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A Consort's Holiday

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday 25/26
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"
The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday.

Spike took Xander by the hand and led him to the
side of the bed.
"It's only you and me, Love. Just pay attention to me"
Xander wanted to believe that but it was nearly impossible
with the throng of aliens pressing ever closer.

Cupping his hand to the back of Xander's head, Spike
pulled him in for another kiss.
The familiar feel of their bodies together caused the passion
and lust between them to flair.

Sliding both hands down to Xander's ass, Spike widened
his stance and ground his cock against it's wet mate.

Continuing the kiss, Spike moaned at the combination
of his need for Xander and the feel of countless fingers
touching his legs, back, and balls from behind.

Dazed from the brain fog, Spike looked over to see that
Xander, too, had several small alien beings pressing against
him in an effort to understand and absorb some of the sexual
tension that was heavy in the air.

Taking Xander's hand, he guided it down, encouraging
him to wrap his larger hand tightly around Spike's cool thick
cock. Several of the aliens followed suit touching each other
and themselves

Xander was encouraged to see that most now had struggling
little erections. "Time to kick it up a notch." Xander winked
and put his hands on Spike's chest roughly pinching and twisting
his nipples, a move that was lost on those in the room who
had no tits.

Dropping to his knees, Xander knelt with Spike's wet cock
head just inches from his face.
Placing his hands on Spike's thighs he leaned forward and
licked a stripe from root to dripping tip.
The aliens clicked and hummed with excitement.

Several shorties crowded between Spike's wide spread legs.
Their long bony fingers were everywhere.
Fondling Spike's back, ass, squeezing his balls.

Xander, too, had students eager to learn.
They leaned on his back trying to rub themselves against him for

Another had wriggled between Spike's feet and was stroking,
pulling and sniffing at Xander's cock.

Some more advanced learners were already grouped up with
others and eagerly experimentally licking each other cocks
like happy puppies.

Unable to hold back any more, Xander lost himself in the smell
and taste of the man he loved. Closing his eyes he took the
cock in till it bumped the back of his throat.
Holding it there, he swallowed around the head at the same
time working his tongue up and down the shaft.

Rocking and groaning, Spike held tightly to the back of Xander's
head. Screaming at him the demon inside demanded he lose all
restraint and fuck Xander's face till he came, choking the
human with cum. Spike struggled to maintain control.

God it felt like ages since he had felt the wonderful wet heat
of that deep suctioning mouth. Feeling Spike's fingers and balls
both start to tighten Xander pulled back releasing the straining
cock with a slurp.

Spike's face fell in disbelief.
"Don't stop now! Come on, Xan. Please, I'm almost there."
Spike whined, his hips still humping empty air.

"Can't Spike." Xander casually reached over and plucked
an alien mouth off Spike's cock followed by a slap to the
vampire's hand when he tried to retrieve it.

"We taught them how to get hard but we don't want them
to think they can breed this way. Nope, no cumming in the

All around them were scattered aliens licking and sucking
each other. Several straining to reach Spike and Xander's
cocks, anxious to taste the earthlings.

Slowly standing Xander dragged his hard aching cock
against Spike's. Spike stood with his arms hanging limp at
his sides and breathed out "Yes"

Sliding around behind him, Xander again went to his knees.
The aliens wiped their little gray chins and waited to see
what would happen next.

Cupping Spike's butt cheeks he leaned forward and kissed
each one affectionately.
He then pulled them apart and licked deeply into the crack.

The flurry of activity surrounding them was a blur as
several members of each cluster rolled and twisted to
allow the others access to their tiny little asses.

Watching the strangely erotic scene around him,
Spike was somewhat concerned that the alien ass cracks
ran horizontal across rather than up and down.

He finally decided it probably wasn't worth mentioning as they
still had tiny holes tucked inside Just had to lift a butt flap
to get to it.

Bending over Spike rested his hands on his knees and let
Xander do his best. With no lube, Xander wanted the hole
wet and relaxed. He also wanted the observers to know
the prep work was a vital part of the operation.

Sitting back on his knees, Xander sucked two fingers in this
mouth and worked them into Spike's now ready hole.

The aliens immediately imitated the action.
The feel of the long bony fingers into the horney virgin asses
caused a clicking in the room that resembled the sound of a
thousand castanets at a mariachi convention.

"I think they're ready Spike. How about you?"
In answer to Xanders question Spike flung himself on the bed.
He lay down on his back, legs apart, knees bent and feet flat.
Xander licked his hand, stroked his dick and pounced.
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