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The More Things Change 20/?

The More Things Change 20/?
Author: slashtheboyz
Title: The More Things Change
Chapter: 20/?
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: FRAO
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Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss and a bunch of lawyers. I only wish they belonged to me cause I'd make em do naughty things together forever. I'm just playing with them. No disrespect intended. No reflection on real persons or places intended. I'm not making any profit from this. This is strictly for entertainment.
Warnings/Squicks: Graphic descriptions of homoerotic sex. Anal, Oral, language,
Summary: Xander goes to LA on a fact finding trip and finds Angelus instead. Scariness happens.
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Notes:  So more smut this chapter, hmm I kinda had some fun with it. I guess you'll be able to tell. LOL. Finally feeling a bit better. I have another couple of chapters to post here soonish, as soon as I let em rest, and read over them again for a last check. I watched some Buffy seasons while I've been the snuffle queen and realize I've probably skewed the order of happenings a little bit more than I intended. But it seems to work in the story. If I decide to do a rewrite I'll change the order closer to canon, but right now, I'm just trying to get it completed.This doesn't strictly follow canon. Sooo if you don't like that sort of thing you might want to skip this. This is my first story so feedback is very welcome.
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Xander woke to knocking at the door. He heard Spike answer the door and take the expected blood delivery, and the door thudded shut. Contentment and satisfaction trickled through the link. Shortly he heard Spike open the fridge door. Xander stretched and scratched his chest where various fluids were dried on his skin from the night before. Sitting up, he swung his feet to the floor and levered himself off the bed.

Shower first, then blood. He felt like he hadn't fed in a week. "Shower?" He said out loud. He heard the refrigerator door shut and a second later Spike appeared in the doorway. His mussed hair was in loose curls, released from the control of hair gel; barefoot, bare chested; jeans hanging loosely from his hips, top button unfastened with the zipper only three quarters of the way up.

Xander licked his lips and a frission of lust danced down his spine and wound into his lower belly. Spike just grinned at him and stretched. The jeans slipped another inch or two lower on his hips, revealing a small strip of crisp light brown hair. Muscles shifted and rippled everywhere, springing into relief. He looked like an ivory marble wet dream created by Michelangelo, and brought to life by Eros in answer to a prayer.

Spike stood there hipshot, cocked his head and curled that wicked tongue behind his teeth. "See something you like Xannderrrr." He purred out in a voice like pure sex. Slim fingers carressed nipples, plucking them into hard peaks. They slid slowly down over rippling abdominal muscles touching, wandering, then further to the loose jeans; they stopped at the the patch of hair peeking through the gap there and raked through it.

Xander's ability to speak abruptly hid somewhere and took his mind with it. "Gbblrfff." He tried. Then his cave vamp instincts took over. Xander prowled over to his mate watching as the blue eyes followed his progress over the short distance. Xander growled, still completely non verbal, and snatched the fingers from the hair they were petting. He replaced them with his own and slipped them in down under the zipper to the curling nest at the base of Spike cock; scratching lightly at the skin beneath the pelt with his nails. He moved his hand down farther and found the velvety sac beneath the hard shaft and cupped it in his hand and kneaded it, rolling it in his palm for a moment. Spike drew in a hitching breath, and spread his legs to give Xander better access.

Xander slid his free hand up behind Spike's head and threaded his fingers through the short hair at the back of his mate's head, and brought Spike's head forward, tilted it just a little, to better meet his lips in a hungry kiss.  Xander released Spike's sac, and palmed the hard length of his cock. Spike thrust against his palm eagerly and Xander swallowed his ragged moan; nipping and licking, thrusting his tongue into the moist cavern behind Spike's pouty lips.

Spike wrapped his arms around Xander's waist and hauled him closer, the wet hungry kiss going on and on. He rested his side against Xander, and twisted away, angling just a little, to give Xander room to explore his body. Xander pulled away from the kiss and they both watched as he pulled his hand free of the jeans and rubbed his thumb over the head of Spike's leaking cock now visible in the V of the partly unzipped jeans. Spike watched with greedy golden gaze, as the boy brought the thumb to his mouth and sucked on it, his eyes fluttering shut at the taste.

