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The More Things Change 11/?

Author: slashtheboyz
Title: The More Things Change
Chapter: 11/?
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: FRAO
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Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss and a bunch of lawyers. I'm just playing with them. No disrespect intended. No reflection on real persons or places intended. I'm not making any profit from this. This is strictly for entertainment.
Warnings/Squicks: Violence, Graphic Torture.
Summary: Xander goes to LA on a fact finding trip and finds Angelus instead. Scariness happens.
Previous chapters: In my memories. I can't seem to get the link insert thing to work right. So just click on my user  name and go to my memories. All the chapters are there together.
Notes: Xander begins the payback. I know I said Spander shortly err that and once I started writing I didn't want to stop. This is fresh off the presses folks. This a hubungous chapter and it's very squicky in some places. If you have a weak stomach you might want to skim it first so you'll know what to skip over. Spander should start next chapter. LOL. If you read the squickiness don't say I didn't warn you. I fixed a couple of errors. If you see anything else sing out.
This doesn't strictly follow canon. Sooo if you don't like that sort of thing you might want to skip this. This is my first story so feedback is very welcome. Please send concrit by email.
Graphics (size, and artist) Icon by moscow_watcher

Xander followed the tunnels, turning several times, until he came to a heavy metal door. He used his free hand and opened the door scenting the area beyond as he did. No new scents, no one had been here since he left. Good. He carried his burden in, turning once to look both ways down the tunnel before he closed the door, and dumped it carelessly on the floor.  Hearing Angelus thud to the floor just made something inside of him dance with glee. *Patience,* he thought at it. *We can afford to take our time.*

He closed the door and kicked the wedge into the crack at the bottom of the door and grabbed the iron bar sitting beside the door and dropped it into the mounts on each side of the door that he'd placed there just for that purpose. Then he moved into the room and double checked the things he had prepared before he used his newly acquired magical map and hunted for Angelus.

He turned on the flood lights he had brought down. And pointed them at the wall to diffuse the light. Then he grabbed Angelus by the feet and dragged him over to the chains hanging from the steel frame. It was here when he found the room. He had pushed and shoved until he had it in the center of the room. Then he had used twelve inch concrete bolts to secure it to the cement floor. These chains were vampire proof too, bought with the rest of the things he had acquired. They had wide heavy cuffs. He crouched  beside Angelus and unfastened one leather cuff, and immediately snapped the metal cuff into place and repeated it on the other wrist. Then he attached the ankle cuffs and shortened the chains attached to them.

He stripped everything from Angelus except the wide leather collar.  A nasty twisted smirk crossed his face. It would bug the shit out of the older vampire to be collared like a slave or a pet. And he was all about Angelus buggage amongst other things. He pulled the chains until Angelus was upright and hanging from his wrists. Then he left him there to wake up.  He checked the small video camera he had set up on a tripod and walked over to the two carry alls he had placed by the door and fished around until he found the spare batteries. It just wouldn't do to have his fun curtailed due to lack of planning.  He positioned a comfortable arm chair in front of the framework and stood back to look over everything. He nodded to himself in satisfaction, a gleeful anticipation breaking through the iron control he had forced on himself.

He walked over to the small table and chair he had set up to distract his brain. He sat down and opened up the laptop he had bought, whistling while it booted up. He smirked to himself. That map of his was worth far more than he had paid for it. Much more. He really didn't think the shifty eyed demon had really known what it was he had. If he had really comprehended what the map was capable of he wouldn't have sold it.

He had been downtown during his shopping/scavenging trip and stopped outside the Wolfram& Hart building. Demons were coming and going, arms full of various things, looking this way and that and hurrying away with their loot. An idea came to him suddenly and he wanted to try it out. He walked into the dark building and pulled out his magical map. "Show me where to find the Wolfram & Heart bank account information in this building and how to get there," he murmured softly to it . It shimmered and suddenly there was a complete map of the building and a shimmering line from where he was to the place he needed to go.

It lead him through the building through three different security checkpoints, to a room that had a massive three foot thick, heavy duty, vault security door hanging from its' hinges.  Whatever security measures that had been there, were not there any longer. He couldn't even feel a magical vibration. So he shrugged and walked right in.

The map lead him directly to a laptop. The only reason it was still there and hadn't been looted yet is because it was out of sight beneath a heavy shelving unit that had toppled over. He moved the shelving unit, picked up the laptop and the folder full of numbers he found close to it. He stuffed them both in his carry all and quickly left the building.  He blended with the chaotic whirl of demons that scurried in and out as he left to finish the rest of his shopping expedition. No one even looked twice at him. He was just another demon.

An awareness that he was being watched crept over him like ice water in his veins, and he stiffened momentarily, then forced himself to relax. He turned in the chair, slung his arm over the top and settled his chin on his forearm to regard the form hanging in chains. He quieted the panicky babble that started in his head and wanted to erupt out of his mouth. He snapped the laptop shut, stood up, stretched luxuriously and wandered over to the video camera. He turned it on and hit the record button.  

