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A Consort's Holiday

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday 20/26
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"
The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday.

Spike and Xander were in total sync.

Each of their thoughts had climbed aboard the same
porn train and were scanning the tracks for obstacles.

They mathematically calculated the distance from the
road in direct correlation to the height of the sand
mound they were tussling behind.

They scientifically measured the light of the moon added
to the beams of any passing cars divided by the length and
direction of the aim of the beam and decided, Fuck it.

The only equation that added up was the fact that the
angle of Spike's dangle was in direction proportion
to the heat of Xander's meat.

If any passing motorists saw them they didn't give a flying fig.
Both knew they could cum and go before the cops got to
them. After all, practice did make perfect.

Frantically fumbling with the buttons and zippers between
them, Xander slowed only slightly needing the vampires
last minute assurance.

"You don't think it's too bright out here do you?"
"Nay, was a minute ago, but the moon seems to have
disappeared. Dark as fuck now."

When the realization of Spike's comment seeped into both
lust addled brains, the two men stopped, and together,
looked cautiously skyward.

The ship that hovered directly above them was huge.
Xander was only a tad disappointed to see that
contrary to all he had read there were no whirling lights, no
side windows with faceless beings standing watch.

No beeping musical notes.

It was however, black as the night itself. If it weren't for
the bright moon in the night sky they might not have been
able to discern it at all.

The ship's outline against the moon light looked like
an eclipse of the sun.

Imposing and intimidating, it had to have been the size of
several football fields. It hung silently in the air, making
no move to rise, fall, or unfortunately, leave.

Slapping on his false bravado, Spike lit a cigarette with
shaky hands.

"So Pet, these the folks you been expecting?"

Try as he may, Xander could not form a coherent thought
or word.


They waited.

The minutes stretched like hours as nothing seemed to change.
"Well, Love, I don't know about you but I believe I have seen
what we came for so I think I will be headed back to the car
now. You coming?"

Xander finally tore his eyes away from the craft above
them and refocused on Spike who was slowly backing

"Yea, yea, I'm good. Maybe....."

Before another word or step could be advanced, a blinding
beam of blue light shot straight down flooding both men
in it's paralyzing force.

Unable to move, whether from fear or alien design,
each stared at the other with the same resignation felt as
in all past apocalypse.

Then, just as suddenly as it came on, the light was gone.

Unfortunately, so were Spike and Xander.

The only thing left in the spot where they stood was the
butt of a still smoldering cigarette and the lingering echo
of two voices screaming.


The night sky over the desert was again bright and clear
in the glow of the full moon.
Lizards scampered about leaving small swirly trails in the

One munched happily on the remnants of a cold
Lucky Strike.

Xander slowly swam to the surface of a conscious mind.
He felt like he had passed out after waaay too much to drink.

Cautiously he waited for the sledgehammer of a hangover
to smack him in the forehead.
None arrived.

Gingerly he opened one eye and tried to recall just how he
and his nefarious master had spent the evening.
He remembered dancing. He remembered arguing and,
snicker, making up.

Generally when he woke like this, something hurt.
If not the head, then the tenderness in his ass was the
friendly reminder.

In his attempt to slip a hand to his butt, Xander came wide
awake to several realizations.
Even with his eyes wide open the room was pitch black.

Not just dark, but the total absence of light.
Darker than dark.
Dark and gloomy as Angel's sex life.
Oh God, that was dark!

SHIT! Blind?

Next, he was naked.
That generally never happens without Spike's help and he
definetly felt alone.

And last, but certainly not least, he was strapped to a
cold marble type table.

Xander's first thought was of course 'AHA! I was right!
Now who is the dumbass?'

Searching mentally for his vampire and the chance to shove
an "I told you so" in his brain, Xander was somewhat
confused when he couldn't find him.

He tried again to either send or receive and felt only a blank
wall. Suppressing the urge to panic, Xander instead tried to
use any understanding the consort blood and connection had.

He felt fairly certain that Spike was not dust.
He was not sure why he knew that, but his heart told him
that if that was the case he would also absolutly know it.

Well here comes a disturbing thought. What if Xander
himself was dead.
No, that didn't seem right either.

Finally deciding he had waited long enough for the party to
start Xander began struggling and screaming.

"LET ME OUT!! SPIKE! SPIKE! Where the fuck
are you?"

The last part came out more whimper than shout.


The BmblBee is going out of town this week-end.
I will try to post Fri. morning before I leave but there
will be no posting on Saturday. I will post on Sun.
when I return.

The Bee appreciates your understanding.
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