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A Consort's Holiday

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday 22/26
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"
The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday.

The entourage proceeded slowly down a tunnel like hallway.
Snakeman floated in the lead with Xander behind. Trotting
quickly on either side were the six huge headed, oval eyed

No one spoke sniffed or clicked.
Xander assumed the worse.

The tunnel went on for an amazing distance.
There appeared to be other hallways running of in different
directions, but when he tried to look down their length
they seemed to disappear and blend in with the walls.

Wouldn't have mattered.
Xander knew there was no where to run

At times it felt as though they were going up an incline yet
when he focused on his feet he could see that they were,
in fact, walking to a lower level.

Xander still was not able to send or receive any messages
from Spike but did detect a low steady hum he was barely
able to discern in the back of his mind.

It was a reassuring, comforting feeling.

He could only pray that these vicious pud abusing aliens
had not done to Spike what they had forced Xander
against his will to do.

He also wondered if they would do it again.

Or worse!

Oh God what if they were hiding tiny grey ass holes in
those little suits and they were planning on forcing him to
do the unthinkable.

Jesus, there must be hundreds of the little boogers on
this space ship!

Snakeman stopped dead in his floating tracks.
Spinning around he aimed his angry gaze at Xander's now
erect penis.

The six shorties had jumped back covering their faces in
expectation of another eruption.

Snakeman lifted a few feet off the ground and drifted just
inches from Xander's face. Placing a hand flap on the top
of Xander's head caused an explosion of colors, images,
sensations and sounds to slam into his brain.

Screaming from the pain and overload Xander fell back and
away from the contact. Snake tipped his head to the side
as if considering the results of his action.

He then looked silently at the six stunned shorties causing
them to immediately jump the their stubby little feet and grab
Xander by the arms.

Holding him firmly, Snake again floated in close.
"NO! Goddamn you! Get the fuck away from me!"

Xander struggled but was dismayed to discover that the little
guys were much stronger than their thin arms would seem.

This time both flaps raised in the air on either side of
Xander's head. Xander had faced more than one monster
in his life and this one was no different.
Just another demon.

He knew if Snaky slapped those fins on his head again
his brain would fry from the strain.
Desperately he gave one last attempt at contacting Spike.

Squeezing his eyes shut he concentrated all focus on the
vampire that had become the center of his world.
He zeroed in on the low hum he had been feeling and tried
to turn up the volume.

Suddenly, as though plugged into a 3D movie projector,
memories of Spike and their time together filled his head.
Everything was there.

His body shuddered at the replay of the night in the school
when Angel first offered him to Spike. Fast forwarding to
their shared time in the basement Xander realized that was
when he was first attracted to Spike.

He relived all the smiles arguments and adventures they went
Xander was no longer aware of his body or surroundings.
He knew only the world in his mind.

With each memory came the emotions that surrounded it,
and Xander had to admit Spike could evoke limitless
emotions in his human. Love, anger, passion, everything
that made life exciting and worthwhile.

It was a world more vivid and real than the one he now
found himself in. Forgotten was the fear and strangeness
of the airship and it occupants.

The memories of their time since Vegas were the biggest and
brightest. The days, the nights, the joy, the sex, but especially
the connection and love.

It all played in it's entirety yet flashed through in seconds.

When he had reached the end he slowly opened his eyes
and looked up. Xander was surprised to see that Snaky
had wrapped his fins around Xander's head.

This time painlessly.

Staring deeply into Xander's eyes it quickly became obvious
that all the thoughts and memories enhanced by the alien had
also been shared and experienced by it.

The look on the reptilian face was now one of
comprehension and sympathy.

Without removing the flaps of skin the alien lifted slightly
higher and threw his head back.
This time sending instead of receiving, knowing Xander
was more than capable of absorbing.

The new images sent to Xander's brain caused a look of
stunned shock on the human's face.

"HOLY SHIT! Now I get it!"

The alien and human again locked eyes,
this time in understanding and agreement.



Information on the next story will be posted the day
after the final chapter of Consort's Holiday.
It is a short follow-up to White Lightnin'
so if you haven't read it you might want to take
a look in the Bee's memories.

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