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FIC:RunawayGuide2-The Healing,Ch3,FRAO Spandar,Sentinel X-over,Warning:explicit M/Msex,4some,H/C,WIP 
18th-Mar-2007 03:22 pm
A.N. Due to the interest this community showed in Runaway Guide, I have decided to break my rule of not posting WIP’s to LJ. I trust you will remind me with comments that I have made that decision. Enjoy.

Title: Runaway Guide 2 – The Healing
Author: Joan Z and Neichen
Summary: Xander has been rescued from his kidnappers, but an overdose of a memory-erasing drug has destroyed part of the mental pathways he used as a guide. The four men struggle to make the cross bonding work while trying to heal Xander.
The group suspects that Xander is still in danger from who ever shot down the
General’s plane.
Part 1 of this story had over 1500 readers. It was rec’ed on an LJ community so I am hoping that Part 2 will also get a rec.
Warnings: Group sex, a four-way relationship, Hurt/comfort, explicit M/M sex
Acknowledgments: Thanks to my beta Kerensa and to Neichen for her encouragement.
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. I am only keeping the fandom alive in our hearts.

Chapter 3

Spike was lost in a healing bond with Blair. He seemed to be wrapped in warmth. Blair filled Spike’s mind; the sight of him, his scent, his feel, the sound of his heartbeat and his taste, topped by the warm healing energy that Blair so freely gave.

Jim sat watching the healing bond. He wanted to be a part of it. The first time Spike had claimed Blair he couldn’t watch. Now that Blair had already been claimed he felt no reluctance to be there, giving support, both physical and emotional, to his chosen mate.

Jim sat with his back against the side of the nest; he held and stroked his guide. Blair lay in Jim’s arms as Spike finished preparing him and gently entered Blair. Jim’s cock was hard against Blair’s back and he closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation as Blair rose and fell back to the rhythm of Spike’s gentle thrusts. They were in a dance. The three of them seemed to whirl to the drumbeat of their hearts in sync. All of Jim’s perceptions were filled with Blair. He felt what the healer felt, the joy of being filled and giving his energy to his sentinel, the sexual pleasure that coursed through Blair’s body with each stroke of Spike’s cock against Blair’s sweet spot. Jim was one with his guide in a way he never dreamed he could be; the universe shifted and for a moment he was Blair, he perceived everything through Blair’s consciousness. He felt the insecurity of the child, always moving never having a place to call home and he saw himself as Blair’s rock, the stalwart standing fast and true, his home in the storm. And he felt the love Blair had for him. The knowledge of what it was to be Blair hit him hard and he threw back his head and roared. Spike answered with his own roar and all three climaxed in a ball of healing energy.

Xander watched the trio from the other side of the nest; he kept himself far enough away so that he would not pull any of Blair’s healing energy to himself. This healing was for Spike, but when the two sentinels roared their release, he moved to them. Spike pulled out of Blair and reached for Xander. He fell into his arms, nuzzled his nose into Xander’s neck, where he suckled, and fell into a healing sleep.

Jim and Blair laid down in each other’s arms. Jim held Blair and rocked him back and forth as Blair fell into the deep sleep he needed to recover from the healing bond, tears rolled down Jim’s face from the intensity of what he had just experienced. The irony of it wasn’t lost on him. He had reached a new level of bonding and it happened because he shared his guide with Spike. He looked at Spike, grateful that the cosmos had sent him this man that he had chosen for his second. He wasn’t sure if Spike was the catalyst for what had just happened, or the open doorway he chose to walk through. Perhaps Spike was both. Blair had said, after his bond with Spike, that there was a part of the sentinel that he couldn’t reach. Jim hadn’t understood it at the time. He just took Blair’s word for it. But now he understood. He looked over at his pack mates and saw the reflection of the nightlight in Xander’s eyes.

“Are you all right, Jim?” Xander whispered in a level pitched only for the sentinel’s ears.

“More then all right, Xan,” Jim answered. “We’re going to make it, the four of us, I can’t let any of you go. You need to roll over Xan, guides in the middle, sentinel’s on the end.”

“Spike’s zonked,” Xander answered. “He’s in a healing sleep.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Jim said. “If he wakes up in the morning with himself in the middle and you on the end he’ll skin me alive, and he’ll be right to do it. So, roll in close to us. I need to touch both of you.”

Xander rolled over, pulling Spike with him; he cuddled up against Blair. Jim threw his other arm over all three of his pack mates. He was the last to fall asleep; he hadn’t felt this contented since the first night he had brought Spike and Xander to share his bed, They were together, safe in their nest and they slept through the night until the alarm woke them in the morning.


