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FIC:RunawayGuide2-The Healing,Ch5,FRAO Spandar,Sentinel X-over,Warning:explicit M/Msex,4some,H/C,WIP

Title: Runaway Guide 2 – The Healing
Author: Joan Z and Neichen
Summary: Xander has been rescued from his kidnappers, but an overdose of a memory-erasing drug has destroyed part of the mental pathways he used as a guide. The four men struggle to make the cross bonding work while trying to heal Xander.
The group suspects that Xander is still in danger from who ever shot down the
General’s plane.
Part 1 of this story had over 1500 readers. It was rec’ed on an LJ community so I am hoping that Part 2 will also get a rec.
Warnings: Group sex, a four-way relationship, Hurt/comfort, explicit M/M sex
Acknowledgments: Thanks to my beta Kerensa and to Neichen for her encouragement.
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. I am only keeping the fandom alive in our hearts.


Chapter 5

When Xander went for Graham, Peter got out of his seat and quickly went to protect Wesley, making sure he stayed down. Riley tried to go to his sentinel but Peter held him back. “Let Jim and Spike handle it,” he whispered in the guide’s ear, his eyes glued on the scene as it played out. He panted, tasting the air, filtering for Spike’s scent and any clue that things had gotten out of the pack’s control. He was thankful that they were in the new house with room to maneuver, in case it came to that, and a private room to take Xander to instead of the tight quarters of the loft apartment. He wasn’t surprised to see Spike’s yellow eyes or the smaller man pick up a struggling, angry Xander and carry him away. He’d seen the yellow eyes before, and knew Spike was stronger then he looked. As soon as Spike and Xander were safely out of the living room he let Riley go to Graham and he pulled Wesley to the front door. A sentinel put in that situation had a choice, fight or bond. He needed to get out of the overwhelming scent of testosterone and pheromones before he reached a point of no return. Peter left the front door open as he stepped out onto the porch. Gulping fresh air, clutching Wesley and fighting for control.

He hoped that fresh air entering the house, would reach the two sentinels in the living room, forestalling a disaster. But the wind was wrong and the open door only served to pull the scent of bonding out off the nest toward the open door, past the two sentinels in the living room.

For Captain Miller, object of the attack, it was already too late, the choice had to be made, fight or bond, and Miller was not the type to bond in front of another sentinel.

“What the hell just happened, Jim?” Graham growled. “That was a sentinel that tried to attack me, not a guide. If that’s the result of cross-bonding I don’t want anything to do with it.” Riley was by Graham’s side trying to pry the sentinel’s fingers from the empty beer bottle. The beer was now a puddle on the floor as Graham had instinctively turned the bottle to use as a weapon against Xander.

“It’s not,” Blair said in his soothing guide voice. “That’s the result of years of abuse and an overdose of drugs, during the abduction, that caused brain damage.” Blair and Jim watched carefully as the sentinel refused to give up his weapon. Riley had no choice. He sunk to his knees in the puddle of beer and bowed his head. “Master,” he whispered, for the sentinel’s ears alone. Jim heard the guide clearly.

Graham broke eye contact with Jim and looked at his guide. Riley was in need, the danger had passed and the guide’s whisper was a call that could not be ignored. Graham let the empty bottle drop to the floor as he put his hands in his guide’s hair. The decision had been made. Bond!

“We have a private room,” Blair said.

“Where?” the Captain asked.

“This way.”

Graham looked around the room as he pulled Riley to his feet. He saw Jim and growled a warning. Jim backed up slowly, small non-threatening steps, until his back was pressed against the wall. Graham, satisfied the sentinel was no threat, moved with his guide to follow Blair.

Blair made his way to the spare bedroom. There was no furniture; the pack hadn’t foreseen that the room would be needed so soon. There was only wall-to-wall carpeting, but it beat the back seat of a car with windows anyone could see through.

Blair opened the door and stepped aside to let the sentinel and his guide through. “I’ll bring lube,” He said.

“No, I’m set,” Riley said, as Graham pushed him into the room and slammed the door.


