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The More Things Change 19/?

The More Things Change 19/?
Author: slashtheboyz
Title: The More Things Change
Chapter: 19/?
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: FRAO
Feedback: yes, yes, yes, I thrive on it. I'm becoming a shameless feedback slut.
Concrit: Oh hell, any way you want.
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss and a bunch of lawyers. I only wish they belonged to me cause I'd make em do naughty things together forever. I'm just playing with them. No disrespect intended. No reflection on real persons or places intended. I'm not making any profit from this. This is strictly for entertainment.
Warnings/Squicks: Kidnapping, References to the killing of Children. Torture, Vigilantism, M/M, Anal, Language, I think I've mentioned it all. Make sure you read the notes below.
Summary: Xander goes to LA on a fact finding trip and finds Angelus instead. Scariness happens.
Previous chapters: In my memories, and my journal is now caught up with all the chapters posted. I can't seem to get the link insert thing to work right. So just click on my user name and go to my memories. All the chapters are there together. The link is in the top upper left corner of my journal.
Notes: Fair warning: This chapter was really hard for me to write and still keep enough detail without going overboard with it. I think I succeeded in that aim, even as wordy as I am, I may have left out too much detail in the shack scenario. Let me know what you think and I'll go back and add some things back in that I snipped out. I really squicked over the scene where Xander and Spike go back to the shack and what they found. I even changed the condition of the child they found. It was originally much squickier. I took a lot of things out, maybe too much. I can handle just about anything with adults, but not with kids. When I went back and read the chapter from the beginning to check everything over, I just couldn't post it that way. Just imagine all the things about serial killers you know and fill it in with your imagination. The scenario at the killer's house is squicky too. But then I think he deserves what he got. And a lot of the details were skimmed over there as well. This doesn't strictly follow canon. Canon is in there but I've woven events differently for Buffy 7 and Angel 5. Sooo if you don't like that sort of thing you might want to skip this. This is my first story so feedback is very welcome.
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Xander and Spike knocked around town. They stopped by Willie's place, ostensibly to check on the next blood delivery. The few vamps and demons in the place eyed them warily and suddenly remembered they had things to do.... elsewhere. Xander pouted as he watched a vamp that just entered the seedy bar, look around, spot them at the bar, look them over, turn around and walk back out without pausing.

Willie talked fast and obviously wanted them gone ASAP. He complained about them running off his customers and ruining his business. And he complained about the poor state of his business in general, because there were fewer customers than ordinarily, in the last few weeks.

"Spike, let's go. Intimidating Willie is just no fun. He's just too easy. It's like kicking a pet rat."

"Hey!" Willie sputtered and protested. But he looked so relieved to have them leaving that Xander grinned. Then laughed outright at the weaselly bartender's look of idignation over his amusement.

Spike enjoyed the amusement he felt from his mate through the link. But he felt Xander's agitation to find something to vent his violent urges on tonight. The boy was spoiling for a fight. So he curtailed his Willie baiting and they both sauntered toward the door. Once they were outside on the sidewalk, Xander was impatient. "Who do you have to kill to get into a good fight around here anymore?" He growled. "Usually there are creepies crawling out of the sidewalk cracks and every alley, just begging for a few lumps. But this burg is dead tonight. I wonder if the sewers are just as deserted as topside?"

Spike started walking. "We haven't been to the bad side of town yet. And there are still a few places we haven't tried yet."

Spike was a little concerned. The night was unusually quiet even if it was early. Nightsiders and underdwellers weren't stupid and they had a well developed sense of self preservation. If they were laying low then there was a reason. Usually a bigger badder than them kind of reason. They would need to talk to the bloody watcher and report the unusual lack of nightlife moving around on the Hellmouth.

Come to think of it, they hadn't seen many humans
tonight either. People in stubborn willful denial were always out and about at night on the Hellmouth, and they weren't, not tonight at least. It was another strangeness to report.

Xander stopped and his head snapped up. He just fell into stillness. It was a perfect stillness. The perfect  total stillness that marks a predator. That terrible patient stillness. Spike pushed out through the bond trying to discover what caught Xander's interest and a chill washed over him.

Xander's thoughts and feelings were pure predator. Prey caught his attention and he was on the hunt. All his senses were tuned to some illusive quality in the night and he was trying to separate it from the the irrelevant interference in his surroundings. Xander was totally focused on detecting the trail of his prey and the bond flooded with the implacable, remorseless mind of a hunter, and the hunger for the kill.   

