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Heart Strings

Title: Heart Strings 9/11
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult (Although more story than sex)
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: The BmblBee makes no money off her
stories and owns nothing. Including the characters.

Summary: HAU This short story is a follow-up to
White Lightnin'. It takes place in the early 1940's
and is a quick peek to see how things are going for
our boys on their mountain home.

The next week sailed by smoothly.
Neither man said much about the upcoming
weekend but each had their own thoughts about it.

The chores were done and plans were made to
prepare for the upcoming planting season, all the
time dreaming and sharing ideas for the expansion
of their small house.

Thursday came in the blink of an eye and supper was
on the table mixing and blending with the conversation.

"Tomorrows Friday."
Xander shoved another mouthful of potatoes in and
garbled around them.

"Thought we might go to town. I figured we would
go ahead and order the lumber, pay for it and I
know a couple guys with trucks I can go see about
hauling it for us."

Spike was delighted. He knew a trip to town could
be stretched out for hours and possibly include lunch .
Not wanting to sound childish he seemed to give it
some deep thought.

"I suppose we could do. Most of the weeks work
is caught up around here and a day out might be acceptable."
Xander roared with laughter at his nonchalant attitude,
knowing from the twinkle in Spike's eyes he was thrilled.

"Well don't get any more excited or you might fall asleep
in your plate."
Like a light switch Spike's face beamed with joy.
"Can we eat out? Can we stop by and hear the guys practice?"

Xander studied Spike closely. He had come to a difficult
decision that suddenly seemed much easier to make.

"I'll tell you what. How about we spend the day in town and
eat at the VFW for supper. Ain't had spaghetti in a coons age."

Spike jumped from his seat and rushed around to the other
side of the table.
Throwing his arms around Xander's neck he sat on his lap
and kissed him soundly.

Pulling back, Xander brushed the hair off Spike's forehead
and looked at him with love and concern.

"Spike I don't ever want you to feel like a prisoner here.
I never did care much for going in town cause there just
wasn't nothin' there for me, but if you want we can go in
once a week or so as long as all the work is done around here."

Spike nuzzled Xander's neck
"I love it here. It is safe and warm and ....home. However,
a once a week date might be just what we need to spice up our
dying love life."

"WHAT?" Xander feigned outrage. "I'll show you dying!"
And with some decisions made, Xander dropped to his knees
taking Spike's britches with him, and proceeded to bring
the dead back to life.

Spike leaned back against the table and watched Xander
create the glorious resurrection with his skilled mouth.

The potatoes went cold and the squirrel was forgotten
Xander, however, was about to receive all the days protein
he would need.

And just as expected, it didn't take long. Just the sight
of Xander full pink lips wrapped tightly around his
hard ready shaft caused Spike's whole body to tingly.

His cock slid in and out so smoothly it seemed to have
been made with Xander's mouth in mind.

Spike held back and watched as long as he could but
it was never long enough. Feeling the tightening in his
balls and the shaking in his legs, Spike knew it was
all over but the swallowing. Gripping Xander's hair he
jerked forward and emptied himself in down his lover's

Friday morning dawned bright and early. Spike was already
up and out by the time Xander stirred. Carrying in an arm
load of wood Spike dropped it on the floor loudly then
waited for the reaction.

Xander did not disappoint. He woke, jerked awake by
the noise.

"On, sorry, did I wake you? Well it is late. Not at all
like you to lay about in this manner. But you're up now,
so chop, chop. Up and at 'em."

Xander sat up in bed and stared at the mad man in front
of him.
"What the fuck, Spike? It can't be much more than 4 am.
Why are you........Oh, it's Friday isn't it?"

Xander grinned broadly.
Spike shuffled his feet and began fussing with stacking
the wood by the hearth.
"I don't know what you mean."

When he heard Xander chuckle he turned to face him with
his hands on his hips.
"Yes, it's Friday. Now get your lazy ass out of bed and
get the chickens fed and the last of the work done on the
tractor. We are leaving just after lunch, which by the way
is left overs that didn't get eaten last night, and I expect you
to be ready."

With his mind occupied by personal plans he was not ready to
share with Spike, Xander got up and headed out to the
outhouse with no further fuss.
Spike mentally patted himself on the back.
'Well, I need to take charge more often."

The rest of the morning clicked off like clockwork. The
plugs Xander had been fighting with on the tractor popped
off with surprising ease.

The chickens were fed, and Xander set up some floating
jugs for the creek. With the ice gone it was
the perfect time to lay out some lines for catfish.

He also rooted through the shed till he found his gigs.
Xander snickered to himself at the thought of Spike
going on his first trip frog gigging.

As soon as they had finished an early lunch, Spike himself
hustled to the barn to retrieve the beloved Lincoln.
He revved the motor and honked the horn.
"Let's move it Lazy Bones."

Shaking his head, Xander grabbed his jacket and ran
out the door.
He was not entirely sure Spike would not leave him behind.

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