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Modes of Silence

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Rating: NC-17 overall

Warnings: None (updated as necessary)

A/N: This is a short interlude, giving a bit of Dawn perspective. I'll be posting chapter six today as well, but this takes place between the chapter five and six. It's too short to be it's own chapter, but a few people wanted Dawn's view of things. :)

Dawn huffed in irritation as she carried an armful of books to her bedroom. She wasn’t sure what was going on, but things had gotten really bad all of a sudden. It wasn’t “the world’s gonna end” bad. It didn’t have that special last night on earth vibe.

No, this was regular bad. Xander had gotten even quieter and sadder if that were possible. Spike snarled around the house, and refused to talk to anyone but her. The three Scoobies ran themselves ragged patrolling, which was funny because Spike had refused to let any of them patrol until recently. Said it wasn’t their job and they ought to stay inside where it was safe.

She tossed the books on her bed and began to pace. Why would Spike suddenly give up patrolling? He loved it. He told her he needed his nightly bit of violence. It fed the demon, kept it happy. So, why stop?

It wasn’t just patrolling, she realized. Spike had stopped doing a lot of things lately. He didn’t cook, unless it was for her. He refused to clean, saying he wasn’t a maid. He was…mad about something, Dawn smiled brightly.

That was good. Mad Spike she could handle. Mad Spike meant a sulk she could coax him out of, and then life could get back to the way it had been. She sat down, shoulders slumped.

She didn’t know why he was mad, and it was darn fact that he wouldn’t tell her. Spike had changed when he became her…well, she guessed big brother and keeper were good words for what he was to her now. Oh, he still talked to her about demons and his own “bad old days”. But, when it came to grown-up stuff, like problems and worries, he kept those to himself.

In the beginning, he had sat her down and told her that she was his girl now. His best girl, he said emphatically, raising his eyebrows. She curled up on his lap, and he hugged her close. He said that since she was his girl, he’d thank her to keep her nose squarely on her face and out of trouble. No worries, Niblet, he told her. I’ll do right by you.

So, he wouldn’t tell her. Not without a bit of sneaking and trickery which would probably land her in boiling hot water. Dawn grimaced, her thoughts wandering. He wouldn’t tell Willow, and he plainly wasn’t speaking to Xander. Maybe Tara could help! Spike liked Tara. He told her so, said that Glinda was a pretty little thing and right sweet soul.

Yep, Dawn decided as she reached for her phone, he’d tell Tara. And then, she could fix this and get them back to being a nice, happy, abnormal family.


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