his throat
so with only a minor mumbled comment about not being
the beer bitch, he headed back through the crowd.

Spike watched as his consort made his way back towards
the bar. What a nice ass. Look how it flexes and bunches
as he moves. Shifted from side to side and made even
the cheapest pair of jeans look like a designer's dream.
Yup, Xander ass watching is a fave pastime.

Frowning, he observed a muscular good looking
cowboy type approach his boy. So, Spike chuckled,
he was not the only appreciator of fine ass moveage.

Waiting happily to watch the expected rebuff, Spike was
surprised when he saw Xander lean on the bar and engage
in conversation with the interloper.

Even more shocking was the fact that Xander was now
handing the man money and they were walking off together
towards the back hallways.


Spike knew first hand what went on in the dark areas of
clubs like this. After all he had been there a few times
himself. He still grinned like a fool when he remembered
that club in Pittsburgh. OH SHIT!
Rushing to follow, Spike was dismayed to find he had lost
sight of the two men and in the mass of sweating perfumed
sexually charged bodies. He was also having great difficulty
honing in on Xander's particular smell.

Spike was on the verge of panic when he spotted the
back of Xander's well known black and orange bowling shirt.
He was never so glad to see the screamingly ugly shirt
in his unlife.

Rushing over, Spike had every intention of demanding an
explanation. Leering, he was even considering a little
public punishment.

Right after he reassured himself that Xander was still in
pristine condition, of course.
Grabbing him from behind, Spike instantly realized that
the body he was groping was not Xander's.

The man was too tall, the muscles too big, the dick....
Oh thank God it was not Xander's.

Although if circumstances were different he would have
to admit that the stranger was both well built and well,
size isn't all THAT improtant.
His ass twitched happily at the painful possibilities.

Spinning him around, he saw that the man wearing his
Xander's shirt and pants was the same cowboy he had
observed collecting money from his boy earlier.

That was it.
Spike wanted some answers and he wanted them now.

He was also more than happy to choke those answers out
of the man he had in his grip.

Wrapping his fist tightly around his throat, Spike was on
the verge of total throttle when a deep voice rumbled low
in his ear.
"Well ain't you the pertiest greenhorn I ever did see."

The deep rumble of the sound shot straight to Spike's cock.
Releasing the half conscious man Spike turned quickly to
face yet another version of his very own Xander.

Xander who was now all dressed up in the cowboy's
tight jeans, denim shirt, big ass silver belt buckle, which
rested nicely over his blue jean bulge, and
topped of with a black felt cowboy hat.

Spike was hard as a rock in three seconds flat and so
distracted he didn't hear the real cowboy as he rushed back
to his companions to brag that the bruises around his neck
were put there by none other than Starfish Spike and his
ramrod sidekick Xan.

Xander handed him one of the mugs of beer.
"Drink up Sweet thang cause I'm about to take you onto
that there dance floor and give you a twirl or two."


The empty mug went flying and crashing across the room
as several patrons ducked and squeaked..

Xander stepped forward and reaching around grabbed
Spike by the ass pulling him roughly against him. Standing
groin to groin Xander squatted slightly and slowly stood
dragging his hard cock firmly up the length of Spike's.

Xander leaned in and licked a path from Spike's neck to
ear ending with a growly whisper.
"Well, well. Looks like my little filly is ready to dance."

Before he could stop himself Spike giggled, nodded
and allowed himself to be led onto the floor.

He didn't mind letting Xander play the part of the rump
wrangler once in a while, and tonight seemed the perfect

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