Xander unzipped the jeans, and gravity was his friend, they fell in heap at Spike's feet. Spike stepped out of them, and moved back against Xander skin to skin. They both moaned into another kiss, teeth clacked together, as tingles ran through them from full body contact; and the lust/want/mine that flared through the link like a flame. Cock pressed against hard cock, precum making the slippery slide send shocks of sensation through their bodies and the bond.

Spike broke away and panted ",want you in the shower, in all that hot slippery water, luv." He took a dazed Xander by the hand, detouring by the bed long enough to grab the slick, and then pulled a willing Xander into the bathroom. He started the shower, adjusted the water temperature, stepped in, pulling Xander in after him.

They both ducked their heads under the water and shared the shampoo. Two set of hands went to heads and strong fingers massaged scalps. They were both the washed and the washee. The doubled emotional and physical sensations turned the hair washing into a supremely erotic experience. Before they finished and rinsed, their cocks were leaking steadily.

They both took a handful of shower gel and ran soapy hands over faces and necks, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. Who knew fingers were such a hot spot? They moved soapy hands over chests thumbing peaked nipples and groaned at the doppleganger effect in the link.  They soaped defined abs; and down lower to hardened leaking shafts that stood proudly from their nests of curling hair. Fingers lingered over the creases where thighs met groins and caused shudders of delight. Then down behind, and back up, over drawn up balls; hands palmed firm globes and rolled them in their sacs, throats moaned into the tongue thrusting kisses they shared.

Then they moved together rubbing chest against chest, cock against cock, as they mapped muscular backs; hands slid down to wash over firm asses and slide sudsy fingers down sensitive creases, and the furled knots of muscle there. The sensation was incredible as it ricocheted in the link. They were both panting and groaning like winded racehorses.

Finally, Spike turned Xander to the wet shower wall and put his mates' hands high on the slick tile and ordered hoarsely ",don't move them."

He quicly washed his own legs and then knelt on the shower floor and picked up Xander's feet. He washed them carefully massaging each foot with strong fingers pressing on the heel, then into the arch; pushing thumbs into the ball of the foot and between the toes. Goose bumps raced over his own flesh as he felt it in his own feet.

Spike took another handful of gel and started at Xander's ankles and firmly worked the bones and muscles. Xander shivered, shook, and groaned, he could feel Spike's pleasure at touching him in any way he wanted. He could feel his own skin under Spike's hands. His cheek rested on the shower wall now. He clung, head shoulders and forearms, to the wall; hands still where Spike had placed them; to keep his feet.

Finishing by firmly working Xander's calves, and thighs, with soapy hands. Spike stood to his feet behind him and pushed on his mate's back encouraging a greater arch as he pulled his hips back further from the wall. Spike nudged the boy's feet further apart, with one of his own. He lay his chest over the boy's back and used his best Master's voice as he whispered in his ear. "Don't move a muscle. You can make any noises you like, talk, yell; but don't move at all."

Then Spike dropped to his knees and crawled between Xander's thighs until he could turn around and settle his butt on his heels, with his back to the wall. Xander was nearly hyperventilating, with excitement and arousal. Spike leaned forward and licked a broad stripe up Xander's cock to the tip and drew the blunt leaking head into his mouth. He flicked his tongue over the sensitive slit, gathering the salt musk there as he sucked hard. And he shuddered feeling it on his own cock. Xander shuddered so hard Spike was afraid he'd fall down. Then he let the hard flesh slip from his mouth with a pop, and buried his nose in the fragrant curls at the base of Xander's cock. The scent that was purely Xander was overlaid by the musky smell of aroused male. The link was humming with; want, lust, want, love, want, yours, want, mine, and an indescibable primal possessiveness that made the both of them harder than before, if that were possible.

Spike turned his head, changed to game face and with no warning sank his fangs into the tender flesh of Xander's inner thigh. He took a few mouthfuls of the boy's incredibly strong blood. It sent zippy spangles coursing through him, he felt the bite in his own thigh; and the wild lust as it curled through Xander's belly. The link crackled and reverbrated with the fiery response from Xander at the proof of ownership the bite declared to him by Sire and Mate.