Spike shivered and Xander burst into movement. He bounded into a fullout run, lifting his game face to scent the air, his yellow green eyes searching the darkness and reflecting like a cat's in the dim lights. He followed the illusive trail of his prey like a coursing hound, with Spike following.

They didn't run toward the bad side of town. Spike was confused. Xander stayed behind shrubs and trees as much as possible just like a predator hunting in the wild. He turned into the woods at one point and ran through the trees. They stopped just before the trees ended behind a quiet neighborhood, and stayed in the shadows, while Xander scented the air for a direction. Spike's puzzlement increased. Xander wasn't using just his nose.

"Xander luv, what are we hunting?"

Xander managed to croak out "child killer."

"What are we doing in the woods then,pet?"

Xander's yellow green eyes turned toward him flashing at him in the dark. "You know predators, Spike," he hissed out. "Every predator has a lair, or den. I want him to lead us to his lair so we can see just what he's been up to."

"How do you know all this Xander?"

"I dunno Spike," Xander answered the majority of his concentration on finding the illusive scent he sought. "Maybe the same way I saw all those pictures of stuff. What I scent is in my head and my nose. It's evil. It stinks like corruption, like decayed flesh and old rotten blood. I can feel the slimy sickness of it in my mind, and smell it in my nose. I just don't know how to describe it. This is major bad Spike."

 "Xander, Is this a human you're talking about?"

Xander's eyes gleamed at him in the darkness, implacable, remorseless. "So? If this monster is a child killer, he's a would be predator, and he falls under natural law. Human or demon, makes no diff to me. I'm going to do the right thing, Spike. I know what right and wrong is. I'm still a white hat, just in a slightly different way. I'll mete out justice of the right kind. Maybe not legal with humans, but right. I'm not a human anymore, Spike. This is far, far better than chasing muggers or purse snatchers, or even vamps. Vamps are just doin' what they do. This is true evil." Xander licked his lips in anticipation.

If Spike had a beating heart it would be thumping out of his chest about now. This gorgeous creature was his mate? This bloody beautiful killer was his hunting partner? He wanted to beat his chest like a gorilla and howl at the moon. This was all HIS!

Xander's head turned suddenly, and he brought his game face to the fore. He scented the air and shrank back into the deeper shadows, pulling Spike with him, hooding his eyes. "Shhhhhh..," he hissed on an almost soundless breath. And they both fell still. Watching and listening. A few minutes passed, and they could hear footsteps through the darkness, crackling in the dry bedding of twigs, old leaves and detritus that accumulates in wooded areas over time.

They waited and watched as the anonymous noise maker turned on a shielded lamp. The shielded light made it unlikely it would be seen from the houses nearest where the trees ended. The only light that showed was in front of the figure and it was turned up only high enough to make out where feet had to walk.

The feet stopped and the shield was flipped over the lamp's dim glow. The sound of sniffing came to the two watching in the darkness. *Bloody hell if the tosser doesn't sense something. Just like an animal checking  for threats.*

The Lamp flicked back on with the shield retracted just a bit to let a little light out, and the legs continued to walk deeper into the woods.

They waited to move until they were sure he was out of hearing range. They both moved faster and quieter than a human, but this one seemed to have a predator's instincts. They easily followed him from a distance until he came to a ruin of a building, and went around the shack to the back; the lamp dipped and swayed as he bent down and unlocked a chain on a set of doors set into the ground. He pulled up on one of the two doors and stood straight up to look and around and they heard the sniffing again.

Then he descended out of sight and a hand reappeared to pull the door back down over him.

Everything remained quiet. Then Xander stiffened beside him, they both heard small sounds like a like a mortally wounded animal whimpering in fear and hopelessness. The sounds died away and a few minutes later one of the doors was pushed up and the man ascended the stairs to the surface again. He bent and relocked the chain on the door, jerking on it to make sure it was secure, and went back through the trees, the way he came.

They followed him back through the woods the same way they had to the abandoned shack. They watched him disappear towards the houses in the neighborhood, switching off the lamp as he cleared the trees. Just before he stepped out of the cover of the trees, he paused and whirled around, sniffing the air again. Apparently satisfied that he was unobserved he walked out of the trees and turned the corner of a privacy fence and was gone.

Xander's mind was in turmoil. The waves of a dark malicious hunger, and the overwhelming stench of evil that came from the human, had almost swamped his mind.  He had closed down the bond so Spike wouldn't get most of it. He reached out slowly and put a hand on Spike's arm as he was about to stand. "Wait.." Spike's brow went up but he stayed where he was. Just as he decided it was his imagination telling him to stay concealed: Xander caught a movement from the corner of his eye behind the opposite back corner of the fence where the man had disappeared.

