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The More Things Change 15/?

Author: slashtheboyz
Title: The More Things Change
Chapter: 15/?
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: FRAO
Feedback: Comments and email
Concrit: by email please
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss and a bunch of lawyers. I only wish they belonged to me cause I'd make em do naughty things together forever. I'm just playing with them. No disrespect intended. No reflection on real persons or places intended. I'm not making any profit from this. This is strictly for entertainment.
Warnings/Squicks: M/M, Oral, Language
Summary: Xander goes to LA on a fact finding trip and finds Angelus instead. Scariness happens.
Previous chapters: In my memories. I can't seem to get the link insert thing to work right. So just click on my user  name and go to my memories. All the chapters are there together.
Notes: Spike calls on Giles for help, Spike and Xander go shopping. It doesn't sound like much but a fair amount of stuff is going on for both our boyz.
This doesn't strictly follow canon. Sooo if you don't like that sort of thing you might want to skip this. This is my first story so feedback is very welcome. Please send concrit by email.
Graphics (size, and artist) Icon by moscow_watcher

Spike studied the texts carefully, by the time he was ready to curl up around Xander and slip into slumber; he knew they were going to have to consult Giles about the spell that had been cast on the boy. He'd have to ring him up when they woke, and get his wrinkly arse over to the apartment without the estrogen brigade hanging on his coattails. Xander wouldn't be able to deal with the fuss just yet.

Prior to attempting the physical cross siring he needed more information and he might need some assistance.  Spike didn't think that Xander trusted Willow enough right now to tolerate her help, and he himself didn't feel the love where the red headed witch was concerned; Or the the trust either if anyone wanted to get technical about it. Even though Spike and Xander were in agreement about his being Xander's sire, the physical bond was absolutely essential for both of their sakes, as soon as it could be arranged.

Spike heaved a sigh. So much for keeping the situation under wraps for a bit.  No sense in putting it off though. Something had to be done to keep the fledge on an even keel. With the blood bond in place maybe Xander's emotional swings wouldn't be so jarring and Spike would be able to help him more.

The boy didn't feel secure, he felt like he was adrift, and had no connection, he didn't have a place. That was disorienting and painful for even a mature Childe, as he knew from bitter experience. It had to be excruciating for Xander as new as he was.

Neither of their demons were easy with the absence of the Sire/Childe blood link, though they were somewhat pacified that Spike was at least family, and a Master. They were both craving the link however and that made things a little rocky, which is exactly what a new fledge didn't need. Spike was surprised by the strong desire his demon had for the boy, and his soul didn't make matters any better by urging his demon on like a cheer leading squad. They were in perfect agreement for once.

*Bloody incredible when yourself gangs up on yourself. You're supposed ta be helpin' me control the bloody wanker, not giving him the prod.* He thought at his soul. He was overwhelmed by the surging response he got from the soul/demon duo. *We want him. He helped us. He came hunting for us and took us home. Fed us. Cared for us, when no one else cared. He wants us. He chose us over Angelus, rejected him, left him to come find us. No one ever chose us before, put us first. Not even Drusilla. He will never leave us alone, like everyone else has. All that loyalty, desire, need, just for us. We want him. You want him.* Spike couldn't find any argument to that; He curled around Xander, buried his nose in the boy's sweet smelling nape and drifted to sleep with the demon/soul duet still ringing through and through him.

Xander woke with Spike spooned up behind him. He felt rested and peaceful at the moment. He lay there and enjoyed the feel of Spike's body against him, pressing back a little to feel more of it. He reached down picked up the hand that was cupped possessively over his cock and examined the deceptively fragile looking extremity. *Such strong hands.* The thought ignited a tendril of desire low in his belly and sent tingles everywhere. He shivered. *Hands capable of such destruction and vilolence. But they're just right when they're on my body, the way I need them to be. Love his hands on me anywhere..everywhere.* The tendril turned into a low flame.

Xander slipped out from under the arm clutching at him. He dipped under the warm, dark blankets and nuzzled his way down to the stiff cock that scented the air under the covers. He wiggled down until his head was at Spike's groin,turned on his side,opened his mouth and swallowed the engorged organ. He kept swallowing until his nose was pressed into the soft silky hair at the base of spike's cock. He moaned in contentment. He suckled on the thick shaft like a baby suckling at the breast. He closed his eyes and just nursed there; erupting into a contented purr, with a cock pacifier in his mouth, he dozed.

