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A Consort's Holiday

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday 26/26
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"
The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday.

A hush fell over the Coliseum. The squirming mass of grayish
pink bodies was worked into a frenzy and waited desperately
to be shown what to do next.

Spike was stretched out on the soft, warm, feather bed.
His arms reaching tight over his head as he
gripped the iron bars of the head board.

Kneeling and sitting back on his heels between Spike's legs,
Xander continued to lick his hand and alternate between
stroking his own cock and Spike's.

Draping Spike's legs over his shoulders, Xander raised up and
positioned his purple straining cock at Spike's hungry hole.
"You ready to show 'em, Baby? Want them to see how
good it feels?"

Spike lifted his hips off the bed and nodded. "Please hurry, Xan.
I need it so bad." Aiming for his target, Xander shoved forward
feeling the head push easily through the tight gripping ring.

For three long seconds there was no sound. Finally with a
grunt and their combined "OH FUCK!" the room came alive.
Every alien eager to either enter or be entered.

Some groups too disorganized to partner up had formed daisy
chains of four five and six. All humping and grinding as their
long forgotten instincts kicked in.

Now ignored, Xander had slammed in and was thrusting
deeply filling Spike's need and ass with every plunge.
The angle was such that it struck Spike's prostate on every
other move. Knowing he couldn't hold off much longer
Spike grabbed his cock and stripped it harshly.

Grabbing his wrist Xander grinned and stopped him.
"Not yet. We need to give them some variety."

Xander pulled out and manhandled Spike on to his stomach.
Grabbing his hips he pulled him to his knees and shoved his
cock back in. "Oh Fuck yes. Harder, Xan, harder."

Picking up the pace, Xander obliged by ramming in as hard as
he could "Please, Xan, now? Can I cum now?"
Knowing he himself was about to cum, Xander pulled Spike's
hips back and resting his head on Spike's back nodded yes.

With his balls pulled up painfully, Spike gripped his cock and
on the second stroke stiffened and shot cum thickly over the
virtual bed and his own hand.

The ripple effect of muscles over cock caused Xander to cum
before Spike had even stopped shuddering.

What followed after was the most amazing thing the boys had
ever witnessed. It started as the first little alien arched and shot
his green glob of cum into the ass flap of his companion.

He was followed immediately by all others clicking sighing and
moaning as their alien asses sucked up the procreation
offerings of the others.

Scooping Spike up into his embrace, Xander kissed the top
of his head. "Look at them Spike. We did it. We saved
their race. We're heroes."

Within minutes every being in the room, alien, vampire, and
human was sound asleep and snoring.

The large green hand reached over and hit the "OFF" button.
Chuckling deeply Kermit couldn't believe his luck. He figured
he was royally screwed when he had been abducted last week
but the deal he cut with that snake bitch was priceless.

When she used that mindmeld thingy on him to show him what
she wanted, he knew just the men for the job. He gave her
their names and location in exchange for the rights to the sales
of the tape.

He thought he made money off the last one. Shit, this one was
solid gold. This was the kind of film made Ron Jeremy horney.
A master vampire and his consort in the middle of an alien orgy.
Hell, you can't make this kind of shit up.

Kermit chewed the end of his unlit cigar leaned back in his
chair and unbuttoned his pants releasing both hard pickle dicks.
Might as well watch it a few times first.

"Ouch, shit, roll over Spike. Your fuckin' sharp toenails are
poking me again. Thought I told you to cut them."

Xander slowly woke to the realization that they were no
longer lying on the comfortable bed they had just fucked on.

"Did cut 'em. Come 'ere." Spike reached for Xander and
came up with a handfull of sand. Both men sat up and
discovered they were back on earth, stark naked and sitting
in the desert.

"Was it real Spike? Did we dream it?"
Spike reached around and feeling the liquid dribbling freely
from his ass and packing with the gritty sand, grinned.
"Nope it was all real"

Struggling to their feet Xander spotted the car still parked
by the road and they started walking toward it.
Wobbling on orgasm shaky legs, they stumbled together.

"Just seems rude to dump us off like that."
Xander kicked up sand with his foot. By this time they
had found their clothes that were scattered around as
though thrown out a window as an afterthought.

Noticebly missing was the prized carrot.

"I think they were kinda busy, Xan. After all they had
years of abstinence to make up for and all those alien
babies to make."

Xander's face lit up
"Hey you're right do you think they will name any of them
after us?"

Spike threw his arm around Xander's shoulders.
"Never know, Pet. Never know."

Reaching the car, Xander fumbled around as he brushed
off most of the sand that was stuck to his body, redressed
and climbed in.

"So now what, Love?" Spike slid in behind the wheel and
turned the key.

"You kidding. Spike? We got a map, and all the time in
the world. Let's hit the road. Couple of guys like us
ought to be able to find a little adventure. Don't 'cha

Spike leaned over, kissed his precious Consort, threw
the car into gear and roared off down the highway.

"I'll just bet we can, Pet. Might even look up those
friends of yours and tell them all about us. In graphic
detail" Spike roared with laughter as he flooded
Xander's brain with bright colorful images.


The end.

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