Spike opened his mouth and took Xander's balls into his mouth and suckled, rolling them with his tongue and the boy nearly collapsed, cursing. "God damn it, Spike!" He shrieked. "Your evil mouth, Fuck! Don't stop." Spike smirked around his treat. Every sensation Xander felt  through the link, he felt in his own balls; He knew exactly what would drive Xander wild. He braced Xander's knees with his hands and continued with his entirely new hobby; driving Xander round the bend with his mouth. Xander regressed to babble with Spike's name heard every so often in the mix. Spike didn't need to understand the words, he had the bond, and it was thrumming with an almost unbearable pleasure.

Spike released Xander's balls and went back to his cock, licking, sucking and swallowing. Then he growled and sank both fangs carefully into the underside of Xander's cock, right into the vein that ran the entire length of the hard length, and drew two pleasure laden mouthfuls of blood. Xander convulsed and came screaming his name, shooting cum in a long arc that splattered against the shower wall. Spike's vision greyed out as he came along with the boy. Xander would have fallen. But Spike expected the reaction, and braced the boy's knees as much as he could with trembling hands, until he could stand on his own. Spike licked him clean, balls and cock, and squirmed out from between the boy's thighs. He rose shakily to his own feet.

He stood behind his boy, and slicked his hands up Xander's slippery back, feeling in his own body the fiery trail that followed wherever he touched. As his cock started to fill again, he thrust it slowly between Xander's cheeks, the blunt head passed over the tender muscle there, and he felt the same little shocks of pleasure Xander felt.  Mindless, little, panting cries of pleasure were escaping from the back of his boy's throat. He slid his hands aound Xander's ribs and plucked at hardened nipples.

Spike closed his eyes and reveled in the twin sensations of slippery friction on his cock, and having a cock sliding up and down his own cleft; Plucking the boy's nipples while he could feel fingers pluck at his. He slid his hands over slick abdominal skin feeling the muscles jump under his fingers. He grasped the boy's cock with one hand and caught his balls in the other. He stroked the hard shaft with a tight fist, scraping his thumb lightly over the senstive head on the upstroke, while he rolled the velvety sac in his other hand.

Releasing the boy's cock, Spike slid his hand up to a hip and around to the furled muscle between Xander's cheeks and circled there; teasing. Then pushed two fingers into the relaxed muscle He was driving Xander mad, he could feel it in the bond. And he loved every second of it. Craved it. Needed it. He was driving himself mad as well.

Xander was still loosened and slick from last night. Spike picked up the slick and squeezed out a little on his palm and ran it up his cock. His paused with the head of his cock at the entrance to Xander's body and stretched himself over the muscled back. He nuzzled into the boy's nape, nipping with blunt teeth. Then moved his mouth to Xander's ear. He bit down sharply on the lobe and laved it with his tongue. "Tell me what you need, Xander, I want to hear the words. I can feel it. But I want to hear it."

Xander panted and shivered. "Put your cock in me. Spike. Shove it in deep, own me with it. Fuck me so hard and deep I can taste it when you come."

Spike surged forward up to the balls in one hard thrust. Xander screamed, but it wasn't from pain. Spike set a savage rhythm nearly lifting the boy off his feet with each heavy thrust of the thick length his flexing hips drove into the greedy channel. He nailed that spangling spot of pleasure inside with each pounding stroke. The sharp sound of flesh slapping against wet flesh resounded in the enclosed space.

"Like this, Xander? Is this the way you want it? Hot and hard? Deep and fast?"

"Hell yes," Xander shrieked. "Fuck me Spike."

"Or maybe like this Xander, Is this what you want?" Spike held the boy's hips in a bruising grip, leaned back and braced his feet on the wet floor and thrust ruthlessly into the tight slick hole, lifting Xander onto his toes with each lunge. "YES! Give it to me." The cry was shrill and demanding.

"Don't. You. Move. Boy. Just. Take. It. Take. My cock just like that." Spike snarled the words out between each thrust he slammed into the boy's ass, pounding  that place inside that made stars dance in front of their eyes. The lust his words produced in the link spiraled around them and bounced back and forth between them. Wound the pleasure higher.

Xander's broken keens of pleasure spurred him on as he plowed the tight grasping channel with his thick length. "That's right. Take it."  

He could feel Xander's balls draw up and he leaned back a little further and rammed into Xander's ass with the deepest, fastest, most brutal strokes his pistoning hips could give. Xander's keening cries turned into a long howl as he exploded into orgasm. The pleasure in the bond swept through them with the force of a tsunami; leaving them blind and deaf to anything other than the sensations resonating between them.

