finiz (finiz) wrote in bloodclaim,

fic search!

Hello! I'm new! *waves* I've been a long time Spander fan, I'm so surprised I just found this place! O___O Was wondering if anyone could help me find a fic I've been meaning to reread? It's a bit angsty, where Xander is raising three demon babies, Spike finds out and starts helping Xander raise them, I think Xander just fell in love with Spike over the duration of the story or had been pining for him for a while, and then Xander catches Spike kissing Buffy and runs. He gets depressed, the demon babies get worried and run over to the Magic Box to yell at Spike. Spike sees the err of his ways ( I guess) and runs back to Xander. Sex ensues, I think. XD Help? Thanks! :)

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