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A Vampire's Embrace, Part One

Author: vampiresembrace
Title: A Vampire's Embrace
Chapter: Part One
Pairing: S/OC, X/OC, S/X/OC, OC/Oz, and possibly more, implied or outright
Rating: PG to start, NC17 in later parts
Feedback: Welcome, Wanted
Concrit: by email/in comments/any way you want
Disclaimer: I don’t own anybody but my original characters. Xander, Spike and the rest of the BtVS and ATS crew belong to their creators and I didn't make a cent writing this. Now worries, I'm just playing with them.
Warnings/Squicks: AU, Buffy Bashing (just a little, she deserves it- Didn't you guys see The Grudge), Character Death, Hot guy on guy action (as many guys as I can put together), angst, heavy breathing, smut, dirty language, mayhem, blasphemy, hedonism and a great many other things Mom wouldn't approve of.
Summary: Bored Vampire Warlocks, Horny Guys, Demon Wars, Horny Girls (don't worry, I ain't letting them near the boys) and general Hellmouth Hijinks.
Previous chapters: None yet
Author’s Notes: Okay, where to start. Umm, first, no Anya. She got on my nerves, so in this universe she got Slayed. Tara is a bit less shy and not stuttery cause that bugged me. Xander has the hyena, how and why will be explained in the story. No Dawn yet, it happens later. I'm squeezing this story in between the Initiative and Glory. Glory happens, just later. Ethan Rayne is gonna be around and some interesting Angel and L.A. Fang Gang stuff will happen (oh Doyle is still around too). Hmm, that's all I can think of now, but if anything else crops up, just sorta go with it. It's my party and I'll change canon if I want too.
Not beta'ed.

A Vampire's Embrace, Part One
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