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My good intentions went up in smoke...

Runaway, "Boot Fetish," Part 14/14, Xander/Spike/Angel

Previously: "If you want relief, pet, use my boot," Spike told Xander. He shook out more of his cigarettes and lit one, staring down at Xander's lowered face coolly. He prodded again and Xander couldn't help but push himself once against the soft, cool leather. It felt incredible.

I didn't link this story here all during the writing of it because I was unsure of how the ship would all work out, but though it started out as xangel, it firmly wound up Xander/Spike/Angel. Lots of spandery goodness. And yay! Finished story!

Betaed by kitty_poker1
NC 17 D/s Xander/Spike/Angel with some wee bits of Spike/Tara and Spike/Angel
Xander is a sixteen-year-old runaway living in an old abandoned theater in L.A.
Warnings: Xander's a prostitute. Angel and Spike are his clients.

Runaway Part 1-13.

Runaway, Boot Fetish, Part 14/14.
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