~Alice~ (vinniebatman) wrote in bloodclaim,

Spander Drabbles

Title: Dreaming in Color (2 100 word drabbles)
Author: vinniebatman
Fandom: BtVS, early season four.
Paring:  Spander
Rating/Warnings:  Adult/Solo, slash
Disclaimer: I hired a pack of ninjas to kidnap Joss; he was threatened with hot poker torture, chainsaws, and an exorcism. I now own all. Thank you. *Doctor's Note: Patient exhibits delusions of grandeur and any claims of ownership are pure fantasy. No harm is meant. Seriously, it's better than her throwing rocks at people.
Author's Note:  These connected drabbles were written for the community fanfic_fiesta.  The last drabbly things I wrote for that comm. were really sad, so I decided some crack fun was in order.

 Smutty Drabbles Aqui!

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