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A Consort's Holiday

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday 21/26
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"
The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday.



The lights came on flooding the room in a blinding artificial

Xander's mouth clamped shut as he waited to see what
would happen next. He wished to God Spike was here
to hold his hand.

With the room now brightly lit he could see that is was
a round windowless area with a variety of strange tubes
hanging from metal rods on the ceiling.

He knew from numerous stories in the National Tattle
Tale that this was probably not good.

The room had a ceiling so high he was unable to find the top.
Nothing in the room seemed to follow the known rules
of time and space as he understood it.

One time he could be looking around and feel as though
it was the size of a large bedroom, then just moments
later it would appear to shimmer and change.

Reminding him more of the open area the size of the
skating rink back home in Sunnydale.
There were, however, no hotdogs stands or rental
shoe racks.

Still consumed with the complexities of the situation he was
in, Xander was caught off guard when, with a whoosh,
an unmarked panel on the far wall opened.

Every muscle in Xander's body went rigid.
His unprotected ass clamped shut as it's only defense
against the expected alien anal intrusion.

It took probably a good five minutes - in Earth time - for
Xander to realize he was no longer alone.

Due to the fact that he was still strapped flat on his back
he was unable to see anything below eye level and had
not seen anyone come through the open porthole.

Just as he was about to relax six heads popped up inches
from his prone form. Their appearance reminded him
instantly of the carnival game of "Whack-a-mole"

He wondered if there were any rubber mallets hidden
Three stood on each side of the table and much to the
tabloids credit, they were every thing he expected.

They were all identical. Small, maybe four feet tall, with
huge oval eyes. They were all grey and it was hard to
discern if they were naked or wearing grey clingy
space suits.

Straining to see, Xander could find no tiny swinging grey
dicks so he had to put his vote on the suits.

Their mouths were lipless, toothless, tight slits, making
Xander feel sorry for their apparent dickless state.

What a waste.

Their fingers were incredibly long and thin, as they pointed
and probed at his arms and legs.

The aliens were obviously fascinated with their captor.

They poked him chattering quietly in a language of clicks
and sniffs. Although they did communicate verbally,
Xander had a strong feeling most of their conversation
was mental.

Xander's cock twitched.

'Good Lord, what kind of a sick shit am I. Here I am tied
to this table, helpless and at the mercy of these fiendish
alien experiments.

I should be plotting my escape. Struggling in these binding,
restrictive restraints.

Of course they would no doubt catch me, throwing me to
the floor they would rectally interrogate me till I spill,
all the time begging for them to stop.'

Amazed at the change in Xander's cock, the aliens now
squeaked and clicked loudly, frantically prodding and
jabbing at the fat straining member with their flexible fingers.

"That's right you monstrous outerspace demons! I am your
slave. Take me to you perverted planet and use my body
to breed and save your species from extinction!"

Alien #2 was apparently the bravest of the group.
Curiosity of the strange growing appendage caused him
to wrap a bony hand around it and squeeze. Xander's
entire body arched jerking his hips forward.

Stunned by the reaction all six aliens reached out and
began fondling the dripping, throbbing cock.

"OH YES!! That's it, Baby!! Work this human!"

With one final thrust in to the firm fingered fists, Xander
came shooting long strings of thick sticky cum onto his
heaving body and over their hands.

With panicked strangled clicks all six shorties dropped
to the floor and hid under the table.

Slowly they emerged raising only high enough to peek
oval eyeball level to the table. The braver of the bunch
again stepped forward poking at the now flaccid penis.

"Hey! A little tender there. Is this the way you treat a
human? Invite them over, give up a hand job then never
call again?"

In a flash the door again slid open. This time a tall thin
being entered. Unlike the shorties, this one had skin
that more closely resembled a reptile.

His eyes were small and beady and he had no mouth
at all. He was also very obviously in charge.

The other aliens had now retreated to the back of the
room behind Xander's head.

Looking down Xander could see that snakeman's legs
were thin flaps of skin that had no feet and at no time
touched the floor.

Instead he seemed to float, ghost like, across the room
to stop by Xander head.

Waving a hand flap over the mess on Xander's stomach,
snakeman then aimed his pointed stare in the direction of
the shorties.

In response they immediately sniffed and clicked their
Xander sympathized.
He had been a shorty many times in his life.

Throwing his arm flaps in the air, snakeman stopped all
Shorty #2, obviously following unspoken orders, rushed
over and removed the restraints holding Xander in place.

With no further hesitation, he was jerked off the table
and led away.

Special thanks to Petxnd for her pics that add so much
to my stories.
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