Spike woke in easy stages and lay there wondering for a moment what was different. Then he recognized the feel of a wet mouth surrounding his cock.  He lay there for a moment waiting to see what the boy would do; He felt the boy suckle at him, heard a sleepy broken purr for a second, then it stopped. He put his hands over the lump at his groin under the covers and massaged gently there for a second.

His eyes suddenly widened with a realization and he snatched the blankets and lifted them up to look down at the dark head nestled in his groin. The boy was using his cock as a pacifier! He laughed like a loon. He just couldn't help it. Genuine laughter shook his entire body and jiggled the boy, waking him. The boy turned wide startled eyes up at him never releasing his prize, and sucked hard once. *Looks like the cat caught with the family's pet canary in his mouth, he does.*  

Spike howled with laughter as his head fell back on the pillow and he turned to his back. The boy followed not willing to give up his tasty pacifier.  Xander settled himself between his thighs like a particularly big cat. Spike's laughter finally wound down and he lifted the covers again and peered down his body to meet the eyes of a now fully awake Xander.

The boy's eyes gleamed at him from the dark cavern of covers. He began a slow up and down slide with his mouth and swallowed. His strong throat muscles squeezed around Spike's cock like a vice. Spike let out an undignified squawk and threw back the blankets.  His hips thrust up enthusiastically to meet the boy's next downward slide and he watched avidly as his cock disappeared into the boy's wet ravenous mouth.

Xander moved to his knees to get a better angle and set up a fast hard bobbing rhythm sucking like hoover on the upstroke and tonguing the sensitive slit at the head of Spike's cock. He took Spike's cock into his throat on the downstrokes and swallowed continuously, rippling his throat muscles. The boy had a hard grip on his hips that would probably leave bruises, but Spike really didn't care at the moment. He was too close to coming.

The boy aggressively devoured his cock like he was starved and Spike's cock was the last meal on the planet. Xander growled while he sucked and swallowed, the vibrations sent Spike over the edge, he came with a roar. The boy swallowed everything Spike offered him without losing a drop. Then the boy lay draped over Spike in a boneless heap and licked his cock and balls, purring contentedly. He looked for all the world like a mother cat licking her kitten clean.  

Spike reached down and hauled the boy up to lay on his chest and tipped his face up with a finger beneath his chin. He kissed the boy and tongue fucked his mouth, growling when he tasted himself there. He released the boy's mouth with a final nip at the soft bottom lip, and Xander laid his head back down with a happy sigh. "Don't believe anyone's ever used my cock as a pacifier before," Spike announced to the ceiling, while he ran his fingers through Xander's tangled mass of hair.

"You taste good." Xander replied. "Smell good."

"Is this a one off or should I get used to it?" Spike smiled.

"Dunno," lazy reply ",you were asleep n' I just wanted to be closer to you, without waking you up. Might just as well get used to it, I guess."

That told Spike more than anything how disconnected Xander felt. He hadn't been looking for sex, hadn't even been interested in coming himself. He'd wanted the connection. They needed to get Rupert over here ASAP. He smacked Xander on the ass. "Up and dress. Feed, and call Rupert."

Xander's whole body went stiff at the watcher's name. "I don't know if I'm ready for that yet."

"You have to face em some time Xander and hopefully I can get 'im over here without the whole bloody gaggle.  It'll be easier with just him at first. They're busy with trainin' the mini me's and plannin' strategy anyway. It oughta be easy for the git to slip away without raising any eyebrows, especially if I can ring 'im at his apartment."

No way in hell was he gonna tell the boy that no one had even mentioned his name since he'd been gone; With the exception of the watcher. And that had only been to send Spike to check on the boy, in other words to find out if the boy had fucked up again. The bloody fools hadn't checked on the situation before they sent the boy to LA. So they sent him into that hellacious situation with no warning. Buffy had a big problem with planning. But Rupert should have known better, even with the distraction of The First.

"Can we go get some other clothes first?" in a  pathetically hopeful tone.

Spike laughed again at the shudder of distaste, and the  look of disgust on Xander's face as he looked at the dresser full of atrocious shirts and pants. "If we make it a quick trip. I'll call Rupert before we go and set a time for him to get here. Get your delicious arse outta the bed, the faster you're dressed, the faster we can go."

