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Title : TEMPTATION 1/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ. If you read and are
offended. DO NOT FLAME. You were warned.
It is not my intent to upset or disrespect anyone's
beliefs, however the BmblBee must fly where
the urge leads her.

It was one of those nights so black dark the devil himself
would have felt uneasy.
Heavily overcast, there was no break in the clouds for either
moon or stars to show through.

It was the type of night when things moved about unseen
and unholy. Ungodly beings that even nonbelievers are
wary of, staying indoors and denying the existence of
that which they fear the most.

The leaves had already fallen for the year and the tree
branches swayed and groaned, cracking like a brittle
boned skeleton in the cold autumn wind.

No human of any sensibility would venture out on a night
like this. Not unless nature itself forced such an excursion.
Unfortunately it was just that reason that drove Alexander
Harris from the warmth and safety of his family home.

Although they did have an indoor hand pump for water
a bathroom was one of those unwanted luxuries the Amish
shunned. Like electric, modern machinery, and telephones.

Things the English used that put them too much in the world
and distracted from the focus of God.

Although Xander still lived on the family farm with his parents
and sister, Willow, it would soon come time for him to take
a wife and build his own home.
A home with no bathroom.

"Oh dear goodness!"
Xander high stepped his bare feet off the cold ground
as he skipped and scampered to the outhouse.
He knew there was a chamber pot on the enclosed back
porch that could have been used, but that was for the
women folk.

He was a man and as such always embraced discomfort
as a humbling experience. Something that would make
him a better person for the church and community.
One more thing to help build his constitution.

Letting the small wooden door swing shut behind him,
Xander fumbled quickly with the buttons on his britches.
He pulled his warm dick from it's pouch just in time
as the overfull bladder let go.

Throwing his head back he relaxed and enjoyed the
full body feel of a good piss.
The relief of emptying a bladder that felt like it had
been holding a gallon of hot water.

Xander watched the last few drops put his whole being at ease.
Shaking it off, he felt the familiar tickle as he handled

Remembering how good it felt the few times he had
allowed himself the sin of personal pleasure, Xander
watched as he started to harden.

Just one stroke and he would leave.
He grew heavier, thicker and stood up proudly.
It was a good size. From what he had seen of the other
lads it was bigger than most.

But pride was a sin, he admonished himself. Involuntarily
his hand continued to move as he tried to contemplate
which was the greater sin, pride or the wasteful spending
of your release on the ground.

It was a debate that was becoming more difficult to focus
on as he continued to pump his fist tightly around his
aching cock.

Looking down at it in the deep darkness he could just
barely make out the bubble of emission coming from the
sensitive head. Quickly he swiped his thumb over the wetness.

Xander moaned, torn between the ingrained knowledge
that he was sinning and the wonderful feel of his stimulated
cock. Desperately his hand sped up and with little warning
his body jerked forward as he came in thick spurts into the
opening on the wooden bench.

After a few minutes he became aware of the cold and the
fact that he had been here far too long.
Sighing at yet another failure Xander buttoned his pants
and slipped out the door.

Turning to rush back to the house, something off in the
distance caught his eye.
Squinting, he paused, he could have sworn he had seen movement
in the woods.

He stood unmoving waiting to see if there was any
affirmation of his impression.
He strained to see but it was unbelievably dark so he held
his breath, stood, stock still, and watched.

Shivering as an unexpected, unexplainable fear shot through
him, Xander turned and sprinted for the house.
'Just an animal' He told himself.
Coon or maybe a coyote.

Slamming the door behind him, Xander relaxed in the warmth
and safety of his family's home feeling foolish for his fear.

Willow sat at the kitchen table reading by the light of the
oil lamp. "You are out of breath, Brother. Did a giant
skunk leap from the woods to chase you home?"

If it weren't for her gentle smile and good hearted humor,
Xander might have thought she knew something.
Dismissing such thoughts he slapped his chest.

"Very funny, Sister. I was running because it is cold out
there. I am far too manly to use a convenience such as
a chamber pot."

Willows laugh was like a gentle bell ringing.
"Well on a night like this dear brother, I am very glad
to be not manly at all."

Xander poured a cup of tea and watched as she returned
to the worn Bible she read each evening.
Several times as they grew up together Willow would say
things that made him wonder.

But it couldn't be. Second sight was a sin.
If any one in this world was sinless it was Willow.

She could not possibly have known what lurked just
outside as it was all his imagination.


All their lives they had been taught that the devil was
real. He was powerful and often sent demons to tempt
and torment mere mortals.

One must always be vigilant and strong in faith to
resist such attacks.
Xander hoped his earlier weakness had not given
opening to allow a visitation by any of these demons.

He resolved to pray and pay personal penance for his
moral failure.
Heading for his room Xander called out. "Turning in!
God be with you." and he bounded, taking the stairs
three at a time.

He only partially caught his father's answering
"Rise early Alexander. Fences to mend tomorrow."
or his mother's "God be with you son."

Closing the door behind him, Xander entered his sparsly
decorated room. A bed, a dresser, a wash stand and
a free standing wardrobe for his clothes. Nothing hung on
the walls for show save a wooden cross above the bed.

Xander knew as a young man he was expected to marry soon.
In fact his family already had picked someone out for him,
but he was most happy here.
He hated the thought of leaving his room, his home, his family.

Yet he was expected to build a new home and make a
family with Anya Miller.
This was something else that confused him. Why was he not
excited about the wedding night like he knew he should be?
It was all more he needed to pray about.

Xander sighed, walked to the window and looked down on the
woods below. Just before turning to go to his bed,
something again caught his eye.

Fear shot like ice water through his veins as he realized
what it was.
Two yellow eyes.
And they were looking back at him!
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