Spike felt his spent cock slip free as they both slid down into a tangled heap panting uselessly. "Oh fuck, Spike," Xander groaned hoarsely. He blindly flopped a hand about until he found Spike's chest and inched his way over until he could lay his head on Spike's chest and collapsed. They lay there under the spray of water until a little strength returned to their muscles, then they helped each other stand shakily. Spike braced a hand on the wall and washed Xander's backside again and down his thighs, where his cum had overflowed and run down.

Then they both helped each other out of the shower like two dizzy old queens in retirement.


Xander fussed and fidgeted about as he tried to figure out what to wear. He really wanted to wear the leather. But he was hesitant, and leery that it would be a bit too much for the gang to absorb with all the other stuff that was going on. So he sighed, and pulled out a pair of black jeans.

"You're worse than a bint on her first date, Xander. Wear what you want and let them deal with their own adjustments. No more hiding, no more lies, remember what you told me?"

Xander paused and put the jeans back in the drawer. He collapsed to sit gingerly on the end of the bed and rubbed fingers over his bare thigh. "Yeah, it's's hard, Spike. I've always taken the easy road, you know? The path of least resistance?" He groped for the words to describe what he felt. "I feel like I'm walking a tightrope. I don't want to lie. I don't want to hide. But I don't want to make it any harder for them to accept me, than it has to be, you know?" Xander lifted his troubled gaze to meet Spike's clear blue one.

"Xander love," Spike sighed and sank down beside him on the bed. "All you can do is give them the truth and they'll either accept it or they won't." He brushed the boys hair back with gentle fingers and cupped his jaw with a careful hand, caressing a cheek with his thumb. "Hiding things won't solve anything in the long run."

Xander's hand reached up to cover Spike's, as he rubbed his jaw into Spike's palm. "I know that. But maybe if I just change a little at a time it won't be as much of a shock." He hesitated. Thinking. "Then again maybe I should go all out and get it over with. Like yanking off a bandaid. Do it all at once and it's done, and I can relax. let them become familiar with this Xander. Pretending just takes too damn much energy. You know you're right. I'm not going to carry the burden of all this on my shoulders. If anyone is to blame it's the LA gang and their stupid soul sucking spell." he growled.

Spike smiled at him and shoved; pride, mine, want , always, through the link and watched as Xander's eyes flickered to yellow green and back. Then he nearly laughed as he scented the fresh arousal that scented the air. And wanted.

Xander fell back on the bed, stretched and lifted both arms over his head: looking at him, through long, thick, sable lashes, any woman would kill for; with a mischievous gleam in his eyes. "And just what should 'your boy' wear, Sire?" He husked out in a breathy voice that made Spike want to just say the hell with meetings and stay home to shag his boy stupid again.

Xander felt the wave of want that flowed into the bond and his cock jumped. The ever present embers of desire  burned and coiled in his belly like a living thing. Spike's eyes flashed gold and he growled in frustration as he picked it up in the link. "Bloody useless meetings. Rather stay here and shag you senseless. Again."

Xander sat up again. "Yeah but that would just have 'em coming over here, knocking on the door. Or knocking down the door in Buffy's case. They'd probably bring holy water, stakes, crossbows, and other nasty stuff with 'em." He said dolefully.

"Best get to it then." Spike popped Xander on a bare thigh and stood, walking over to the closet. He opened the door and considered the contents. He pulled out a pair of black leather pants and the black silk shirt his cock stood up and cheered for. He tossed them to Xander and returned to his scrutiny of the closet.

Xander started the job of working the tight leather up his legs, and over his ass. "Hey, if I wear these, you've got to wear yours."

He flicked a grin over his shoulder at Xander's sassiness; reached back in the closet and brought out a pair of the black leathers that Xander had picked out for him on their shopping excursion, and chose a luetenant blue, raw silk T to pair with them.

Satisfied with his choices he dropped them on the bed and went to the dresser to pull out two pairs of socks, tossing one pair at Xander who was still working the leather up his hips.

