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New fic (1/1) Rated PG

Hey everyone, wrote something today and thought I would share - it's not very long, or Spanderish really, but they are both there :) Hope you guys like.

keep penning all,
~pobody's Nerfect

Disclaimer: Not mine...
Warnings: Unbeta-ed and untitled :)
Rated PG

“Wrong so wrong…” Willow kept muttering over and over quietly as Spike explained to the Scoobies what the Initiative was doing and the effects of the chip in his head. Xander wordlessly agreed with her as he comforted her.

Giles had been dividing his attention between the two old friends and the bleached blond vampire as he listened. Finally he said baffled, “Wrong why? I don’t see what you mean – from what I can ascertain this chip in Spike’s head has merely hobbled his demon making it impossible for him to harm humans. How is that wrong?”

Buffy chimed in on her watcher’s side, “Yeah, just think - if more vamps got those things stuck in their heads then my job might be easier. I’m all for that.”

Xander looked over at the watcher in disbelief, and then over to his blond friend. A look of mild disgust flickered over his face briefly, but he just said, “What do you mean you don’t see how this is wrong? C’mon Giles, you’re a smart guy - just think for a minute…” Giles still looked blank. Xander’s frustration mounted.

Willow piped up “Mengele did experiments like this on humans, Jews. Aversion therapy to the nth level.”

Giles still looked confused and finally Xander burst out angrily, “Fine, picture this Giles – you are thirsty, sooo thirsty – your mouth is dry, tongue is swelling, lips are cracking level of thirsty. And right in front of you is a glass and a pitcher of ice cold water. There’s nothing stopping you from touching, smelling, or feeling it. You can even pick the pitcher up without any trouble and slosh the water around, but the instant you even try to pour any of it into the glass so that you can have a drink – your head explodes into excruciating pain.” A glimmer of understanding was beginning to creep into both Giles’ and Buffy’s eyes and Xander pressed his point, “Or better yet, you have that same killer thirst clawing at you but otherwise you’re fine, walking around and doing what you will. The kicker, of course, is that there are water fountains, bathroom taps, rivers, lakes, oceans, water enough to quench your thirst all around you – you just can’t touch a drop with the intent to drink unless you want to collapse with agonizing pain. Now do you two see why Wills and I think it’s wrong?”

Giles and Buffy both nodded with very disturbed looks on their faces. Xander relaxed with the acknowledgment and the tension on his face smoothed out. Spike, on the other hand, looked impressed and rather respectful.

“Bloody hell pet, that was incredible.” The blond vampire said with genuine admiration. Then, the curiosity clear to anyone listening, he asked, “So, not that I’m trying to change your minds or anything, but I would love to know why you would take up on the side of the Big Bad? Aren’t the two of you white hats too?”

Cuddling Willow to his side, where she had sagged against him when Buffy and Giles had indicated they understood what they had been trying to say, Xander looked over to Spike. He smirked and said, “Spike, I think you’re a touch confused – We’re not advocating on the side of the vampires and demons, We’re advocating against things like those chips in your brain. My stance about the war with the oogity-boogities has always been the same, we are at war. It’s kill or be killed, or in other words – Stake now, not later.”

“Oi!” Spike cried out, then almost immediately afterwards laughed. “You’re a quick one aren’t you? With more of a bit of a bite of your own.”

“Eeesh, why do I feel like I’m back in High school trading barbs with Cordy?” Xander muttered. Willow giggled and Buffy laughed, Giles just looked on with a small paternal smile. It was just another night on the Hellmouth really, they would figure things out and everything would work out just fine. Until the next time that is…


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