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favorite lost pic

I know this is a bit off topic but I am desperate to find a lost bit of art work that I am addicted to. It was a pic called swimming deep and used to be housed at a link called Art and Soul I always got to by way of Unfortunately this is now a dead link. I am so in love with this pic as my wallpaper that I am devastated to have lost it. Can anyone help with either a copy of the pic or the new link to the artists site. I wish I could remember the name of the artist, but the pic is two different head and shoulder shots of Spike in the dark roots curly just growing out hair which are superimposed next to each other. The pic is black and white with a blue/green color wash that show Spike's blue eyes and the outline of his shirt and shoulders dressed in his classic black t-shirt outlined and washed with the blue/green. He is also wearing a short silver necklace. Please help out with any information that could help me located this pic. I had to reformat my computer and thought it was on my flash drive but its not. Thanks for any assistance you can give.
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