He strolled over to the armchair and sat down. He threw a leg over one of the arms and let his foot swing slowly. He stared at Angelus and waited.  

He loosened the hold on the rage inside him and tempered it with ice. *Shhhh, control is the name of the game here. We'll get ours. Use the rage, don't let it use you.*  The silence stretched out. How long he couldn't even guess. He just stared at Angelus. Angelus stared back. Xander could see the wheels turning in his head.

Xander simmered and waited, his rockheaded stubbornness was good for something. He'd die a dusty death before he spoke first. So he just sat there.

Finally Angelus broke the stare he looked up and examined the steel frame and the chains with calculating eyes. He rattled the chains holding him and suddenly lunged at Xander, jerking on them hard. He was brought up short so fast his feet almost left the floor. The look of confusion on his game face was so comical Xander let out a darkly amused laugh and shook his head. But he said nothing.

"You won't think things are so funny when I get free childe."

Xander's rage broke free and he launched himself at Angelus stopping when they were nearly nose to nose. Angelus smirked at him in satisfaction. Xander stood there looking him in the eye with the same dead cold stare that a shark has, saying nothing. And stood there. And stood there. Angelus lost his smirk.

When Xander was sure Angelus was paying attention, he spoke slowly and deliberately. "I will NEVER be your childe Angelus. I don't want you and my demon just flat out rejects you. You know it really says something about you that as long as you were a human and as long as you've been a demon that you have NEVER found ANYONE that wants you. Hell Darla didn't really even want YOU, she just wanted an eternal fuckbuddy. Someone stupid enough that she could control and that could scratch her itch, whore that she was, and your prick is the one that caught her eye. That's why she left you to Holtz' tender mercies. She didn't care anything about you Angelus. There were plenty of hard cocks out there to choose from."

Xander paused and let a considering look cross his face.  "She sure took a shine to Angel though didn't she?  Every female on the planet seems to want Angel. Got up to all kinds of shenanigans with Dru to get his attention. And that boy Connor? I mean, she did dust herself this last time for Connor even though she knew where she'd end up didn't she? Wow, that must mean she really cared about HIM too, and HE wasn't even born yet. Imagine that? Darla loved the food but she didn't give a rat's ass about you."

He paused again. Then he hissed out in a low poisonous voice.

"Your childer don't want you. Where are they now Angelus? Your human family didn't love you, they didn't want you either. No one wants you. No one. Not even your soul. You are absolutely alone and you don't belong anywhere, with anyone. All you inspire in anyone is hate and disgust. No one will EVER love YOU, Angelus. All you can do is want. And take. But you will never ever have."

Xander stepped back and watched the face before him with curiosity, wondering what Angelus would come up with next.

Xander's vicious words curled down into Angelus hitting every weak spot he had. For the first time since he had been turned a chill of unease washed over him. Hairline cracks spidered through his confidence. Angelus was at a loss. He was confused. The fledge wasn't acting like a fledge and he wasn't acting like the boy he knew Xander was. He shrugged the feelings away, but not easily.

He was Angelus he reminded himself. He was a 250 year old demon. He had rained terror and death all over the known world. He would not be discomfitted by a mere boy, a barely dead fledge with graveyard dirt and the stink of humanity still on him.

He rattled the chains again and changed tactics. "You know you could have found something a bit more up with the times doughnut boy. These are just so last year." He baited.

Xander answered cheerfully and more like himself. "Oh I don't know, the demon I got them from thought they were just great. He even gave me free lube and an offer of a threesome. Would you like that? I can go out and get someone with a nice big juicy cock for you if that's what turns you on?

Angelus gaped. He couldn't help it.

"What's the matter Angelus? Is your tongue caught on your fangs?"

Xander looked at the face in front of him and relished the moment like he would fine chocolate.  He brought his gaze back to Angelus' eyes. Then he broke the stare and ran his hand down Angelus' side as he walked around him speaking in an oh so innocent voice.

"I'm just showing gratitude for the SPECIAL treatment you gave me before you killed me," he finished with a sarcastic ",Sire."

"I vaguely recall you telling me I could show you how grateful I was later." Xander leaned in and sing songed in the vampire's ear. "It's later."

Angelus shivered then controlled himself. He was not going to let this boy get to him. He forced out a derisive laugh. "Yeah, yeah. Yada, yada, yada. You're such a fuck up boy. Dying didn't cure you of that," he rolled his eyes ",as much as I wish it had. This isn't the proper way to show a Sire gratitude. Set me free and I'll teach you the proper way."

There was a rattle of  wheels and Xander pushed a rickety utility cart into view and stopped it beside the framework where Angelus could clearly see it. He looked thoughtfully at the array of objects on the top, lifting a hand to skim over them in an almost caress. "Now Angelus, you know that imitation is the best form of flattery." His hand finally settled on a weighted bat. Xander had sawed off the end, drilled a hole and pounded a heavy  a heavy iron piece into it. he swung it experimentally and turned back to Angelus. "Are you ready...Daddy?"