Spike was snared by the sight of his boy's lax cock and balls, framed by the black leather fly, swaying with every movement he made. And the muscles that rippled everywhere as the boy twisted and turned getting seams straight. The surge of lust in the link was so sudden and so strong it made Xander's head pop up, eyes wide with surprise. When he saw where Spike's golden gaze was focused, he laughed with pure delight and ran his hands slowly over his leather clad hips, to his rapidly filling cock, and balls. He palmed his balls, and rolled them, as he lightly stroked his cock with just his fingertips. "See something you like?" He teased Spike, in a replay of his actions earlier, with that husky melted chocolate voice.

The image his boy made, in the leather teasing him, burnt into his retinas; he felt like his eyes were coals that seared his brain and spread the fire through every nerve in his body. And Xander cheerfully fanned the flame into an inferno.*Bloody fuckin gorgeous he is. All mine.*

Spike took one spaghetti kneed step forward, his cock dipping and waving with the motion of his body; weaving a message of desire in the air. He dropped to his knees and swallowed the boy to the root. He was enveloped by the smells of leather, musky male arousal, and Xander's own unique scent. He would never get enough of it. He sucked viciously at the hard proof of the hunger that raged through Xander. Hunger for him. Him alone. A hunger only he could satisfy.

He tasted the craving his mate had for him, it leaked copiously from the slit at the head of his cock. Moaning around the flesh buried in his throat, he swallowed, rippling his throat around the length. He sucked in hard, the force of the suction he used hollowing his cheeks, and drew back to the head and sucked hard again.

Xander's knees gave way and he fell back to the bed sprawling back on his elbows, his eyes rolled back in his head. He couldn't even lift a hand. He felt like all his strength was drained by Spike's evil sucking mouth, as his head tilted back exposing tight cords of muscle and tendon. He collapsed fully onto his back and babbled in foriegn languages. His brain nor his muscles would work.

All the muscles in his body trembled and seized uncontrollably with the onslaught of sensation, like he was delirious with fever. The ecstasy sent tendrils of flame licking from his cock to his brain, erasing any other perceptions outside his own body. Except the double sensations of his mouth sliding slickly up and down a hard shaft, and a wet mouth sucking his mind out  through his cock.  

The flames were fanned by the love/lust/mine in the link,  they engulfed his entire being, the scalding heat radiated out in lines of liquid fire along every nerve in his body causing an involuntary curl of fingers and toes. They sizzled down his back to gather in a white hot knot at the base of his spine. They seared a path from his tail bone to his spasming ass, and balls; and shot out of his cock in a an endless orgasm of molten lava.  The sucker who was the suckee, the suckee who was the sucker; both screamed a name as they came together, neither could tell anymore who was who. And it really didn't matter.


They finally managed to get themselves dressed. Xander kept poking Spike in the ribs to watch him jump and yell, then laughing at his Mate. That is until Spike grabbed him around the waist and pulled him squirming, wriggling and shouting curses, over his knees; and gave him three sharp whacks on an ass encased in tight leather, with his deceptively fragile looking hands. Which backfired spectacularly and almost had them rutting mindlessly again.


"Sit down on the couch, pet." Spike was rooting around in one of his duster pockets. He finally dragged the box from the jewelers, they visited a few days ago, out of the depths of the pocket.

He came to sit beside Xander on the couch. "Which ear do you want me to put this in, love?"

"You decide Spike, I'll be okay with whichever one you choose."

"You sure, Xander?"


"Right then, let's do this before we feed. You can top it off with a bit of my blood, and it'll be healed before we go to the bird sanctuary."

"Oh goody. Gonna let me bite you Spiiike?" Breathless and husky.


"Yeah, Spike?"

"If you don't stop that, ya little brat, we're never going to get out of this apartment."

Spike opened the box and drew out the the fangs set on the flexible coil. "The coil should be firm enough to keep the weight of the soddin fangs from dragging your ear down too much. I'm gonna make four holes and thread the coil through. The second fang has to be attached after the coil is in. Then there's a few words ta say, to close the latch. That'll keep it from coming out and getting lost somewhere. Knew you wouldn't want to ever lose these." Spike looked up from the jewelry in his hand, and fixed Xander with a piercing blue gaze. Xander nodded. Satisfied.

"Come closer then love, gonna use a fang to make the holes."

Xander stood up "Which side, Spike?"

