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A Consort's Holiday

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday 13/26
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"

The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday.

Genre: Comedy.

Without separating their bodies, Xander backed Spike
out onto the dance floor.
Once there neither moved.

Spike waited to see what Xander would do next.
Xander enjoyed the command and control he had
over Spike and the over the situation.

After a few moments Xander slowly started moving his hips.
With his right leg firmly planted between Spikes legs and his
hand still on Spike's ass Xander began grinding and rolling
his hips slowly.
He would lift his thigh periodically pressing tightly against
Spike's balls.

The grip required Spike to move with him, crotch to crotch,
both men hard and aching.

Spike placed his hands on Xander's hips and copied his
movements exactly. The tempo of the music picked up as
Xander's hips shimmied and pumped.

The other dancers around them were getting off on
watching what they knew would only heat up more.

All observers prayed the song would not come to a climax
before the dancers did.

Losing himself now to the boom boom of the beat of the
music and the feel of the smaller man up against him,
Xander continued to move obscenely in a manner more
fitting to a male strip show.

The only thing missing was the pole.
Or not.

Running his thumb nail deeply up the back seam of Spike's
jeans caused Spike's hole to automatically flex in search
of the hand so temptingly near.

Inhaling, Spike reveled in the male musky smell of
his overheated, sweaty, aroused consort.
Jesus it was erotic!

Finally releasing his iron grip, Xander turned Spike around
in his arms and pulled his ass flat back against Xander's
crotch without ever losing the rhythm.

Lowering his lips to Spike's ear, Xander kept his voice low
knowing Spike's vampire hearing would catch every word.

"Want me to make you cum in your pants? Right here in
front of everyone. Want me to rub you, work your cock till
you can't hold back any more? Then let me hold you up
while you shoot your wad and empty your balls?"

Spike just whimpered. They had played lots of games,
and he always liked it when Xander played the dominate
one, but he had never know him to be like this.

Spike was so turned on at this point he would have
allowed Xander to strip him naked and put bows in his hair
and call him Sally right there on the dance floor.

Anything as long as he got him off.

Knowing they were being watched was a bonus. The more
carried away they got the more the other dancers gave off
the heavy fog of arousal. The air was so thick with it Spike
could taste it on his tongue.

He licked his lips and was able to force out only one word.

Xander slid both hands around Spike's chest and let his
fingers roam down the tight rippling stomach. When he
reached the top button of Spike's jeans he easily popped
it open.

Slipping his hand down the front he didn't have to go far to
feel the head of Spike's cock stretching up like a sunflower
searching for the heat of the sun.

Xander's hips continued to grind and pump as his left hand
lowered to cup Spike's balls on the outside of his pants
and his right hand dipped deeper to stroke he rigid cock
that was now wet from anticipation.

Resting his forehead on the back of Spike's blond head,
Xander continued to talk him off.

"Fuck you feel good. So hard and wet. Can you feel my
cock pressed against your ass? God I want to pull off your
pants and bend you over right here. I'd spit on you hole
just enough to wet it but it would still hurt.

Burn and tear when I shove my big hard cock deep inside you.
Just like we're dancing, I'd keep moving. Slapping my heavy
balls against your ass."

Spike stumbled, having lost the ability to keep time to the music.
His legs were weak and shaky. He could no longer smell or
feel the people around him.
All he knew was his cock and the hot rough hand that was
stroking it.

Several other dancers had pressed their bodies against
him hoping to share in the sex only to be pushed aside as
the next one joined in.

Finally he could hold off no longer.
Sensing it was time, Xander jerked back the side of
the collar on Spike's t-shirt and clamped his human
teeth sharply into Spike's neck, breaking the skin.

Covering Xander's hand with his own, Spike pressed both
hands and his cock tight against his body and let his orgasm
rush through him and into his pants.

The sight caused more than one of the others around them
to follow. Xander held tight to Spike to keep him from
collapsing to the floor as he licked the dribbles of blood
from his skin.

As the after shocks eased, Spike regained his senses and
leaned back against the man he loved. To the sound of
thundering applause the music ended and the couple left
the floor.

"Christ Xan, that was amazing! But what about you?"
Spike wagged his eyebrows.
"Something I can do for you?"

Xander pulled the front of his pants open and wrinkled
his nose.
"No need. All taken care of. Give me about 15 minutes
to trade clothes back with Jake and we can be on our way."

Peering into the front of Xander's jeans Spike stepped back.
"He might not want those back, Love."

"Oh no. It's cool. He promised me my money back if I
came in them."
Xander went in search of Jake and Spike went to the bar
for another beer.
All in all a good time was had by everyone.
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