vampiresembrace (vampiresembrace) wrote in bloodclaim,

Another search

I know, I know, I just did one of these but I have been thinking about this fic I read a long time ago and can't remember the name or where I saw it and it is driving me nuts. It starts with Xander and Spike meeting in New Orleans after Xander has an affair with *shudder* Giles that ends badly and he flees to New Orleans to heal. Spike goes there in an effort to get his chip out. They meet up and get together. Xander is a warlock now, Wesley becomes a seer and comes to join them and Oz comes to them eventually too. Wes and Oz get together. Something bad happens at the Hellmouth and the boys have to go back to help and confront their *former* friends.

Please help. This is driving me nuts. 

I am in the process of writing a fiction involving the boys, a mysterious vampire warlock and a demonic war on the Hellmouth, first chapter should be ready soon.
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