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Title : TEMPTATION 6/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ.

The air around him had suddenly gone cold and it
seemed far darker than the late afternoon sun should
have left it.

The barn Xander had known all his life now felt
foreign and strange. Terror of an unknown enemy
slithered into his belly like the snake from the very
garden itself.

Father had often told him to be vigilant.
That the devil would come to a righteous man.
In that moment Xander felt as though he must be
most righteous indeed as he could feel pure evil
breathing down his neck.

His eyes darted from the gory mess at his feet to
the distance of the barn door.
He had no curiosity to turn around.

"You'll never make it."
Spike hissed and chuckled darkly. His lips so close
to Xander's ear he could feel the icy cold breath as it
puffed on each word.

The stench of terror rolling off the boy was intoxicating
and Spike inhaled deeply.

This boy was different than any he had ever killed before.
The innocence of him was far deeper than just an absence
of sexual experience.

It was a total lack of anything wrong. He was a mortal
with no knowledge of life's perversions.
Spike couldn't even imagine how that was possible but who
was he to look a gift human in the mouth.

Oh, yes, this was a true prize.

Xander took only an instant to consider his options and
knew he had none.
His very soul depended upon escape and he would
not give up willingly. If his faith was being tested he
vowed he would not fail.

Dropping the tools still in his hand he dashed for the
barn door. Thrusting out his hand for the small metal
handle his fingers were just inches away when the demon
himself flashed in his face.

Having moved faster than humanly possible he was
now directly in Xander's face and firmly planted between
Xander and his freedom.

"I told you NO! You stupid little shit! Don't you know
what I am?"
Instantly Spike's arm came up and backhanded Xander
so hard he was knocked off his feet.
His body flew, slamming into the sawdust floor and back
against the wooden slats of the first stall.

Xander buckled with pain but remained silent.
He would not give the demon the pleasure of hearing him cry out.
He sat where he landed giving the physical distress time to
ease and waited to see what would happen next, all the time
searching mentally for any avenue of escape.

Furiously Spike began pacing back and forth between Xander
and safety of the wooden door. His long black duster flapping
around him like the wings of a black bat.

Finally stopping with his back to the boy Spike slapped both
palms solidly against the barn door.
He threw his head back and let loose with an unearthly screech
that caused Xander to cover his ears to block out the ear piercing

When done, the silence in the barn was almost as shocking as
the scream. Spike let his head drop back down as he took a
calming breath.

"Well now that's much better."
Spike stood up straight and after slipping into his human features
turned back to face Xander and smiled sweetly.

What Xander saw caused his lungs to struggle, forgetting
how to process oxygen.
The beauty in that face was like nothing he had ever seen.
How could this be the devil he had faced seconds ago?

Coming quickly to his senses Xander knew poison could
disguise itself in the sweetest smelling flower. He would not be
fooled that easily.

Walking to his boy, Spike reached his hand down to pull
Xander to his feet.
Xander scrambled to stand unassisted, avoiding the touch
of the ungodly.

Standing backbone straight, Xander brushed the straw and dust
from his clothes.
He tried to force his heartbeat to slow and prayed for the ability
to stay master of his bladder and not wet his britches like an infant.

Slowly Spike started circling Xander's body.
"Who are you, Boy? Why are you dressed in those silly clothes?
You just poor or all your jeans in the wash?"

Xander wasn't sure of the advisability of answering the demon
but figured anything that kept him alive a little longer might
be a good idea.

"My clothes are not silly. I dress as all men of my community dress.
We are of the Old Order and shun the fancy colors and clothes of
the English."

"What the fuck is the Old Order? And I'll have you know I'm
English You calling me a fancy?"

Spike was getting frustrated.
Was the boy calling him gay? Not that he minded.
He rather enjoyed a good ass fucking. He just didn't like
the idea of this brat labeling him.

Xander was confused. It was as if they were not speaking
the same language at all.

"No, English is people who are not of the Old Order. Not the
country, the belief. Old Order means Old Amish. Some who
claim Amish are Mennonite, but it is not the same. We shun
all modern distractions. It helps us keep our faith at the forefront"

Spike wasn't sure he understood all that but the fact was he really
didn't care.
Wasn't like he was going to let the boy live.
He just wanted a little cat and mouse first.

"Do you know what I am, boy"
Spike threw back his shoulders and tipped his head high as he
repeated his question of earlier.

"You are the devil himself sent to tempt and torment me. I warn you
Satan, I will not forsake my faith or falter in my strength."

Spike howled with laughter. Oh this one was going to be a real treat.
He may just want to keep this boy. For a while at least.

"No, Boy, I am not that arrogant wanker. I'll have you know I am
William the Bloody. Master Vampire. I have butchered and
slaughtered my way across three continents over the last 130 years."

Xander cocked his head to the side, but said nothing.
Spike was losing patience. "Well?"

Xander threw his hands up quickly.
"Oh, nothing. I was just thinking that I would have expected
someone a whole lot bigger. Did you do all that killing on your
own or did you have help?"

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