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A Consort's Holiday

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday 14/26
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"
The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday.

With both men wiped, swiped, and back in the car they were
happily again on the road.

"That was a bit of all right, yea?" Spike was again piloting the
vacation vehicle toward the designated destination.

Xander sighed, eyes glazed over. "Yea, that was great.
We're gonna have to that again"

Then, just a quickly, Xander's face took on a more
stern look.
Facing Spike his shook his finger at the vampire.

"But that's it. No more distractions. We locate a motel
and get a good days rest then tomorrow night we make
New Mexico! No if's and's or, well o.k., maybe a little
bit of butt."

Spike carefully checked his expression then plastered on a
strained smile.
"Absolutely, Pet. Looking forward to it."
Turning his face away, Spike gazed out his side window
and rolled his eyes in an exasperated move.

"What the hell was that?"

Spike turned quickly to face his very unhappy consort.
"What was what?'
He just knew he couldn't have been caught.
No way could Xander have seen him.

"Let me ask you something Spike. How much did you
actually know about making a consort before you stuck
your plaque covered fangs in my creamy innocent neck?"

Spike sucked his teeth and tried to remember if he had
brought the floss when Xander's words finally soaked in.

"Not a lot, but I was trying to save your in debt ass from
Kermit's pickle green pricks. Besides, saving your meal for
later isn't something a vampire usually does. Why?"

Spike was rapidly becoming irritated with Xander's
ungrateful accusations and unappreciative tone.

"Because my cohort in crime if you weren't so obtuse - and
yes I know what that means - you would have noticed
that we are starting to share each others feelings and thoughts
and it is getting stronger each time you bite me."

Xander was sitting with his arms crossed and waited for the
little tidbit of information to register.

"In fact right now I am picking up total confusion and
stupidity from you. Something not entirely new."

Searching his feelings was something Spike usually gave
every effort to avoiding. He did, however, notice an odd
foreign sensation tickling the back of his mind.

That combined with the memories of the recent occasions
that Xander seemed to be able to read his mind, it all fell
into place.

Facing his companion, Spikes eyes lit up reflecting his
pleasure at the connection.
"Wow! You're right I can feel it. I can tell what you.... Hey!
I resent that."

Xander conjured up the most unflattering mental visual he
could come up with involving a vampire and his sire.
He then jerked his head in Spike's direction.
The visual slammed into his brain.

"Hey! I'll have you know Peaches and I never had that
type of relationship. Besides I don't even think you can do
that with a catfish!"

Xander smirked till the full color badly scripted movie started
playing behind his eyes.
Screaming, Xander began slapping himself in the forehead.
"NO NO!! Not Willow! Make it stop! Make it stop!"

With a self satisfied snort Spike ended the story. Before he had the
chance to revel in his victory, Xander reached over and soundly
slapped him in the back of the head.


Spike retaliated.
Returning the head smack he then instantly pulled his
hand back and aiming his pointer finger less than an inch from
Xander's nose to end the argument.

"Enough! I am the Master here and don't you forget it!
Mind your place, Pet"

Xander bit the finger.

Spike screamed and all four hands engaged in a flurry of slapfest.
The steering wheel forgotten, the car careened across three lanes
of traffic.

Semi trucks swerved and cars slammed on their brakes.
A motorcycle, taking advantage of it's smaller size slipped precariously
between a tour bus and a BMW. Coffee flew, cell phones
dropped and horns blasted.

Totally oblivious to it all, Spike and Xander continued to tussle
and grab held back only by the seatbelts still buckled in place.
Skidding off the road the car ran onto the berm, into a field and
came to rest on carcass of a raccoon road kill.

The jostling of the car crash brought both men to their senses.
"Shit! Are you o.k., Xan?'

Quickly checking himself for injuries, Xander relaxed. "Yea,
nothing damaged. Jesus, I'm sorry Spike. I don't know
what came over me."

Greatly relieved that his consort was unharmed, Spike placed
his hand on Xander's knee.
"I'm sorry too, Love. I guess it was just the shock of feeling
the connection."

Slowly Spike's hand started rubbing up Xander's thigh.
Xander shuddered.
"Holy Shit! Can you feel that? It's like double horny."

The shocked look on Spike's face was all the confirmation
Xander needed.
Spike threw the car into gear and squealing the tires, maneuvered
around the collisions littering the highway.

"Find a room Spike! Find it NOW!"
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