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fic search

I apologize I know these can be annoying but could someone please help me out with a fic? I read this a loooooooooong time ago and I've been keyword searching my head off for over a month now. Problem is I can only remember one bit. I'm pretty sure it was S/X/A the bit I remember involves Angel/Angelus though. The soul and demon are merged. When X and A make love for the first time Xan can sense Angelus. He "hears" the demons' thoughts and Angelus is glad that Xan is theirs but pissed that the soul got to sleep with him cause he "wanted the boy" I think it's shortly afterward that Spike shows up the scoobs having sent him from SD to find Xander. Can anyone help me out here? I wouldn't be surprised to find out I've got two or more fics screwed up with each other in my head because I've been looking for so long now and nothing. Any help would be vastly appreciated. 

Thanks Much

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