The four were just sitting down to breakfast when Peter and his guide, Wesley, came to the door. Blair and Xander could feel the tension that they were radiating, and Jim and Spike could smell it.

“Come in, Pete,” Jim said. “Have you had breakfast yet?”

“I’m not sure you’ll want to break bread with me, Jim, when I tell you what I have to say. All I ask is that you hear me out to the end. You may not like what I have to tell you but you need to hear all of it.”

“That sounds a little ominous,” Spike said, “for this early in the morning.”

“It’s worse then ominous. This is deep shit. Did you know that Xander’s uncle is the Alpha Prime of the North West Region?”

“Really?” Xander asked. “He didn’t have anything to do with my family while I was growing up. My dad never triggered as a sentinel so he was a family outcast and then to have a guide for a son just…well I guess the sentinel side of the Harris family doesn’t have any respect for guides.”

“That’s putting it mildly. But he knows about you, Xander. He has known at least since Blair reported the abuse. He had just gotten promoted to Alpha Prime and I got promoted to Sentinel Prime. He called me in his office. I went with Wesley but he threw Wesley out. He gave me a speech about how he didn’t believe in being bonded to a high functioning empath. He said his guide is a 3.2.”

“3.2,” Blair said. “It must have been a short term bond.”

“Unfortunately no,” Peter said. “It’s the same guide. I can smell her.”

“You didn’t come here to talk about the Alpha Prime’s guide,” Jim said. “So why did you come here?”

“You met the Alpha Prime, Jim. So, what’s your take on him?”

“Harris is a common name among sentinels,” Jim said. “I didn’t realize he was a relative of Xander’s and I don’t want any special treatment because of it.”

“Believe me you won’t get it,” Peter said. “Not from him, nothing positive anyway.”

Spike got a very bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. “What’s going on, Pete?” he asked, in voice that sent a shiver down Peter’s spine.

Peter looked at the two sentinels. Now that it came to it he didn’t know how to start.

Wesley rubbed Peter’s back. “You have to do this, Peter,” Wesley said. “Why don’t you sit down and have a cup of coffee. I think it will be easier that way. These men are your friends. They’ll understand.”

Blair got up and poured two cups of coffee. Jim called Simon to tell him they would be late. Peter and Wesley took seats at the kitchen table, but Peter couldn’t bring himself to talk. He just stared into his coffee.

Wesley decided to take matters into his own hands. “The Alpha Prime has threatened to have me declared unfit and strip my bond with Peter.”

Jim growled, “Pete, why?”

“What’s your psi rating?” Blair asked.

“7.8” Wesley said.

“He can’t do it, Peter,” Blair said. “It has to be approved by a tribunal and unless he has proof that Wesley is incompetent, it will never get approved. The risk of brain damage to a guide rated above a 6.5 is too great.”

“That’s what I would have thought before the general’s plane was shot down,” Peter said. “But now I am beginning to think that he can, and will have it done, if I don’t stop screwing things up.”

“He can’t blame you for the General’s plane,” Jim said. “That wasn’t foreseeable.”

“I think you should start at the beginning, Peter,” Wesley said. “They have a right to know everything.

“You’re right, Wes,” Peter said. “Head to the storm. It’s never as bad as you think it will be. Just let me tell you everything before you throw me out.” Peter took a drink of his coffee and then began to talk.

“This all started, for me, when I got promoted to Sentinel Prime. I was called into the Alpha Prime’s office and given a long-term covert assignment. Blair had just reported Xander’s abuse and Alpha Prime Harris had a report about Xan’s telepathic hazard detection ability. He ordered me to monitor Xander and find a sentinel to bond with him. One that would come into the Agency and allow us to use Xander’s DNA for genetic experiments. He told me to take my time and make sure I got the right sentinel.”

Xander moaned and dropped his head onto Spike’s shoulder. “It’s okay Xan,” Spike said. “I’m with you, no one is taking you away from me.” Spike looked at Peter. “So, your boss is pissed because I claimed Xander before you found an appropriate sentinel?”

“No,” Peter said. “You are the sentinel I chose to bond with Xander. I set you up, Spike. I made sure you picked up Xan’s scent at the retirement party.”

Jim growled and Blair began stroking Jim’s arm.

“Why me, Peter?” Spike asked. “Not that I’m not grateful, but you must have known that I wouldn’t have allowed Xan to be used in genetic experiments.”

“I knew it, but Byron Harris didn’t. He looked at your file, all he saw was an ex-schoolteacher and first generation sentinel; he thought you would be controllable. That’s why I chose you. You were supposed to come into the Agency. I would have taken you for my second. We could have protected Xander. But he ran and you met Jim. The rest is history.”