Angelus licked his lips, looked up and shook the chains furiously again.

He snarled  as the heavy bat connected with his side and pain exploded through him. He felt his ribs give way and he knew they  were broken. "I'm going to tie your intestines around your neck, when I get free, you do know that don't you? You little shit. How did you manage to come back so fucked up anyway?"

Pain blossomed through the opposite side of his rib cage as Xander swung the bat again. The world dimmed for a second and when he could focus again Xander was speaking in a calm conversational tone. "As usual Angelus, you made plans without knowing what you were doing."

Xander swung again, this time smashing his collar bone. Then the blows were coming too fast for him to speak. He felt his arm break and his leg. His jaw. His shoulder blade. His kidneys. The boy pounded on him until he nothing but a mass of bruises and broken bones. Then he bit him the first time... without permission and without even a hesitation. Xander bit down savagely on the pectoral muscle and took several mouthfuls of blood. Then he stepped back and went to the arm chair and sat down licking his lips, he looked like a satisfied cat.

Angelus growled and glared at the boy with yellow eyes but couldn't really say anything with his jaw shattered. This boy was perfect. They would be great together after he got free and disciplined him. If this is the boy as a fledge he would make a terrifying Master. Angelus felt the niggling unease tease open the cracks in himself a little wider. He finally began to wonder if he would be able to control the boy. This boy was no victorian William or insane Dru.

Xander spoke up. "Can you feel my gratitude yet? No?" He sighed and looked disappointed. "I'll just have to try harder I guess." He looked Angelus over with a critical eye. "Any suggestions?" When there wasn't an answer forthcoming. He shrugged ",I guess I'll just have to muddle through then. You really should do your homework before you start things Angelus. Really. If you were smart you would be a hell of a lot more scary. You're crafty and shrewd, and quick to take advantage of a situation, and you're mean but you're not really very smart."

"You didn't know as much about me as you thought you did." Xander sighed "That's another one of your weaknesses. You constantly underestimate your opponents because of your pride and ego. If you didn't do that you wouldn't be right where you are now. Happily this will be the very last time you ever have the chance again. I'm going to explain things to you. I'll even draw you pictures if you need them."

Xander wiggled a little getting more comfortable in the chair. He threw one leg over the arm and swung it slowly, then slouched a little more and folded his hands over his belly.  

"The first thing is that beating me up is nothing new. If you had done your homework you would know that's something I'm used to. Even the broken bone or two. The bruises are old news too. I have to say I've never been bitten, that's probably because dear old Dad would think it's some sicko thing. The welts are old news as well. I've been beaten bloody, with belts or whatever, before."

"The second thing is you didn't know about the soul anchoring spell I had cast on me for just this circumstance. The third thing is you didn't know about the Hyena. I was possessed once and she was still in there caged up, sort of like you caged up in Angel."

Angelus snarled again. Xander laughed with delight.

"This is just tooo much fun." He chortled.

"The third thing is the soldier. You didn't know about the hyena or the soldier. This soldier living in me was the result of a mojo'd costume one Halloween.  When the spell was gone the soldier stayed. Whoo boy, he can kill a human about five different ways with a drinking straw. So you decided to turn me you dimwit. You take someone who is your worst enemy, that hates your guts already. You stress him physically with torture until his internal barriers are very weak. Then you turn him."

Xander paused and looked over at him and grinned the Xander goofy grin, but the eyes. The eyes were still sharky.

"I've got to give you props though bro, when you fuck up," he whistled  ",you really do a bang up job of it Mr. Smooth. The upshot is that I now have four people inside and we are in the process of melding together. Think about all that knowledge and the Hyena pfft she is thousands of years old. Now that she can feed info right into my brain with no barriers, so can the soldier. It's like a geeks wet dream of a mental library."

Angelus was emitting a constant snarling growl at this point and Xander just doubled up laughing.  

He finally wound down and the amusement left his face. "Explanantions are done and we have unfinished business."

Xander left the chair and picked up a cat o' nine tails from the cart. "Oh daddy," he murmured and smiled down at it as he fingered the barbed strands ",I promise this is gonna hurt you." He walked over to the hanging vampire swung his arm back and then forward ",a lot."

Angelus howled.

Xander didn't stop until the older vampire's skin was in tatters and various bits of bone and internal organs could be seen through shredded flesh. The floor was slick with blood.  He picked up a long flexible tube from the top of the cart and went back to Angelus and forced his mouth open. He threaded the tube down his throat and went over to one of the carry alls and dug out four bags of human blood, a funnel, and a pair of scissors. He attached the funnel to the tube and cut open the first blood bag and poured it into the funnel watching dispassionately as the level went down. He fed the other three bags down the tube in the same exact way.  He pulled the tube out with a jerk. He tossed funnel, tube and scissors on the top of the cart and went to the chair and sat down. He let his head fall back and decided to take a small nap while he waited for Angelus to regain consciousness.



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  • Hot Chocolate

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