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Yeap! A Fic Search

I've seen you guys help a lot when someone is looking for a story. I am in need now and I hope you can help. I am looking for three fics:

1. Hyena!Xander and all I can remember is Xander being at a zoo (or somewhere) and Angel and Spike find him. Spike has to "take" him right there in order to dominate him. Later, Spike is hurt and Hyena!Xander "takes" him in a show of dominance. I think the story is complete, but I simply cannot find it.

2. The other is a WIP where Xander loses his memory and Spike (who has been living in LA with Angel and crew) is called back to pretend that he and Xander are still a couple. The author had not disclosed why the two had broken up or why Buffy and Willow seemed to think it was all Spike's fault (seems to me that Xander is at fault). Xander is (was) suspicious that he and Spike were no longer together, but all doubts went away when he found all of Spike's things in the apartment. Spike was keeping his distance from Xander (I assume so that he won't get his heart broken again or that Xander won't flip when his memory returns) but Xander seduced him and Spike gave in. From there I don't know if the author continued since I can't find it.

3. Spike is dusted (I think); Xander ends up back in time (as a vamp; I think) just as Dru was going to turn Spike and dusts her; Angelus, thinking Spike killed Dru tracks him and drains him and (I think) Xander turns him. Xander tells him the complete truth (I think) and 100 happy years later Xander fades away as he has been conceived. 15 years or so later Spike moves in next to Xander and helps him with his home life, school, etc. Eventually Xander remembers everything (again, I think) and so the story ends.

Help a sista!

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