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Fic request of sorts

This is in advance of any 'real''s more so I can have a list so I can gorge myself after all my exams and tests are over at the end of the month (or to read when I'm procrastinating in the near future)

So, my question to you is -

1. If you could recommend 1-3 complete Spander fics, what would they be (and why if you want to share the why)? (links are of the good)

I'm not easily squicked, but watersports, and foodsmut aren't on my list of favourite things to read. Not so big on death either. Or, I suppose in this case dust-age? I'm also not a huge fan of the brother!kink-thing either, but I'm willing to give it another go.

Long fics are good, so long as they progress somewhere

I'm a sucker for happy endings

A bit of angst thrown in somewhere is also good

I'd list everything that'd be good, but that may take-up a good chunk of, suffice it to say I'll read most kinks at least once

Seriously, pretty much anything goes, I'm pretty flexible when it comes to reading - AUs, vampire!Xander, BDSM, m-preg, hurt/comfort, romance, it's all good. So rec yourself, or rec another!

Thanks in advance.
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