Spike carried Xander into the nesting room and kicked the door shut before putting Xander down. As soon as the guide was free he tore off Spike shirt and pulled him to the floor of the nest. Xander kissed Spike hard, with an urgent need and Spike responded in kind. He let Xander put him on his back and Xander lay on top, his mouth rooting for a guide gland on Spike’s neck. Frustration set in and Xander growled deep and angry; he was a sentinel lost in a bonding thrall. Spike guided Xander’s head to his chest and finding the small nipple Xander latched on to it, sucking and biting, making it swell. Xander was brutal in his need, Spike moaned with the pleasure pain of it.

“Yes, baby, yes,” Spike mewed as Xander worried the tender bit of flesh between his teeth. “Yours, my Luv, always yours, forever.”

Xander stopped and looked up into yellow eyes. “I want you,” he growled.

“I’m yours to claim, Luv,” Spike said. He grabbed the lube that the pack always kept handy in the nest and squeezed a large dollop onto Xander’s hand.

Xander moved down and took Spike’s hard weeping cock into his mouth. He had given Spike oral pleasure many times but this was different. Now Spike was the submissive as Xander’s mouth ravaged him and his fingers massaged Spike’s hole.

Spike fisted the sheets on either side of him as he lifted his hip and moaned his encouragement. One of Xander’s fingers slipped into Spike and Spike’s hips rose to meet it. Xander’s finger thrust in and out matching the rhythm of his mouth on Spike’s cock. Then two fingers entered Spike.

“Yes Luv, more, please, more. Claim me Luv, please.”

Xander inserted a third finger, scissoring them and stretching his guide for the inevitable penetration and claiming to come.


Blair came back to the living room and found Jim still pressed against the wall. “Are you okay, Jim?”

“Too many pheromones, too much testosterone, need to bond.”

Blair went to Jim and put one arm around the big guy. “Come on, let’s get you to the nest.”

When they got to the nest they froze in the doorway. Xander was on top of Spike. Spike’s legs and arms were wrapped around Xander as Xander thrust into him. Both men knew it would happen eventually. Spike had said as much more than once. But neither expected to witness it.

But this was different somehow. Jim could hear it. The sounds Spike was making were guide sounds. And the scent was not quite right either. Jim opened his mouth and tasted the air. The taste was there, it was the taste of Xander, not Guide taste but Sentinel. Jim had tasted it before but always diluted, now it had come into full bloom and filled the nest. Jim gave a low growl as he watched the scene.

Blair was the first to recover from the sight and he pulled Jim down onto the nest floor and guided him to suckle. Jim gave another low growl and a cursory lick to Blair’s neck but refused to take his eyes from Spike and Blair.

“Jim, it’s okay,” Blair said. “We knew they would do this sooner or later.”

“Xander’s triggered,” Jim said. “He’s a sentinel, I can smell it.”

“Mine,” Xander screamed.

“Yours,” Spike answered at they completed the claiming.

Jim started to move toward the couple, but Blair held him back. “Jim, let them have some time.”

“Can’t do that, Chief. Xander’s a sentinel now. If he wants to stay a member of the pack he has to defer to me as head of the pack. Don’t interfere in sentinel business, Guide.”

“What are you going to do, Jim?”

“Claim my third guide.”

“There isn’t any third guide, I’m your guide.”

“Spike’s a guide, he’s glowing. Xander’s claimed him and now he needs to let me claim him.”

Jim broke away from Blair and moved toward Xander and Spike.

“He’s mine,” Xander said without any of the anger he has shown before the claiming.

“Yes,” Jim said, “and mine. I need to claim him, Xan. I’m head of the pack, you need to let me do this.”

“Doesn’t Spike have a say in this?” Xander asked.

“Xan, it’s okay,” Spike said.

“You’re his sentinel,” Jim said. “I need your permission first.”

“I’m a guide, Jim.” Xander said as he began to stroke Jim’s arm. “Blair, you need to get over here Jim is in some kind of a weird fugue state.”

“I can’t,” Blair said. “You just triggered. You’re a sentinel now. This is sentinel-to- sentinel business I can’t get involved.”

“Look at him, Xan, he’s glowing, and Spike’s your guide.”