Spike looked at him considering for a moment, took him by the chin and turned his head to the left, then the right. Held the coil up to the right side of his head at ear level then the left. "Right side."

Xander sprawled himself in Spike's lap, right ear closest to Spike's mouth, and patiently waited for him to fang the ear. Spike nuzzled his mouth close to Xander's ear. Breath from his words puffed across sensitive skin and Xander shivered. "You ready?"


"Right then." Spike changed into game face and bit down, quickly and carefully, four times with a razor sharp fang, evenly spacing the holes he made about half an inch apart. Then picked up the earring. He threaded it through the first hole from the front side of the earlobe, and pulled it through, wrapped it around the rim of Xander's ear and threaded it through the second hole, and pulled, wrapped and threaded again. Then he pushed it through from the front to leave it dangling behind the ear in the back. He picked up the other fang and attached it to the coil dangling in the back of Xander's ear and muttered some words and Xander heard a tiny click. He adjusted the coils so that the fangs hung just so. He muttered some more words and Xander could feel the coil stiffen. He reached up to feel the earring with curious fingers and satisfied with the way Spike had applied the earring, his hand dropped away. He bent and kissed Spike on the lips with a thank you peck.

"All done then, yeah? Looks a treat love. Let me help it along a little." He leaned in and licked around the holes on the front and back of Xander's ear with an agile wet tongue. He moved it about, under and around the earring. He took the entire section of Xander's ear with the piercings into his mouth and flicked over them with the tip of his tongue. The sting had already lessened. But it was also doing interesting things to Xander's lust factor. "Spike?"

"Hmmm." Mouth full of ear. He released it with a last lick, and Xander shivered. "Yeah, love."

"If you don't stop that right now, we're never gonna get to Buffy's place."

"Bloody hell pet, I can't  do anything that doesn't make you wanna shag."

"That's right. You complaining?"

"No. I love that you want me all the time, pet. Can't keep my hands off you. You can't keep your hands off me. Nothing wrong with that."

Xander turned to look at Spike and then relaxed against him, curling up and rooting with his head until he had it snugged under Spike's chin. "You know if the sex gets any better, or any hotter, we're gonna be crispy creatures don't you? I can see it now. Buffy comes over to visit and all she finds is a burned down bed, and two piles of dust. Death by shagging, as you say. You can stake me to death with your mighty wood, oh mate o' mine." He sighed dramatically. "But what a fucking way to go."

Spike rubbed Xander's arms and dropped a kiss on his hair. "Best I've ever had, love. And I've been around the block a few times. With several species and and sexes."

Xander sat straight up suddenly and looked around. "Where are the carry alls, Spike? The ones I brought back with me."

"They're in my old room. Why?"

"I forgot all about them until just now. Maybe I'm starting to deal a little bit with what went down in LA. I'm kind of freaked that I haven't been more freaked. But the stuff that happened before I was turned, the torture and all the other things before that, seem blunted somehow. They don't scream for attention now. They're still important you know, but not like world ending important. Is that normal, or is this just some weird Xander kind of thing?"

Spike bit his lip as he looked at Xander thinking, and Xander's eyes zeroed in on the sexy vamp lip biting. Spike grinned at him as he felt the want/want/want in the link. "First time anyone's ever wanted me love, where I could feel it inside like that. Don't reckon either of us can really lie to each other after all this. Wouldn't want to anyway. But it's the first time anyone's ever known me from the inside out."

Xander leaned down and kissed him on the cheek, just nuzzled there a second. "Same for me, Spike."

Spike continued, with a frown of concentration between his brows. "'S the way it happens love, when you're turned. Well it is when you don't have a soul. I'm not sure how having those others in your head mucked things around. But it seems to me that all their past histories mingled wth yours, may have just taught your human soul a thing or two. 'N maybe your soul taught them a thing or two. Something different, something new, they never experienced before. So with all that mishmash it's probably buffered a lot of your reactions to events before your turning, changed them a little. But then again you're unique, never been one like you, so I may be nattering in the dark here, yeah."

Xander scratched his face, eyes unfocused as he concentrated inward. "I don't know either Spike, but that makes as much sense as anything else, I guess. I know I feel much better since the bonding thing. Anyway onward. Let's drag the bags out. There are some things in there we're gonna need I think."