Xander scrambled out of the bed eagerly. He snatched open the drawers and tried to find something that was the least offensive amongst the riot of clashing colors and baggy pants.

Spike slid off the bed and wandered into his "vamp room" and found  a clean black T, and pulled it over his head. Then he pulled on a clean pair of tight black jeans and snatched a pair of socks he had stolen from Xander. He sat on the end of the bed and pulled on the socks; Reached down beside the bed to snag his boots. He stomped his feet into them and pulled the laces tight, he was ready to go as soon as he used some hair gel and a comb.

Xander came out of the bedroom with a look of resignation on his face. He had on a brown Hawaiian shirt with bright yellow flowers all over it. He looked down at it with distaste and plucked the front away from his body and snorted."Yuck, no wonder the nasties always came after me. They could see me from across the state, they couldn't see anyone else because of the glare. I wasn't a magnet, so much as a neon sign advertising myself as the blue plate demon dinner special of the week. Shit, I bet this thing even glows in the dark. All it needs is some marquee lights. Someone should call the EPA, I'm afraid it might be radioactive."

He looked thoughtful for a second and another idea dawned on him. "I wonder if that's why all the demony females liked me so much? The males in the animal kingdom are brighter than the females. Hell, they must have thought I was putting on a mating display!" His horrified expression of dawning insight caused Spike to laugh helplessly, he laughed so hard he slid off the bed onto the floor. "Yeah you laugh now, Sire. You have to be seen with me, until I can get a decontamination crew to dispose of this stuff. Wait and we'll see how much you like it when the oogedy female of the week is sliming you, to get at me."

Finally Spike wound down and asked between chuckles ",are you ready to go?"

Xander cast a wry look his way. "Ready as I can be without a warning label and a decontamination suit." That sent Spike into another round of laughter as he applied hair gel to his hair and ran his comb through it, styling it in his usual way.

"Right then," he grinned. Let me call Rupert and we'll get," he chuckled again ",on the road."

"Harty, har, har. Hear me laugh," trailed behind Xander as he walked into the living room and sat down on the couch to sulk.

Spike followed Xander out into the living room. As he walked through to the kitchen he picked up the phone and dialed Rupert's number. He called the watcher's apartment instead of Buffy's place so he had a better chance of getting him while he was alone. He pushed the phone between chin and shoulder. While he waited for an answer on the other end; He opened the refrigerator and pulled out blood bags and stacked them on the counter. "Xander, come and feed before we go."

The boy bounced into the kitchen, sulk forgotten, and went to the sink. He grabbed a sponge and quickly washed the three items they'd used before and rinsed them well; found a dish towel and dried them quickly. Spike started snipping blood bags and pouring them into the bowl and mug. He set the bowl in the microwave first and punched in the time.

Finally Rupert picked up on the other end. "Oi, Rupert.... Yeah, I found him. Well, about that.... There are some..  complications. No. No need to go to LA, we're not in LA. We're at Xander's apartment. Have been since night before last. Need you to come over here without the hormone squad.. What?..... Because the boy was exhausted and needed the rest before you bloody lot got with the inquisition that's why." .......

"You need to bring a few things with you..... Yeah. About that bloody soul anchoring spell you put on the boy..... Yeah, it worked a treat.....That's not the problem.... Don't get your knickers in a bunch. He's okay right now. Just not up for the whole bloody lot of you. So come over later, and explanations can be had then."

The microwave dinged and Spike handed the bowl out to Xander and put in his mug and punched some more numbers. "Yeah, we'll expect you then.  We should be back before you get here, but just in case. Don't have a cow. If we're not here, just wait on us and we'll be here shortly. We've got to go out..... Yes, Xander needs some things..... Yeah, yeah. Just bring your bleedin' book, oh and we're gonna need somethin' along the lines of a bondin' spell."

Xander's bowl was empty and he snipped  and poured the last bags, except for one, into the bowl. He pulled his mug out of the microwave and replaced it with Xander's bowl. The boy had a blood mustache. Spike pulled him in with one arm and licked the blood from his upper lip, while they both listened to Rupert yacking.

"Rupert," Spike growled impatiently ",just do it. It's important for Xander, he's gonna need it.... Okay! Here." He shoved the phone at Xander. "Wants to talk at ya, the git. Thinks I've done who knows what to ya."

