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A Consort's Holiday

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday 23/26
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"
The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday.

Xander no longer had to be restrained or controlled.
He now understood everything.

In the same way the Snake had replayed Xander and
Spike's history for his own alien understanding, he also
flashed the entire history of his planet, species, and
problems for Xander to see.

Xander was astonished.

It took only a fraction of a second for him to comprehend
thousands of years of alien evolution and the drastic
measures that brought them to planet Earth.

Proudly Xander also absorbed the fact that it was no
accident that he and Spike were abducted for this mission.
They were hand selected, so to speak.

Several other earthlings had been taken before but all were
disappointments. They didn't have what it took.

None had the unique abilities and talents that they
As he was shown the information used in their selection
of them, he knew the alien had found what it was seeking
in playing through the couples history together.

The ecstatic relief the snake alien had felt filled the room
and was picked up instantly by the grays.
As if being told they were throwing a surprise birthday
party, all the shorties jumped as high as their stubby
little legs would allow clapping their tiny three fingered
hands together.

Xander swelled with pride.
He knew they could do this.
He was sure he and Spike alone had the ability to save a
dying race.

They traveled quickly now. Xander, a man on a mission.
It also brought him great relief to know Spike was safe and
within minutes they would be reunited.

He also knew Spike was a white hat vamp at heart and with a
little persuading would willingly help in the plan.
He had too.
This was just to vital.

Not only to these aliens on the ship, but also to the future
of earth.

Xander understood that if he and Spike could not successfully
complete this assignment the space creatures would continue
to abduct and possibly accidentally injure other people in their
attempt to solve this problem.

Finally they stopped in front of what seemed to be a blank
wall at the end of the hallway.
When Snaky lifted it's feather light flipper hands the wall
shimmered and evaporated.

At the same time Xander caught, out of the corner of his
eye, the hallway they had just come from now seemed
to expand and go on in several different directions.

Clearly their laws of dimension were not the same as

Stepping forward Xander found himself in a space exactly
like the one he had been held in.
In the center of the room was a table.
Strapped to the table, and surrounded by his own crew
of grey shorties, was Spike.

Rushing to his side Xander grabbed for his hand.

"Spike, Oh God Spike are you o.k?"
Spike instantly turned his face and locked eyes with his one
and only.

" Xander, Love, did they hurt you? Oh, Xan, it's been terrible.
It's been torture. It's been......... Why are you looking at me
like that?"

Standing by Spike's bedside with his hands on his hips, Xander
had noticed several things that brought all Spike's complaints
into question.

First was the fact that one of the grey shorties standing at
Spike's side was holding their favorite orange carrot shaped

The very vibrator that Xander knew for a fact Spike had
in his duster pocket when they were abducted.

That combined with the thick puddle pooled in the concave
of Spike's belly was proof that he had gotten off more
than once.

Finally realizing that he had been found out, Spike shrugged.

"Not my fault, Love. They used the carrot. Besides,"
Sniff sniff.
"Seems like you endured a little agony of your own"

Spike stared pointedly at the white flakes still stuck to
Xander and the hands of his own personal assistants.

Xander caught himself before they had the chance to
launch into one of their petty arguments.

This was bigger than that.
This was the biggest.

Stepping back, Xander snapped his fingers at his own
shorties and waved his hand wordlessly over Spike's prone
body. Instantly they charged forward and removed
all restraints.

Turning to face the snake, Xander mentally sent a request
of his own.

"Give us a few minutes for me to explain the problem to
my partner then you can take us to the work area.
We will do our best for you. I promise.
Please have everyone assembled and waiting."

The snake alien bowed deeply and turning, floated away
with all the short grey aliens following close behind.

The wall opening shimmered and became solid leaving
Spike and Xander alone at last.

Sitting up on the table Spike wrinkled his nose distastefully
as he attempted to scoop off the sticky, runny mess
covering his naked body.

"So just what the fuck is going on here and how come
those ugly little perverts were following your orders?
You the head dick now?"

"Ha ha Spike. I'll have you know they were testing you
with the vibrator up your ass and luckily for us, you passed."

"Well then we are extra lucky, Love, cause I passed
several times." Spike beamed. "Actually I was about
to pass another test when you showed up. In fact
I think they still have the carrot if you want to call
them back in here and test us together."

Sighing, Xander hopped up on the table beside Spike
and patted his leg.

"We've only got a few minutes Spike, so I need you
to stop being a dick for a second and listen up.
We got a job to do."


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