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If You Love Something, Set It Free

Hi, y'all. Uh, long time, no post.

You all probably know that I have been unable to write Buffyverse for - oh, eighteen months, two years? Anyway, I left rather a lot of things undone. This post is to offer those undone things to the writers to, well, get them done. So, if anyone wants to adopt and finish or adopt and continue as tag fics any of the below, they have my blessing to do so. If you wish to adopt a community and run it, let me know and I will give you access to it and you can take it over.

And the story Aura

Not up for grabs are Shame the Devil and See America/Lake House. I can't let those two go for some reason. If I have left any unfinished fic of mine off the list, ask me about it in comments, and I'm sure I will hand it over.

Buffyverse was my first fandom, and I was a Spike/Xander girl all the way. I met so many awesome people because of S/X, and many of you have followed me into SGA, some of you because I dragged you, kicking and screaming. So what I'm saying here is thank you and I love you guys.
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