tiki_92090 (tiki_92090) wrote in bloodclaim,

Is it okay if I make a challenge?

Well i will, so here's the deal, Xander and Spike switch bodies, don't care how, but they have to work together to be back in their bodies.

Doesn't have to be kept secret, Xander has to forget that he's Spike at a moment and almost fry himself in the sun, Spike saves him and O.o [something, i dont care what] happens

So if anyone wants this plot, please message me, I really would want to read something like that, or if anyone knows of a story like that please tell me, I was reading a body-switching story at the time, so if i'm plagiarizing in any form, tell me so i can read it!

SO thanks and bye!

Oh and it has to be Spander [just clairifying]

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