Xander hissed subvocally ",The bastard is watching the woods, Spike." They stayed where they were until finally another tiny, barely seen, movement signalled the wary human leaving his observation post. When an hour passed and they saw no more signs of movement, they melted backwards in the darkness, watching the entire area around where the man had disappeared for any movement at all. When they were far back enough that human eyes wouldn't be able to see them no matter how sharp the vision. They turned and broke into a flat out run, back through the woods, to the abandoned building.

Xander grabbed the chains on the two doors and wrenched at them breaking the lock and the links, they weren't vampire proof. He already smelled the corruption of death and this time it wasn't in his head. He pulled up on the door and both he and Spike reeled back at the stench.  They both dropped out of game face so they could bear it, and darted down the stairs at a tiny sound from below.


They took the shocky, dirty child they'd found chained up in that filthy charnel pit to the hospital emergency room. Xander made an anonymous phone call, from a public phone, to the cops, telling them the little girl's whereabouts. Then they made a trip to the hardware section of the local WalMart.

Spike couldn't find any railroad spikes, but the long cement nails he found would do nicely; he hefted a good half dozen in his hand testing their weight and the sharpness of their points with a thumb. Xander was looking at some wicked looking knives under the glass in a display case and drooling. The anticipation flowing through the link made Spike grin like a fool. That was HIS boy.

They finished finding the rest of the items they needed, and Spike fished some cash out of his duster at the register, while a bored looking college aged girl rang up their purchases. Finally they trundled out of the place with their cart and loaded everything in the Desoto.

They drove back to the neighborhood they saw from the woods earlier and Xander vibrated with impatience as he stuck his head out the window. They made one pass through the neighborhood. Spike drove slowly down the quiet deserted street of the small upper middle class subdivision. They almost made a complete circuit of the one long street that made an oval with matchbox houses on the outer rim.

Xander made a strangled sound and grabbed Spike's arm. "That's it," he indicated the house opposite were they were stopped. The house was just like all the others in the neighborhood. A black Escalade was parked in the driveway. The lawn was neatly mowed. Nothing out of the ordinary to indicate that a human monster lived there. The thoughts crossed through the bond and Xander looked at him with wise old eyes in a young face. "You'd think that as evil as he is, you would be able to see it huh? That it would make them as ugly and putrid looking on the outside as they are inside. Or maybe they would come with a warning label, something to indicate the sickness inside. Life doesn't work that way though."  

They drove out of the neighborhood now they had located the house. They went around to the side of the woods they had entered earlier in the evening. Taking their carryalls out of the car, they broke into a run and ran all the way to the edge of the woods. They slipped around  the privacy fence and made their way behind the houses slipping through shadows and between fences until they reached the house they wanted.

Xander slipped up to the front door, looked down and grinned at Spike like a maniac. "Looks like the dimwit put the out a welcome mat for us," he whispered. There in front of the door, as plain as could be, was a mat with the word 'WELCOME' in large letters. Spike chuckled darkly. Xander looked around and grasped the doorknob and gave it a hard twist. The entire doorknob came off in his hand. He reached in the hole and twisted his fingers this way and that, and the door opened.  "After you, Sire." Spike slipped through the door and Xander followed looking around outside again before he shut the door behind him.

They slipped through the dark house scenting to locate the human. They found him sound asleep in a bedroom at the end of a short hall. Xander pulled out a roll of duct tape and one of the washcloths they bought at WallyWorld. Then with great satisfaction he laid his hand over the monster's mouth. "Well, Hello Mr. Randolph, thank you for the invite, it's made things so much easier. We'll be happy to take you up on that."


Stretching wearily Xander yawned, looked around the blood spattered room, and felt nothing but a great deal of satisfaction in this night's work. He let his gaze rest on the true virtuoso, stepped up to him, and licked a clean patch through the blood smeared on his face, from mouth to temple. "Uhhhmmm, you taste good." The pain hazed eyes of the man in the bed glazed over further as he took in the sight of Xander licking his blood from Spike's face. He stopped making noises earlier in the night.

There wasn't much noise left in him Xander supposed. He had a washcloth stuffed in his mouth and duct tape wrapped over it and wound around his head. The tape covered his mouth and nose. They had fun to begin with, watching him turn blue and fight the chains uselessly, when they blocked the holes in the tape, they had made for him to breath through.

