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Did I do it right?


I just got my lj up and running and would like to post a fic search. If this is not allowed or I screwed up somewhere please let me know and then tell me how to fix the problem. Thanks.

The fic is actually one that someone in one of my yahoo groups did a search for and never got a response. It sounded interesting so I'm looking for it now too. Here is their original post.

Hoping one of you nice people can help me. I am looking for an old fic
where spike likes xander and i think he kidnaps him Angel goes after
him with buffy and co but then goes ahead on his own. He finds spike
and Xander but instead of rescuing Xander he knocks out Spike and
leaves him to die at sunrise, and takes Xander for himselves he rapes
Xander(i think), but then the others including Spike resues Xander and
kills Angel. spike and xander end up together. Any and all help this
would be very much appriciated blynex

So, can anyone help? Did I do this right?

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