Xander tumbled off Spike's lap in a graceful roll, and bounded into the second bedroom, looking around until he spotted the carry alls and grabbed one in each hand. He carried them out to the couch and dropped them on the floor, and sat beside Spike again. "Ooooookay, here we go..," he leaned over, new earring clinking in his ear, and started unpacking the carry alls.

The first thing he unpacked was the laptop and the folder with numbers. He handed it to Spike. "That's all the banking info for Wolfram & Hart LA."  Spike's eyes got wide and he gaped for a moment, then an evil smirk bloomed across his face, as he petted the top of the valuable object.

Xander continued. "The fewer people who know about that the better. The whole building was trashed by The Beast. And there were so many looters coming and going, I don't think anyone even noticed me. We need to see about selling it off safely or something. Lots and lots of money in there, and while no one is in control and things are still up in the air, we need to see about getting a big chunk of it. Neither of us can work a regular job. And I'm sure we won't have the council credit card much longer." He grinned at Spike wickedly. "We better put it to good use while we can. I am not living in a crypt." He shuddered at the idea.

He pulled out the thin light chain mail next and looked at Spike dubiously. "I know you're not gonna believe this but this stuff stops just about everything, even magic, I watched while the guy demonstrated on it. We need to put these on before we leave tonight. I bought everything the demon had, that made by the same folks. He claimed it was made by the Sidhe." Spikes eyebrow went up. But he didn't say anything, he just fingered the edges of the chain mail.

"Got some books for Giles." He pulled out the rare volumes and Spike's eyes nearly bugged out, when he saw the title of one of them. "Xander you know there's only three of those in existence don't you?"

Xander looked up from the books surprised."Uh uh, had no idea. But I know Giles and books. I got these for a song. I don't think most of the demons I bought this stuff from knew what it was, or what it was worth. They just looted it, stole it or killed someone for it, and were trying to get rid of it for some quick cash."

He set the books aside and dug into the carry all again. "I have another one of these, I carry it in my duster. You can have this one." It was another half sword or long knife thingy. Whatever it was, it was made of from a metal Xander didn't recognize and it kept a razor sharp edge. Spike took it and tested the blade on his thumb, "Bloody buggerin fuck, bet that would split hairs." He cursed at the sharpness of the blade, and nodded in satisfaction. He stroked the grips with curious fingers. It was really very pretty and functional. "Got sheaths for em somewhere in here." Xander dug around and pulled out a sheath made out of some kind of leather. Spike took the sheath and slipped the blade into it and set it on the couch and looked at the bags curously again.

"Oh, wow. I almost forgot. You're gonna love this." Xander bounced off the couch and went to his duster hanging by the door. He dug around in one of the pockets and came out with the map and chuckling with delight. "This thing is great. I got it cheap considering what it does. What you do is tell it what you want to find and it will show you where it is. When you get there you can ask it to show you how to get to what you want. It'll mark out a path for you. The maps on it change. It's magic," He said waving it around animatedly as he walked back to the couch and sat down.

He looked at Spike and grinned broadly. "This is how I found the laptop at Wolfram & Hart, found Angelus, and tracked down Angels' soul so fast. It even showed me a temporary lair in the sewers for my playtime with Angelus. So you wanna go treasure hunting?" He asked with a devilish smile.

Spike sat back and looked at the items spread around and chuckled with delight. "Bloody Hell pet, you made out like a bandit. I'm right proud of you, I am. Seized the day, didn't ya?"

"We." Xander corrected him. "We, made out like bandits, Spike. I mean you're my Sire and Mate. You don't believe I'd just keep all this and not share it with you? Do you? I'm not like that now, am I?" Xander slumped down as a vulnerable, hurt expression came over his face.

Spike pulled Xander into a hug, squeezed him tight and rubbed his back. Touching. Soothing. "Ahh, bollocks, I didn't mean it like that love. I've always had to fight fang and claw for everything, I ever had. Not used to anyone wanting to share anything with me, without asking for something. Or even caring about me really, if you come right down to it. Not many have ever given me anything. They're always taking or using, then leaving me behind. You're the first I can remember who even gives a bloody damn if I've even fed, on any day."

Xander snuffled suspiciously then said in an unsteady voice ",I'll always care about everything concerning you, Spike. I'm yours and you're mine. Forever."

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