Now though, his breathing was rapid and shallow. Xander guessed it was hard to breath when you had a necklace of your own intestines, stretched out of an empty abdominal cavity, around your neck. It had been hard work getting the damned things out without tearing them or getting them tangled.

Xander sighed. The night's fun was over and he and Spike had just enough time to get home before dawn. He picked up the box of  pictures he had found in a hidden room accessed through the back of the master bedroom closet.

The small room was large enough to hold a computer, full of images, and a box full of pictures. He found various items, Shoestrings, barrettes, hair bows, and other things in a glass display case. Each item had a name tag and was pinned there to a board with straight pins. Xander looked through the pictures and the computer and came up with the idea of the intestine necklace. Spike had been more than thrilled to tutor him. There were pictures in the box alone of more than thirty children. There were more on the computer hard drive. All of the children were dead. He took the box of pictures and upended it in the bloody cavity in the man's belly. Spike was stuffing all their things back in the carryalls.  

Xander applied the final touch. A note with directions to the horror to be found under the shack in the woods. He tacked that to the monster's forehead with a thumb tack, driving the sharp point into the bone. He and Spike took one more look around to make sure they had everything. Xander tossed the keys of the Escalade to Spike and they wound their way through the house to the back door and out it. They quickly climbed into the vehicle, Spike started it and backed out of the driveway. They were on their way home.

Xander relaxed the hold he had over the bond and let his satisfaction run through to Spike. He shut down the link tightly earlier in the evening. The pure evil rolling off the monster nearly had him just cut the bastard's throat in self defense. He didn't want Spike exposed to that. Xander felt like he needed to bleach his brain and his nose. That was one human monster that wouldn't sit in a cell somewhere, at his ease while his innocent victims lay undiscovered somewhere; And increasing his sick jollies by eating up the distress of loved ones, chasing around to various fake grave sites he sent them to.


When they cleared the door of the apartment. Xander grabbed his mate around the waist and swung him against the closed door and kissed him. He licked and nipped at Spike's lips until they opened for him and thrust his tongue in hungrily, laving the interior of Spike's mouth, caressing his tongue with his own and exploring behind his teeth. Spike tasted of blood, smoke, JD, and underneath a dark flavor that was just him. The bond spangled between them filled with want. Want now.

Spike was all spice dipped wickedness and Xander wanted it, right now. He sucked Spike's tongue into his mouth and suckled on the the agile muscle. Then released it and just fucked Spike's mouth with his tongue.  He groaned into Spike's mouth and thrust against his mate, pressing him hard against the door behind him, and heard Spike answer with a growl that vibrated through his chest.

The world spun and he found himself with his back to the door, Spike's thigh pressed between his, grinding against his hip. Spike's hands pulled at his shirt and slipped under the material to wander over his skin leaving trails of fire, and up to pinch sensitive nipples . Xander broke away from the kiss and let his head fall back to thump against the door. Spike's mouth promptly attached to his neck as his hands traveled down his sides to grab two handfuls of firm ass and pulled him harder against his thrusting hips.

Xander pulled at Spike's shirt and he stepped back to let the boy peel it over his head. Then the boy's hands dropped to his fly and unbuttoned and unzipped and reached in to caress the hard flesh he found there. Spike growled again as Xander pulled his cock out and flicked a thumb over the sensitive head spreading the moisture that leaked from the slit. The boy lifted his fingers and sucked on them one at a time whimpering at the flavor. Spike snarled at the sight, and thrust against the rough denim of the boy's denim covered bulge. Xander's hands slid around him, and tested the flexing muscles of his back and slid to his ass and pulled Spike against him harder.

Spike slid his hand down to the back of Xander's thigh and and pulled it up around his waist and then lifted the dazey boy with a hard grip on his ass. The boy caught on and lifted the other leg to curl around his waist. Spike spun them about and headed for the bedroom, his cock slid against the denim covered cleft of Xander's ass each step he took.  He dropped Xander on the bed and jerked boot laces loose, and pulled off his boots and socks.

Taking one foot in his hand, Spike bit down on the heel, the boy almost came off the bed and he hollered hoarsely. Spike smirked at him and then bit into the sensitive arch and soothed it with his tongue. That got him a full body shudder and a moan. He dropped the foot and went to the waist of Xander's pants unfastening the stiff new material quickly he peeled them, Xander raised his hips helpfully,down and off and left them in a heap on the floor. He quickly bent and unlaced his own boots and made short work of toeing them off, along with the socks and dropping his own pants beside Xander's. He pulled his shirt over his head, and quickly stripped Xander of his, dropping them them wherever. He let the boy sink back on the bed to lay there looking up at him through his long thick lashes.

