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Heart Strings 
7th-Apr-2007 03:48 am
Title: Heart Strings 7/11
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult (Although more story than sex)
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: The BmblBee makes no money off her
stories and owns nothing. Including the characters.

Summary: HAU This short story is a follow-up to
White Lightnin'. It takes place in the early 1940's
and is a quick peek to see how things are going for
our boys on their mountain home.

Spike never noticed when the waitress filled their cups with coffee.
He twitched and tapped his fingers nervously as Xander ordered
for them both.

Finally as the waitress left Xander plucked one question out of
the jumbled mess in his brain.
"Where the hell did you learn to play like that?'

With that one question, the doors flew open and everything
rushed out. Spike's cheeks were flushed with excitement and
his blue eyes sparkled like diamonds.

"Growing up in London my parents made me take violin lessons.
I was never good in sporting activities but I did have a propensity
for music. I started when I was very young and they made me
practice for hours. I used to cry and complain that I would never
play as a vocation, but Mother insisted. I haven't handled
the instrument in years and never heard of a fiddle.

When I saw Manny and Jake entering the pub with their cases
I asked them if they played the violin. They corrected my
terminology rather sternly and invited me in to listen. When
I asked if I could try, well, it was just amazing."

"Jesus, Spike, you were incredible. I have never heard
anyone play like that."
Xander's fingers flexed and ached to reach over and grab
Spike's hand. His heart filled with love and pride. Anxious to
get him home, he knew it would be a quick lunch.

Within minutes the waitress brought the sandwiches and
refilled their cups.
With his mouth full Xander was reminded of something else.
"What did Manny mean about joining them?"

Spike paused in his chewing and the corners of his mouth
fell slightly as he swallowed.

"Oh, they play every Friday night at the VFW hall. There is
a benefit spaghetti supper there each week sponsored by the
USO to raise money for the troops.
The guys play as the entertainment and get to eat free.
They asked me to join them, but I told them that wasn't possible."

Spike took another bite and fell silent.
"Why isn't it? You're great Spike. Everybody should hear
you. Anyway a free meal once a week sounds like the
ideal date. We could get our chores done during the week
and have a free night. It would be great."
Xander felt his own excitement ramp up at the prospect.

Spike smiled, but Xander could tell the mood had been
"What's wrong Spike? Why won't you play."
Appetite gone, Spike laid down the rest of his sandwich
and pushed his plate away.

"Jake let me use his fiddle today and he played his guitar.
If I played with them each week I would have to have my
own instrument.
Look, today was fun, but there are other things that are
more important to me. You and the cabin especially."

Xander tipped his head and gazed at Spike thoughtfully.
He was not sure how to do it, but he knew he would move
heaven and earth for Spike.
Figuring out a solution to this problem should be a piece
of cake.

Still happy but much more subdued Spike continued talking
as they walked back to the general store and carefully
selected the supplies they needed for the cabin.
Although Xander now had a funny feeling they would
be back in town before another month went by.

Back out on the street and arms heavy with packages
Spike still let this thoughts ramble.
"It really is the most interesting music I have ever heard.
It is almost like an Irish tune, but I can't hold that against
them. Bluegrass. Huh. So amazing."

Xander laughed at Spike's serious contemplation.
Loading up the back seat of the car they then headed out
of town and back towards home, Xander's brain already
sorting things out.

It wasn't till they pulled in the lane that Spike realized their
trip was not complete.

"Hey, I thought we were going to go to the lumber yard
and order the things we need to start on the building. Didn't
we get enough for the furs? You didn't let those scoundrels
cheat you? Really, Xander the furs were of excellent quality
sometimes you are just too good hearted."

Xander looked surprised. In all the excitement he really
had forgotten, or maybe it was a sign that they should go
back into town.

"No, I actually got quite a bit more than we had anticipated
guess I forgot. Hey, I've got an idea. Why don't we go back
in on Friday. We can do the ordering then and have spaghetti
and hear the music."

Spike cheered up considerably. Even if he couldn't play
he was delighted at the thought of a date night like that
and the Howard boys were most entertaining.

It was late by the time they had all the supplies put away
and finished the chores. The day had been wonderful
and they tumbled together into bed nearly exhausted.

"So, Xander, you think I am proficient with an instrument
do you?' Spike laid on his back with his hands behind his head.
Propped up on his side Xander answered as though thoroughly
bored. "Yea, you were o.k. Bet you didn't know I can
play something too. I can play the harmonica."

Spike turned his head to the side his brow wrinkled in confusion.

"Yep, do you know what another name for a harmonica is?"
Spike rolled to his side facing Xander and totally stumped as to
where this conversation was going.

"No, Xander, my musically challenged friend. Please do tell.
What the hell is another name for a harmonica?"

Laughing. Xander flopped Spike over onto his back
again and he pounced.
"A mouth organ my little English Biscuit."
7th-Apr-2007 02:34 pm (UTC)
ROF... I saw the "mouth organ" coming but couldn't duck it in time, lol!!!!

Oh my, so what, Xanpet's got the mouth organ *snicker* and Spike's gonna take up the washboard *snicker*??????
7th-Apr-2007 03:04 pm (UTC)
Yep and Xander will blow while Spike's fingers
tweek and tune. Did ya jump out of the way
of that one in time?
7th-Apr-2007 09:03 pm (UTC)
A beautifully irreverent piece... completely in character for your canon... thanks so much for sharing

7th-Apr-2007 09:10 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading and commenting.
Glad you are enjoying.
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