Xander plastered himself against Spike's side and took the phone like it was it was a poisonous snake. "Hey G-man.... No, no I don't want to get into anything over the phone. Just bring the things Spike asked for.... Yeah, there was some trouble in LA........ Look it's too complicated to talk about over the phone....... Just come over later like Spike asked........ No, just no. I don't want to talk to anyone else right now, and it's not necessary. I'm just resting and recuperating." Xander's voice took on a dangerous angry tone. "Spike hasn't done a damned thing to me, Giles, except help me. It's every one else that's done me dirty.... Whatever...Are you going to come over tonight or what? Okay, we'll talk then." With that Xander hung up.

The microwave dinged and Xander opened the door and pulled out his bowl and set it on top. Spike had his second mug ready to go in. Xander took the mug from him and set it inside, set the timer and closed the door. He grabbed his bowl off the top. Then he looked at Spike. "Do you think there's going to be a problem with Giles?" He started drinking quickly as he waited for Spike to answer.

Spike leaned back against the counter, head down for a second thinking, then turned his head and looked at Xander out of those bright blue eyes. He curled his tongue behind his teeth in his Big Bad way. "Nothing I can't handle, luv. I may have soul now, but my soul is really starting to like my demon, lately. If I have to thump the watcher m'soul's not gonna kick up too much of a fuss, especially if it's concerning you."

Finished with his meal, Xander put the bowl in the sink and ran some water, he added some dish soap and put the bowl in it. He turned and took Spike's mug out as the microwave dinged. He handed the mug to Spike and followed the mug to Spike's mouth. Spike paused and Xander gave him a kiss, with tongue, that curled his toes up in his Docs. *The boy has a wicked, talented mouth on him. His kisses tell me everything I need to know.*

Xander gave Spike's lower lip a last nibble and lick, then let Spike finish his blood. But he stayed plastered against Spike's side and his hands wandered over Spike's body as the bright blue eyes watched him over the rim of the mug.

Spike drained his mug and reached around the boy and slid the mug into the soapy water. Then it came back to pull Xander against him groin to groin. He spread his feet wider and cradled Xander between his thighs. Both his hands slid down under the waist of the loose pants, in the back; to grab a handful of hard flexing muscle, and run fingers down the enticing cleft there. He massaged his handfuls of firm flesh and pulled the boy's hardness against his own as he ground against him. Spike forced himself to loosen his hold and swatted Xander on the rear. "If we start fucking now, we'll never leave the apartment, and you'll be into demonic advertising a lot longer." He grinned.

Xander groaned. "Bad Sire. Making me go shopping with a hard on."

"Right then, let's go." He reluctantly released the delicious body and they moved into the living room. Spike shrugged on his duster and Xander picked up his own and pulled it on. Spike opened the door and looked both ways before ushering Xander into the hallway, then turned and pushed him back in. "Wh..Wha..what?" Xander sputtered. "Hang on a mo, gotta get somethin' Pet." Spike turned and went back to the couch and swept up the sandwich baggy with the fangs in it, and prowled back to the door. Then he looked at Xander. 'Gonna get these set in somethin' for ya. You want an earring or nipple rings?"

Xander's pupils dilated with pleasure and he shivered under Spike's approval. Spike grabbed him around the waist as he threw back his head and submitted, pulled him close and nipped at his neck. The shiver turned into a full body shudder. The elder vampire put a hand to the back of the boy's head and drew Xander's head to his shoulder holding him there for a moment, with a Sire's hold. "Come on, moonlight's wastin.'"

They hustled down the hall, their voices could be heard echoing up the stairwell debating the merits of an earring vs nipple rings, as they descended the stairs and left the apartment building.


Spike was jealous. Xander was drooling. And it wasn't over him, he pouted, it was over leather pants. The boy hadn't looked at him since he'd spied the racks of leather when they entered the store. Xander had lit up brighter than the flowers on his shirt when he spied those damned pants; he made a beeline straight for them. The sales person followed along in his wake with dollar signs in his eyes.

