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Heart Strings

Title: Heart Strings 5/11
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult (Although more story than sex)
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: The BmblBee makes no money off her
stories and owns nothing. Including the characters.

Summary: HAU This short story is a follow-up to
White Lightnin'. It takes place in the early 1940's
and is a quick peek to see how things are going for
our boys on their mountain home.

Xander jaywalked into the street throwing his hand up in an
apology as a yellow cab blew it's horn angrily at having to slow
down for him.

He stopped in front of the rough crumbly brick building again
running all the arguments through his mind.
There were a thousand reasons why he should not go in.
There was one why he should.

Xander grabbed the worn brass handle on the old wooden
door and pulled it open.
Stepping inside, it took Xander a few minutes for his eyes to
adjust to the dim interior after being out in the bright sunshine.

The place smelled of drink and unwashed men.
The sounds were of laughing, wooden chairs scraping
and lots of glass bottles and mugs being filled, emptied
and passed around.

When his eyes did focus he scanned the room quickly.
Although full of hillbilly types, none were the men he saw
Spike with.
More importantly, none were Spike.

Maybe he had been wrong.
That was a long way off and the sun had been in his eyes.

Xander recognized the woman behind the bar and headed straight
for her Vivian was a hard woman but a fair customer when he
had been plying his wares. She wore her clothes a bit too tight
and her hair a tad too bleached, but fuck, who was he to judge?

She was one of the few ones he could always count on to pay him
his price on each delivery. He respected that.
He knew her whole life was spent inside the walls of this tacky bar.

She spent her days selling drinks and her late nights selling a
bit more. She didn't have anything here Xander was interested
in buying.

"Hey Viv. Hows it going?"
Walking over Xander leaned both hands on the flat surface of the
worn wooden bar, all the time still looking around.

"Xander! Hey, boy. Where you been? I ain't seen you round here
in a coon's age. Ain't you running shine no more? Cause you know
I'm still buying."

Vivian winked letting him know she would take all he had,
not only including the hooch.

"Some folks said you got caught up in the draft. Some others
said them fuckin' revenuers put the bite on you. That so?"

Xander laughed at the memory of the bite his revenuer had
put on him just last night.

"Nah. Blew my knees out playing football. Army wouldn't
take me, and I ain't been arrested yet. Just out of the business.
Trying to live my life on the straight and narrow."

Vivian nodded and proceeded to wipe the sticky bar off with
a stained even more sticky bar rag.

"Say, Viv. You didn't happen to see a guy come in here about
half an hour ago did you? Goes by the name of Spike. Short,
blond, bout so high?"
Xander held his hand up palm down at nose level high.

"Shit hun, there's been a fuck load of knuckleheads in and out
of here all morning. I ain't paid no mind to any of them."

Vivian lit another cigarette and spit a stray piece of tobacco
off the tip of her tongue.

"Hey, wait a minute. Manny Howard came through here
about half hour ago. He was with his brother Jake and their
shiftless cousin Bushy. Come to think of it they did have some
little guy with them. Truth is I didn't pay them to much mind.
They just ordered a few beers and headed into the back room.
You think that might be the one you are looking for?"

Xander felt as though a rock had just landed in the pit of his
stomach. He had delivered lightnin' to dozens of bars in this
area and they all had a back room.
Rooms Xander seldom went in, but was more than aware
of what happened there.

Cock fights, poker games, dice, prostitution, any number
of illegal activities, some of which were more violent and
degrading than Xander ever wanted to know about much
less see.

He gripped the edge of the bar tightly and tried to keep the
tone of his voice level.
"They took him into the back room? What would they do
with him back there?"

Vivian flicked an ash off onto the floor and took another puff.
"Shit them boys ain't got more than one functioning brain cell
between them, but they know what they like to do. They
used to do that shit out here in the bar, but I can't stand it so
I told them they would have to either quit or take it to the
back room. Had too many customers bitching about it.
Guess it interrupted their beer drinking.

Still, got a lot that are deep into that shit. They all collect back
there just to watch. Anyway, they are always looking for someone
to play with. If they roped your buddy into it they will keep
him back there for hours. Probably won't let him go till they are
all too tired to go any longer. You want a beer while you wait?"

Xander's blood had turned to ice water in his veins.
His throat constricted to the point that he was unable to answer.
Shoving off from the bar he rushed to the end of the room and
into the hallway that led to the back room.

A dozen full color images exploded in his brain, each one more
graphic and gruesome than the last.

Even though he didn't personally know the Howard boys, he
knew the type. Big, stupid, crude, violent plaid flannel shirt
wearing assholes.

He also knew each one of them would pay ten times over for
every blond hair that had been harmed on Spike's head.

Reaching the end of the hall, Xander grabbed for the knob to
open the door. Pausing, he realized he could now clearly hear
what was happening in the back room of The Draught House
and it was certainly not what he expected.

Jerking the door open Xander was stunned by what he saw.
In fact it'd knocked his socks off if he had been wearing any.

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