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FIC:RunawayGuide2-The Healing,Ch6,FRAO Spandar,Sentinel X-over,Warning:explicit M/Msex,4some,H/C,WIP

A.N. Due to the interest this community showed in Runaway Guide, I have decided to break my rule of not posting WIP’s to LJ. I trust you will remind me with comments that I have made that decision. Enjoy.

Title: Runaway Guide 2 – The Healing
Author: Joan Z and Neichen
Summary: Xander has been rescued from his kidnappers, but an overdose of a memory-erasing drug has destroyed part of the mental pathways he used as a guide. The four men struggle to make the cross bonding work while trying to heal Xander.
The group suspects that Xander is still in danger from who ever shot down the
General’s plane.
Warnings: Group sex, a four-way relationship, Hurt/comfort, explicit M/M sex
Acknowledgments: Thanks to my beta Kerensa and to Neichen for her encouragement.
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. I am only keeping the fandom alive in our hearts.


Chapter 6

Sentinel Alpha Prime Byron Harris and The Agency of Sentinel Affairs, Director Adrian Donovan walked through the deserted building of Washington Genetics.

“The lab seems complete,” Director Donovan said, running a finger through the dust on the top of a centrifuge.

“Yes, we managed to save all the hardware. The lab is ready to re-open as soon as we can get if staffed,” the Alpha Prime said.

“Good, Byron, you did well with this part of the operation. In three days Senator Blakemore will introduce a bill into congress that will require Sentinels to breed their guides. This bill will pass quickly and quietly and be signed into law by the president. The bill provides for monies to be allocated to reopen this facility. We will provide free artificial insemination to any sentinel who wants it for their Guide as well as a registry for mundane woman who wish to be surrogate mothers. Sentinels and male guides will be required to donate blood and sperm. Female guides will be required to donate blood. Eggs will only be harvested from the female guides if the sentinel does not wish to be burdened with a pregnant female guide. With all the activity going on we will be able to hide any genetic experimentation we wish to do.

“You seem to have things very well thought out.”

“Yes, it does seem to be working out, doesn’t it? However there are those who are quite disappointed in your performance in this area. They feel we should have control of the situation without the cost of this facade. But, I think in the long run that this will be the better out come. Where there is one there is more, so to speak. This facility, along with the legislation, will give us a chance to find the other guides that carry both the sentinel and guide genes, get them all cataloged, and into special training before they are bonded to a sentinel. Now, about Guide Harris and Sentinel Spikeman…”

“They are being closely monitored, Director, I assure you there will be no more screw-ups.”

“I am sure there won’t be. I want them left alone for now, monitor only. Once the lab is re-opened it should be a simple matter of getting a hold of their genetic material, once it is in our hands we will have free reign.”

“There is one more thing,” the Alpha Prime said. “It’s about Guide Wesley Price. I would like to have him declared unfit and have his bond with Sentinel Peter Wall stripped.”

“What has the guide done?”

“He allowed his sentinel to repeatedly lose focus. If he had been doing his job, Sentinel Spikeman would be working for the Agency and we would have the boy by now.”

‘It’s your call, Sentinel, if you think it is necessary.”

“I do. It will serve as an example to other sentinels in The Agency to keep their edge.”

“Yes, I see your point. The more liberal sentinels may protest some of the reforms we want to put in. This example, of what will happen to those unwilling to tow the mark, may be just what we need to nip the protests in the bud. I want you to wait on this until after the mandatory breading law is past. That way it will also serve as a convenient distraction from the new law as well as an excellent example. Is the guide rated above a 6.5?”

“Yes, he is a 7.8 I believe”

“All the better as an example. I’ll make sure the tribunal is made up of sentinels that are sympathetic with our cause. It will be no problem to disregard the testimony of one incompetent sentinel and I have just the Mind Walker Guide for this, she broke a bond with a level 8.2 less then a year ago.”

“And the guide survived?”

“Yes, there were extenuating circumstances, but...” The director waved his hand as if to brush away a fly.

“She is a very powerful double X guide,” Donavan continued. “All her children will be guides. She is one of the first I would like to breed with this Sentinel Spikeman you’ve told me about, artificial insemination of course. She belongs to the Agency, her parents signed her over to us at age 11, so we have complete control of her as well as unlimited access to her genetic material. A child of hers with a sentinel gene…Imagine the possibilities.”

“If you can get the sentinel gene to trigger,” Byron Harris said.

“There are new breakthroughs every day, it is only a matter of time.”


Blair woke with a start.

“Blair, are you okay?” Jim asked.

“I just had a vision,” Blair said. “Incacha came to me.”

“I hope he gave you some answers,” Jim said.