The current pair he was holding up had been liberated from another shopper. A greasy looking biker, who had taken exception to Xander snatching the dark, rich, burgundy leather out from under his nose. He bowed up at Xander until the boy flashed his gameface and snarled, while clutching the leather to his chest. Then the biker decided he'd shop...somewhere else. Preferably two states away. The Hellmouth was hinky right now anyway. Hell he'd just go visit his cousin Merle in Tennessee. In fact he'd leave tonight. He almost ran out of the store mentally plotting the best route to get there. He might need to steal a map.

Spike leaned against the wall nearby to watch over his boy and nearly laughed at Xander's antics over the pants; and again when he noticed the biker make hasty tracks out of the store looking back over his shoulder like he expected the hounds of hell to be nipping at his heels. He was muttering about Tennessee and maps.

Spike had to admit though, the leather was drool worthy. But more drool worthy was the way his boy was going to look in them. He smirked nastily. He was going to tearing off heads left and right everywhere they went. Xander was still going to be a demon magnet, but in a whole different way. Talk about advertising. He almost laughed again.

Spike stood upright and strolled over to where Xander was rifling the rack."Tick Tock, Xander. We can come back again. Get the burgundy, the two black, the navy, the tan, the dark brown, and the red. That's enough for now. You still need shirts."

Xander pouted prettily, then. "Okay. where am I gonna get shirts?"

Spike turned to the sales person who was almost stuttering with joy. "Do you have any decent shirts here?"

"Y..Yes..Yes sir! Right this way" He led them to another section of the store and Xander spent several minutes Looking at pullovers and button up shirts in dark jewel tones without a pattern or flower on them. He finally decided on a black cashmere pullover and several silk button ups in slate grey,wine red, and a rich choclate brown.

But the one that had Spike's cock standing up in anticipation was a black silk one with billowing sleeves and tight wrist cuffs. It was made to fit loosely not tucked in. It had three jeweled buttons down the front to the midriff, with slits on the side from the bottom, up past the waist. The shirt flowed about the body and would show glimpses of bare smooth skin over hard muscle.

"We'll take these," he handed the salesperson the armful of shirts ",but I want one of these in every color you have, except white." Indicating the one that made his cock drool.

The Sales person was almost beside himself. He almost lost his dignity and ran with the shirts to the register, and then to get back to them, because Spike told him they were on to shoes next.

Xander wanted steel toed Docs like his Sire. The sales person pulled out every nearly every pair the store had.  The boy finally settled on a calf high black pair with speed laces and a calf high black pair with toggles instead of laces.  They added Socks, with the boots. They finished with ten pairs of black jeans and T shirts, to wear for patrolling and fighting. And two pairs of dress slacks, one in a black Irish Linen, and the other in a dark grey. They were finished.

The sales person was almost singing arias as he rang up their purchases and bagged them. The total would have been staggering. But Spike forked over the Council's credit card again and just smiled at the man. Xander's eyes sparkled suspiciously also as he watched the transaction. They arranged for the purchases to be delivered to Xander's apartment that evening.

Xander changed into a set of new clothes before he left the store. He wore tight black jeans and the black cashmere pullover, with the sleeves pushed up. He wore his duster over those. He had on new socks and his new lace up Docs. He trashed the old sneakers, the shirt and pants. He carried them to a dumpster in an alley holding them away from his body between his thumb and forefinger, as if they were contagious. He flung them into the dumpster with such a gleeful spitefulness, it had Spike laughing again.

They left the clothiers for the jewelry store where Spike had taken the fangs. Xander had decided on an earring with Spike's full and evident approval. The boy wasn't ashamed of what he had done. It wasn't boasting on his part either. It was acknowledgment of what he had survived and the revenge he had carried out to completion.

So Spike ordered the fangs capped and tipped with nadrilium, an alloy made by demons, stronger and lighter than steel, black in color. Each cap would be set with flawless blood red colored diamonds one carat in size around the circumference. They were to be put on a small flexible coil of nadrilium and threaded through holes in Xander's ear to dangle freely from the ends.

Spike sat Xander in a chair  to wait, while he spoke with the demon who worked with the fangs. He inspected the work and approved it. The fangs were really quite beautiful and still recognizable as exactly what they were. He again flipped the Council's credit card onto the counter and paid the hefty fee for the special order without a qualm. The demon handed him the altered fangs in a velvet gift box, he stashed it in his duster pocket, collected Xander and they were on their way back to the apartment. And they still had a little time to spare.

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