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Fic Search!!!

Hi All,

I'm hoping someone might know the fic thta I am desperately trying to remember...and find of course.

Pairing.. Spike/Xander

Title... can't remember

Length... Long.. long...very long.

About.... Xander suddenly finds a very sick and injured Spike on his doorstep and proceeds to take care of him.  Xander is working on a construction site as teh crew manager and is good friends with the boss and his whole family... I think he is called 'Alex' by his co-workers.

Anyhow..... I distinclty remember that Spike had been caught by the Iniative and experimented on... Riley being on of his captors and sewed his dogtags into Spike himself.

Turns out that Spike and Xander have known each other in previous lives.... Xander's boss and family are from their previous lives as wel... Xander's 'father' is a God... something to do with lightening.

They get a dog... or a dog finds them more like it..... the dog is from their previous life too.

This is a fairly well known story but for hte life of me... I can't remeber teh title even though it is on the tip of my tongue....all I can think is Douse House.... but only because I've just re-read  No more snakes and ladders....a most excellent story!

Thank you to everyone who helps!


OK...... Just remembered the title.... REPOSSESSION!!!

Thanks to anyone who was helping.
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