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A Consort's Holiday

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday 24/26
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"
The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday.

Settling in comfortably beside him on the marble table,
Xander put his arm around Spikes shoulder and sighed.

"It all began a long time ago in a galaxy far far away"
Spike snickered, Xander smacked the back of his head
and continued.

"These aliens come from a planet that was dying. They
knew they would have to find a new home. They also knew
it may take hundreds or thousands of years to find a place
suitable for their colonization. So dividing up, they left in
groups of about 5000 in each ship. I think there must
have been hundreds of ships.

They all set out into different areas to look for a new place
to live. All this occurred what in our time would be
thousands of years age. To them it is more like 20 or so.
Their time is hard to understand but it's like a generation.

There is one female and 4999 males, sort of, on each ship.
The female is the boss. The one that looks like a snake.
Sort of like a Seven of Nine only without the big boobs.
And with wrinkled skin. And strange ears."

Spike scratched his head thoughtfully.
"So more like Spock than Seven?"

"Exactly! Anyway, she is the one that showed me all this.
Explained everything about how their society works.
She is the navigator and tells everybody where to go.

The female seems to live forever, but she never breeds.
If she attempt to have sex she gets a splitting headache
and has to lay down.
It must be her job to boss the short ones around and
punish them when they make her unhappy.

The little grey ones are both male and female. Their
bodies are male because they have little penises. And no,
I haven't seen them. But they also breed and reproduce
with each other.

The problem is that they have all been on this ship for
so long they no longer remember how to have sex.

They were very young when they started out and the
old ones have died off. All that is left are the virgins.
Lots of hungry antsy, horney little virgins.

The worst part is, no sex, no baby aliens and the species
dies out. Kapoot! They have abducted other humans
but unfortunately they snatched - no pun intended - only
the straight ones.

So that when they tried to probe them analy to encourage
sex they were refused. That's why we are here. To teach
them how to mate and save their population. This is probably
the most important thing we have ever done Spike.

We not only save them but also any humans they might
try to abduct in the future. Their orgasms lie in our
hands Spike."

Xander looked deep into Spike's eyes hoping he had
impressed on him the importance of their mission.

"The future of all those sweet little alien butt babies is on our
shoulders, Spike We just can't let them down."

Hopping down, Spike turned and faced him.

"So what you are saying is that they want us to fuck so they
can watch. Right?"

Xander jumped down beside him and put his hands on
his hips.
"Well, crudely but accurately put. So are you up for it?"

Spike grinned broadly as he looked down at his eager and
altruistic cock.
"It would certainly appear so."

Xander stepped forward and kissed Spike soundly.
"Thank's Spike. You really are a selfless white hat."

When they opened their eyes they saw that the room around
them had shifted, shimmered and changed again.

Much to both their shock they were now standing in the
center of what appeared to be the Roman Colosseum,
fully restored and in all it's glory.

The stone walls were high and the tunnels around
the sides, deep. It rose at least five stories high
and circled them completly.

The artificial sun shone down on them brightly in a position
of noon high, and the grass beneath their bare feet was
soft and warm.
Whether their surroundings were real or just in their minds
didn't matter. It all felt real.

Looking all around them they could see that the stone seats
of the peanut gallery were jammed with thousand of
cheering - aliens.
All were waving their long thin arms and giving the Roman
thumbs up.

The roar of the artificial cheers was defening, offering
encouragement to the two heros in the center of the

"What the fuck is this?" Spike stood stunned by the warmth
and novelty of the setting especially the artificial daylight.

Blushing Xander wiggled his toes in a patch of clover and

"I think when the snake lady was in my brain for that
mindmeld thingy she browsed through the library of my
fantasies and plucked this one out. I think she is just
trying to make us more comfortable.

Spike wrapped his arm around Xander's waist and pulled
him in close rubbing their rigid cocks against each other.

"Why, pet, I always knew you were deep."
Xander put his hands on Spike's hips.

"Actually I think I am about ready to get a lot deeper."

Laughing, Spike tipped his head up and met Xander's.
The kiss started out soft, tender, but quickly heated up.
The men had been alone too long and their blood and
bodies cried out for each other.

As with any honeymooning couple, a few hours without
sex had left them both frustrated and horny.

The smell on Xander's skin of his earlier release fueled
the fire of Spike's passion and his tongue pushed it's
way into his consorts's mouth.
Reclaiming. Possessing.

Finally pulling back for some much needed oxygen, Xander
now noticed things around them had shifted slightly again.

The aliens were no longer sitting in the gallery.

They now had crowded around, pressing in close, eager to
experience and understand the emotions and sexual tension
simmering between the earthlings.

They also noticed something new had been added to
the arena.

A bed, king size and four poster, plucked from Xander's
brain, was setting directly behind them waiting for
their use.
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