Seven (sevendeadlyfun) wrote in bloodclaim,

Modes of Silence

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Rating: NC-17 overall

Warnings: m/m slash, angst, language

A/N: Fun stuff...well, sort this chapter! As always, any feedback is welcome and thank you so much for all your kind words. I appreciate all the comments people have really motivates me!

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Spike drifted pleasantly in that mindless state between sleep and wakefulness. For the first time in a long while, he was toasty warm. The heat poured over him, reminding him of long ago nights spent in Turkish baths with Dru and Angelus. He had loved it, that steamy tropical heat that soaked all the way to his bones. But this was more than warmth, better than any steam.

There was a sweetly seductive smell carried on the waves of heat; a scent that stole into his gut, curling up inside him. It was the smell of rain and fire, clean and dark intermingled beautifully. Rain and fire purified, and Spike longed to bathe in that purity.

He dreamt of languorous touches, of satiny skin and wicked caresses. Spike rocked his body, the friction on his flesh pulling small whimpers from his lips. From far away, he heard soft moans, rich throaty sounds that only fueled his longing.

His body tumbled towards completion, lost to the shimmering daze of scent and warmth and touch. Spike growled low in his throat as his cock jerked, pulsing in orgasm. As he lay there, replete, a harsh groan sounded in his ear.

He woke, startled. Blue eyes met brown, and Spike finally realized what was going on. He had just been wanked to a breathtaking cum by Xander sodding Harris. Xander Harris who was now staring at him starry eyed and dazzled.

“Xander,” Spike said softly, for once completely unsure what to say.

Xander blinked, his eyes still glassy with sleep and arousal. Spike’s thoughts whirled frantically as he tried to figure out how to fix this. As Spike sought for words, Xander tilted his head. Spike froze in astonishment as Xander placed a tentative kiss on his lips.

The kiss, no more than the barest brushing of lips, sent Spike reeling. Xander’s lips were warm and firm on his, candy sweet and oh so enticing. Spike hesitated, not wanting to stop but terrified that he’d be blamed.

Sod it, he thought as threw himself into the kiss.

Xander’s mouth was slick and smooth, and the boy whimpered so sweetly as Spike teased him. That hot little hand hadn’t moved from his cock, and as their tongues tangled delightfully, Xander pulled distractingly at Spike’s renewed erection. It Spike’s turn to plead wordlessly, begging Xander with moans and thrusts.

As Xander teased his prick, Spike plundered his mouth ruthlessly. They broke apart, dizzy with lust. Xander’s eyes flirted from lowered lashes, his hips rolling sensually against Spike’s thigh.

“Pet,” Spike panted as his hand creep crawled down Xander’s toned body. “Want to touch you, yeah? Let me…make you feel so good…”

Spike’s hand wrapped around the thick stiffness poking out from coarse curls and smiled, naughty glee lighting up his face. Bloody hell, the boy had a monster between his thighs. Lovely cock, thick and long, pulsating with life and all for him.

Spike traced the prominent vein that ran the length of Xander’s shaft. He watched as Xander’s eyes fluttered closed, the brunette’s head thrown back in delight at this heady sensation. Swirling his fingers around the moist, sticky crown brought Xander to shivering cries of longing.

Spike brought his finger to his mouth, lapping up the pearly juice with relish. Xander tasted as rich and dangerously delicious as he smelled, at once clean and dark. Spike moved, intending to dive down onto that luscious cock. But, Xander refused to let him go, pulling at Spike’s hips with strong hands.

Their erections lined up, and both men quaked as slick skin rubbed and rasped. Spike wanted to watch Xander fly apart, but his own pleasure swamped him. He snapped his hips, cumming in hard spurts. Xander gave a strangled cry, and Spike felt hot slippery liquid coat his belly.

Boneless and satisfied, Spike reached for Xander. He frowned as Xander evaded his grasp, slipping out of bed to bolt down the hall. He dragged himself up and followed, worried and irritated in equal measure.

He could hear water running in the bathroom, and reached for the door handle. It refused to twist and Spike snarled. The damned prat had locked him out.

“Xander,” he yelled, “open this door or I’ll break it down!”

“Fuck off, Spike,” Xander called back hoarsely. “Just leave me alone.”

“Bugger that,” Spike snorted. “Now be a good lad and tell me why you’re acting like a fool.”

“I said FUCK OFF,” Xander screamed, and Spike could hear the choked off tears in his voice.

Eyes flashing murderously, Spike stalked down the stairs and into the basement. So, little Xander though he could get his jollies and then walk off without a by your leave? Treating him as if he were so much garbage.

That’s it, Spike vowed. Done being the Scoobies vamp of all work.

“Who’ll take care of Dawn? Why, Spike o’course,” he mocked in a high-pitched voice. “Who shall we find to protect the bleeding Hellmouth? No trouble, Spike’ll handle it. And who, oh who, can get Xander off? Spike, naturally.”

He grabbed a folding chair, and threw it across the room. It clattered noisily against the wall, the shriek of metal against stone echoing in the small space. Spike wanted to pack, to gather his meager belongings and bid a two-fingered good-bye to this twisted hell.

The Niblet, he thought despairingly. Promised to protect her.

He sank back onto his bed, cradling his head in his hands. Bloody buggerin’ Christ, he was a whore for the Scoobies, their beck and call vamp. Not even a whore, actually. Whores get paid, and Spike didn’t. A two bit vamp tramp, than, good enough to use but discarded as soon as he wasn’t needed.

Spike sat there, drawing the shreds of tattered self around him. He’d keep his promise. No one would ever say he went back on his word. But, he was done with the rest of it. No more cooking for the kiddies or patrolling the Hellmouth. No playing Father Confessor or Camp Counselor, just straight business. He’d take care of Dawn till the end of the world, and that was that. Especially where Xander Harris was concerned.
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