Xan looked at Spike and saw the glow. “I don’t understand, Spike is a sentinel, He shouldn’t be glowing.”

Spike took Xan into his arms, “It’s okay love. We’ll deal with this, but right now Jim needs to claim me. I know you’re confused, love. Just tell Jim he has your permission to claim me. You have to say the words.”

“You’re going to top him aren’t you?” Xander asked.

“Yes, it’s what I need to do,” Jim said.

“Will you make it beautiful for him?” Xander asked.

“I’ll never disrespect you, Xander,” Jim said, as he removed his clothes. “We’re pack.”

“Sentinel, claim your guide,” Xander said as he looked at Spike and the golden glow that emanated from him.

“I knew it would come to this someday,” Spike said as Jim lay down next to him.

Jim didn’t answer, he just leaned in and began patterning Spike’s body. As soon as he touched Spike he felt the familiar warm healing energy flow through him, but this time it was stronger. Jim moaned and pulled Spike into a passionate kiss. Spike wrapped his arms around Jim and returned the kiss and the two men began to make love.

Xander went to Blair and fell down beside him. “I don’t understand, Blair,” he said.
“How can Spike be a guide. He doesn’t have a guide gene.”

“I don’t know,” Blair said. “But it would account for why all the Alpha sentinels are so attracted to him and why he can heal.”

“Are you okay, Blair, with Jim claiming Spike?”

“We’re already family,” Blair said. “This just keeps us in balance.”

“I hope so,” Xander said, “because I need to suckle and Spike doesn’t have a guide gland.”

Blair bared his neck for Xander and for the first time in Xander’s sentinel life he began to purr as he sucked Blair’s neck.

Jim took his time patterning Spike. Instinct had him search Spike’s neck several times, trying to find a guide gland. Jim growled in frustration and Spike would stoke his back and whisper sounds of comfort. Spike’s energy filled Jim and he could feel the bond he had with Spike deepen. When he finally entered Spike everything seemed to click into place and for a brief moment everything was crystal clear. Jim understood, Spike was still his second, unique and beautiful, but he was also a guide, unlike any that had come before him. Then Jim roared out his claim of “mine” and Spike answered, “yours.”

When the claiming was done all four men felt a pull they could not resist and they all came together in the center of the nest. The scents of the claiming mingled together for the two senior sentinels and the energy vibrations filled Blair and Xander. They lay together in silent exhaustion; all closed there eyes and fell into a deep sleep.


As soon as the door slammed shut, Graham pushed Riley to the floor and straddled him, sitting on his belly. “You called me Master in front of another sentinel. I told you never to do that.”

“I’m sorry, Master, it was the only thing I could think of,” Riley replied.

“You knelt in a puddle of beer and you stink like a brewery.”

“I’m sorry, Master. Please forgive me.”

“Forgive you, Riley, is that what you want?”

“No, Master, I want to be punished. It’s been so long.”

“How long?”

“Seventy-nine days, Master.”

Graham ripped open Riley’s shirt. The buttons flew across the room, some tapping the wall like a hard rain. The sentinel bent down and bit Riley’s nipple.

Riley hissed at the pain and his cock became instantly hard. He didn’t know why he enjoyed the pain so much, why he craved it and needed it. He only knew that it somehow cleared his mind and made him a better guide. Graham was an Alpha Sentinel but not inclined to be a slave master. He gave Riley what he needed and rarely rewarded him with more. Graham made it all precious, every moment and he kept it that way. But Graham had rules and the most important one was that they kept the master/slave relationship in the bedroom and very private. Now Riley had called his sentinel, Master, in front of another Sentinel and Guide. Riley was determined to make it right, he would find a way to tell Ellison that Graham was only giving him what he needed.

“Can’t punish you right now, I need you too much. But when we get home I’ll give you a spanking, I promise.” Graham reached into Riley’s pocket and pulled out the lube he knew was there and then he got off his guide. “Get up and strip, then get on your knees and spread your cheeks for me. I’m going to take you from behind.”

Riley got up and stripped, unable to keep the smile from his face. He knew that if he begged hard enough the sentinel would make it hurt, just a little. God forgive him. He wanted it so much.


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