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Here ficcy, ficcy, ficcy...

Hey guys another fic search!  I'm looking for three fics the first is called Accepted, I think, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it's ever been finished.  In it Xander is a runaway that ends up in London where Spike is a rock star who takes him in and they have lots of sex the last part I remember had Angel in it I think and Spike gets really jealous.  I think it was a human AU.

The second had Xander as a painter looking for the perfect model to paint his masterpiece and Giles sends him to a place where he can rent prostitute/slave he of course gets Spike and they end up painting Xander's masterpiece and having sex but afterwards  Spike leaves.  The last part I remember took place a couple years later Giles had just died, he and Xander had gotten together, and Spike shows up looking for help. 

The third one I've only heard about it's called Boy aka Gay Bar I think and it's by automatedalice_ but I can't find anywhere it's been posted . 

That's all I remember and for all I know I may be mixing fics together so any and all suggestions would be welcome.  I read constantly and am always on the look out for good stories, especially long ones, if anyone has any hidden away.
Thanks in advance guys you're all awesome!!

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