Spike feasted his eyes on the boy sprawled wantonly on the bed. His gaze skimmed possessively from the bare feet up the long strongly muscled legs to the hard leaking cock between his thighs. It stood full and hard, from a nest of soft dark curls, precum glistened down the length of it, the velvety sack beneath was half drawn up. He continued with eyes, up to the defined abdominal muscles. Then to the crinkled nubs of his nipples at the peak of firm pecs; over the broad muscled shoulders, and the strong column of his throat, to the masculine jaw, and succulent mouth. He finished at the silky mane that topped his mate's head.

He swallowed hard and grasped his own cock hard around the base, pushing fingers firmly into his balls, to keep from coming. The activities of the evening had him, and the boy, ready to blow.  

He crawled over Xander and settled himself between the boy's spread thighs. They both hissed with pleasure at the feel of cock meeting cock.

Xander wasn't ready to wait any longer. He grabbed the lube from the bedside table and slapped it into Spike's hand. "In me, now!" The boy pulled his legs up exposing himself to his horny mate. Spike didn't need any more encouragement. He immediately squeezed a large amount of lube on his fingers, tossed the tube somewhere on the bed, and went for the gold. He circled the little knot of muscle between Xander's cheeks, and slipped one finger in. He laughed at the impatient growl that matched the impatience in the link, and looked up at a game faced Xander. "That's enough already, just do it."

"Not gonna hurt you, luv." Spike added more lube to his fingers and went back to the grasping muscle with two visitors and slipped them in. He built up a rhythm, finger fucking that tight hole, and crooked his fingers just right. Xander writhed and flailed, screaming his name. Spike rolled his eyes. ",Ah the children of the night, what sweet music they make.."

Xander squeaked and looked at him in horror before he laughed. "I can't believe you're quoting cheesy movie lines at me with your fingers up my ass." Spike just smirked. " Couldn't help it, pet. Was just to good to pass up," then he rubbed that place again and Xander bucked against him. He finally quit teasing his mate with fingers, and brought the blunt head of his cock to Xander's stretched opening and slowly entered him in one long slow push, both of them moaned as the tightness grasped at his cock.

He paused when his balls came to rest against the boy's skin. He was so close. Xander released his knees, parking them on his rib cage, and grabbed at his shoulders pulling him down for a nasty, wet kiss.

Xander was in ass heaven. He felt filled, and sparkling, spangling, tinglies were running between his cock and balls to his ass and back. The link was humming with possessive horniness, want, lust, affection, love and MINE!. Spike began to thrust slowly. When Xander growled and pinched his ass, he half growled back and snorfled with laughter. And wasn't that an odd sound.

Soon Xander wasn't thinking at all. His mind was in his ass, and thinking about permanent residency as Spike pounded his prostate with the thick organ that impaled him. The link was nothing but pleasure and Xander couldn't tell who was fucking, and who was the fuckee. He was lost in a maelstrom of ecstasy. He could feel himself pounding into a tight slick hole. He was being pounded, with his cock being massaged between two hard moving bodies, at the same time. Overload was a pathetic term for it.

He was so close and he started panting out Spike's name as his balls drew up tight, and he knew through the link that Spike was right there with him. Spike lunged forward and buried his fangs in Xander's neck and Xander snapped forward biting into Spike's neck at the same instant. When the circuit was completed a current ran through them like a shock and they both came growling and snarling around the the flesh impaled by their fangs. They came, and came, and what seemed like an endless orgasm. The feelings flowing back and forth through the link extended the pleasure, the intensity. Dying out slowly. Spike collapsed down on him and they both shivered with the echoing  pulses that were gradually losing strength.

'Bloody buggerin' hell." Spike gasped out nuzzling behind Xander's ear. I've NEVER had a shag like that before. That was amazin' love."

"Neither have I," Xander admitted as he stroked the muscles of Spike's back. "That was something new. If it had ever been like that with Anya, or Cordy, they would have been my willing love slaves forever. Hell, Anya would have chained me to the bed and threw away the key." He chuckled weakly, as Spike growled a little, and a possessive 'Mine' bloomed in the link. "You sooo don't have to worry about them. Not any more."

"Better not, luv. They'd be finding pieces of Queen Bitch for years, and ex vengeance demons." The link reflected the truth of what Spike said. The possessive violent  thoughts thrilled Xander through and through. No one had ever wanted him like that. But Spike did.  Both of them slid into a sated, exhausted slumber as the last lingering zings of pleasure died away.

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