“Did you know about Rayne?” Jim asked.

“I knew he was never prosecuted for the abuse. I thought that Spike would come to the Agency for justice.” Peter shrugged. “The cosmos had other ideas.”

“Was it the Agency that kidnapped me?” Xander asked.

“No, but that is part of what’s so upsetting. There are hints that someone above the Alpha Prime, someone or some ones, high up in the government are involved in this. It was Byron Harris that ordered the General’s plane shot down and I don’t think he could have done that without clearance from someone above him in rank. To be blunt, the Alpha Prime has friends in high places. How high I don’t know. And he is not letting this go. He wants Xander and Spike’s DNA. He said if I don’t get it he will strip me of my bond with Wesley.”

“My DNA, that’s new,” Spike said.

“The Alpha Prime has been getting reports from the doctors treating Xander,” Peter said. “He knows you have healing abilities, Spike. He feels it will be a beneficial ability for sentinels in the field to have.”

“What do they want to use my DNA for?” Xander asked.

“That’s a moot point,” Spike said, “since they are not getting any of it.”

Xander looked at Spike. “If he doesn’t get our DNA and they try to break Wesley’s bond with Peter, Wesley could end up with permanent brain damage. I can’t have that on my conscience.”

“They have to prove with a preponderance of evidence that Wesley is unfit,” Blair said. “There’s no way that can happen.”

“Really, Blair?” Xander asked. “I was declared unfit and abused, and no one gave a damn, because I’m just a guide.”

“You weren’t bonded to a sentinel then. You didn’t have anyone to protect you.”

“And you think Wesley does. Peter is being punished and the Alpha Prime is using Wesley to do it. Do you really think Peter has any chance of protecting him?”

“And what about our children, Xan?” Spike asked. “You know they’ll use our sperm for breading. Who will protect our children, the ones we don’t even know exist?”

“So what are we going to do, Spike, stand by and let Wesley be mind raped?”

“Xan, you don’t have to worry. Wesley and I are leaving. We’ll disappear. I only came to warn you. The Alpha Prime is half insane, and this is personal. His words were that it was only fitting that Xander should contribute reliable hazard detection to sentinels. It would take away the smear of having a Harris guide in the family.”

“You can’t leave, Peter,” Jim said. “If Byron Harris is out of control then we need to stop him. We need to find out how far up this goes and you’re the only one on the inside that we can trust.”

“Easy for you to say, Jim,” Peter said. “It’s not your guide that’s at risk.”

“Xander is my guide!” Jim growled.

Peter stopped, frozen for a moment at he vehemence in Jim’s voice. “I’m sorry Jim,” he said. “I’m just stressed out by all of this.”

“There is a way to insure they won’t strip your bond with Wesley,” Blair said. “Let Wesley bond with a second sentinel. If two sentinels testified before the tribunal that Wesley is fit they would not be able to find him unfit.

“You want me to willingly let my guide bond with another sentinel?”

“I did it to save Blair,” Jim said. “You just need to choose the right sentinel, one you can trust with your guide’s life.”

“Graham,” Wesley whispered.

“Sentinel Prime Captain, Graham Miller?” Jim asked.

“Yes,” Wesley said. “Graham asked Peter to be his second but it was right after Peter met Spike. Peter wanted Spike for a second, so he turned Graham down.”

Peter looked at Wesley; his eyes were full of pain and worry for his guide. He did not want to be a second to Graham. He was an Alpha himself, an equal to Graham Miller, in every way except Agency rank, but this was his guide’s life he was dealing with, there was no room for his ego. If Spike could do it, be a second to Jim, then he could make the sacrifice and do it to save Wesley. He made his decision. “I’ll go talk to Graham.”


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18th-Mar-2007 10:36 pm (UTC)
Good chapter - it's all starting to make more sense. Of course, if Peter and Wesley and Graham get into the act, are we moving toward a sevensome?
18th-Mar-2007 11:03 pm (UTC) - Reply to comment
Thank you,
Not moving toward a sevensome. Writing a foursome is hard enought.
But we are moving along to something.
20th-Mar-2007 03:51 am (UTC)
Very good. If Peter and Graham make a compact, they're all going to be in better shape. I won't say safe because no one is safe with Harris running rampant. Excellent work.
20th-Mar-2007 03:28 pm (UTC) - Reply to comment
Thank you Yanagi Wa,
You are right. No one is safe as long a Byron Harris is in power. More diabolical twists to come.
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