My good intentions went up in smoke... (jans_intentions) wrote in bloodclaim,
My good intentions went up in smoke...

Kept, "The Shards of Hope," a story in the Keptverse and Xander drabbles

For this year's spring_with_xan, I told a story in the Keptverse which takes place 17 years after the series ended and also did various Xander drabbles and pairings.

Drabble pairings include Xander/Riley, Xander/Angel, Xander/Angelus, Xander/Tara, Xander/Oz and Xander/Spike in various ratings.

"The Shards of Hope" betaed by the lovely kitty_poker1
Rated R Spike/Xander, Robin/Angel
My thanks to ladyflame_uk and fanbot for the gorgeous Xander and Spike art

*not work safe manips under the cut

Kept, The Shards of Hope, and Xander Drabbles.
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