Gemma (_outercourse) wrote in bloodclaim,

I'm sorry

but I know I benefit from other people' fic searches on occassion and I would just tack this on to my previous post today but I didn't want someone knowing what this was and not seeing it. So. Sorry.

But my friend told me about this fic today and I was intrigued. Damn.

Anyway. In this fic, Anya is pregnant, but only just. She's out walking or something, and she gets hurt by a demon. Bleeding badly and unable to save her, Willow does her voodoo that she does so well, and transfers the fetus to Xander.

Yeah, it's MPreg. But, according to my friend, it's not obnoxious.

She said it was something she could actually see happening on the show, that level of weird and sad and funny, I guess. He goes through mood swings and the like.

It's Spander. I guess Spike feels sorry for him, or something.

It was a WIP, the last she read it, which might be a while ago.

Any help would sorely be appreciated.
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