“He did, but I am not sure you are going to like all of them.” Blair began to untangle himself from the group so he could sit up and stretch.

“Who’s Incacha?” Xander asked, as he too untangled his legs and arms from the group.

“He is a Chopec Shaman, he started coming to Jim and I when we got into exploring the meta-physical side of the sentinel/guide bond.”

“Did he tell you why I am glowing like a guide?” Spike asked.

“Actually, you’re not exactly glowing like a guide, Jim said. “Your glow is more golden than normal guide glow.”

“Incacha said that Spike is a different kind of Guide, one that is new to this reality.”

“What do you mean, different?” Xander asked.

“Spike doesn’t have a guide gene. All his guide abilities come from the meta-physical. Spike is very flexible. He can switch from being an Alpha Sentinel to being a healer guide seamlessly. He has no problem deferring to Jim as leader of the pack because he doesn’t see it as a weakness, as other sentinels would. He knows it to be his strength. Spike was sent to us because Jim and I had already opened the door to the meta-physical world. Xander is here because he is Spike’s soul mate. He said Spike will be able to act as Xander’s guide and keep him in balance but there will be occasions when his physical sentinel will need a physical guide. He’ll need to bond with me for that. I hope that doesn’t bother you Jim.”

“This whole thing is freaking me out,” Jim said. “We are in deep shit. I hate to think of the consequences if anyone finds out Xander’s sentinel abilities have triggered. Xander’s need to claim you, as a guide, is not on my list of things to worry about. I would not like it if he were to bond with another guide.”

“No, way,” Xander said. “This four way thing is all I can handle, besides I’m not even sure that I have triggered. I can’t hear your heartbeats and I don’t smell anything more then usual.”

“It’s better if your hyper-senses develop slowly,” Spike said. “We can deal with it more easily that way.”

“Or not develop at all,” Xander said. “There is still that small problem of going insane.”

“You’re not going to go insane, Xan,” Spike said. “Incacha told Blair I could keep you balanced. That means no insanity.”

“Spike, I just tried to kill Graham Miller, and I don’t know what will happen when we leave this room, if he tries to touch you again… or some other sentinel tries… Insanity is just too close for comfort.”

Spike looked over at Blair. “I don’t suppose Incacha mentioned anything about that, did he?”

“He did,” Blair said. “But I don’t think you are going to like it. Graham’s soul is at a place where he is ready to take the next step, meaning journeying into the meta-physical. When you shook hands with him Spike your energy opened previously closed pathways. Now he has a drive for more. He senses your meta-physical guide abilities the same way he can sense any guide. But you’re different. Remember what Jim said, when he comes to me, I can take away his need to bond with Xander but not his need to bond with you. It’s the same with Graham.”

“So what does that mean?” Jim asked, “Do we have to bring him into our pack?”

“No, Incacha said not to do that.” Blair said. “Graham and Peter need to form their own pack.”

“But how will that solve the problem with Graham’s pull to me?” Spike asked.

“Incacha said that you need to make Peter into a conduit for the same energy you channel. Then Graham will transfer his drive to bond to Peter.”

“That’s all well and good, Blair,” Spike said. “But I don’t know how I transfer this meta-physical energy, it just happens, so how am I supposed to teach Peter to do it?”

“Incacha said you need to do a blood bond with Peter. He said Yellow Eyes would understand.”

“There has to be another way, Blair.”

“I don’t think so, Spike. He said it is why you are here. To light the path and bring sentinels to explore their meta-physical side.”

“What’s a blood bond?” Xander asked.

“It’s a healing bond, and then just as the bond locks into place we would have to drink each other’s blood. It is how the demon inside of me procreates.”

“You don’t have a demon inside of you, Spike,” Blair said. “You have a meta-physical being capable of love and healing. There is nothing you can say to convince me that you, or it, is evil.”

“You have no idea what I am capable of, Blair.”

“We all have a dark side, Blair said. “So your dark side is darker then most, but you have reached a state of balance.”

“Blair’s right, you’ve achieved balance,” Jim said. “As for the pull to claim you as a guide, I know from experience just how strong it is. Blair has no effect on it, so we have no reason to believe that Riley would have any success in relieving Graham’s pull to you. I don’t want to kill Graham but if he makes a challenge…”

“Do you really think it would go that far?” Xander asked.

“I know Graham,” Blair said. “He is usually stoic. Touching Spike like that in front of other sentinels and guides… that was way out of character.”

“So, do you two trust this Incacha guy?” Spike asked.

“With my guide’s life,” Jim pledged.

“And with my immortal soul,” Blair added.

“Well, that’s the best I can ask for,” Spike said. “If Peter agrees, I’ll do the blood bond.”

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