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A Consort's Holiday

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday 15/26
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"
The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday.

The pickins were slim and the desperation high.
It was an unfortunate combination that led them to
pull off the main highway in search of the nearest

Spike was getting frantic as Xander tortured him with thoughts
of handcuffs covered in monkey fur and daffodil bulbs.

Finally they came to a small residential and business area
which obviously catered to weary travelers.
Both sides of the road were lined with gas stations, convenience
stores, restaurants, and, at long fucking last, a tacky low
budget motel. One with a large sign advertising hourly rates
and soundproof rooms.

Without looking up and in response to no verbalized question.
Xander answered immediately.
"No way, Spike. That place just screams bed bugs."

Due to the jumbled combination of lusty thoughts and images
bombarding him, Spike's brain was so fried he was no longer
sending or receiving any coherent messages.

For now his cock was in control.
It held the reigns, sailed the boat, gripped the wheel,
stoked the fires, engineered the train to dickville.

A situation Spike was usually more than happy to go with.
At the same time his patience was wearing very thin.

Finally, just as total panic threatened to overcome him, Spike
spotted a Holiday inn looming promisingly off in the distance.

"Almost there, Pet. Don't worry,
I'll get us there quick as I can. It's just up the street. Look's good,
huh? Not bad. Fairly clean. Lots of rooms. Probably
got a lounge Comfy beds. Nearly there......"

"Ah, Spike, actually, I'm kinda hungry. Mind if we stop at the
pancake house first?"


Spike shook with the need to control himself. He was far too
upset at the injustice of it all to check Xander's face or thoughts for
what the hell was going on in his pea brain.
All he could tell was that Xander would not be swayed.

Still assuming he could reason with the boy, Spike pulled into
the parking lot of the purveyor of doughy delights, slammed
the gearshift into "P" and turned to his beloved Consort.

"Look, Love."
But it was too late.

Xander had already leaped from the car and was trotting
towards the door in search of a bountiful breakfast.

Slamming the car door and cussing a blue streak, Spike
Inside he found Xander waiting patiently by the
"Welcome. Please wait to be seated" sign.

Crossing his arms in a huff, Spike decided to punish Xander
with silence. Granted, it was an extreme measure, but
he had done all a vamp could do.

That's when he first noticed it.

It felt like just the tiniest tip of tongue tickling his testes.
Spike twitched.

Searching Xander's face for confirmation Spike received only
a brief wink in return.
That was more than enough.


The waitress flew out of the back room and grabbed two
"Sorry, I didn't hear anyone come in. Booth or table?"

Spike's voice cracked like a prepubescent teenage boy.
Xander followed the two towards the back of the restaurant
looking, for all the world as though he were bored
beyond belief.

Just before reaching their seat, he ran a mental tongue up the
crack of Spike's mental ass.
Leaping a foot off the ground Spike squealed and plastered
his hand on the seat of his pants.

"You o.k. mister?"
The waitress laid down the menus and backed away.
Spike cleared his throat and attempted to regain his

"Just fine thank you.
Now, bring coffee. That's a good girl. Off with you"
He shoed her away with his hands and sat down to wait.
He suddenly decided that, yes indeedy, breakfast was an
excellent idea.

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