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Title : TEMPTATION 8/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ.

Willow and Xander hurried into the dining room
and were met with the disapproving scowl of their father.
Taking his place as the second head of the table, Xander
joined hands with his Mother and Willow apologizing
for keeping everyone waiting.

"Father, my I say the supper prayer please?"
Jacob Harris was very pleased and nodded his agreement.
All heads bowed and Xander spoke quietly.

He thanked the Lord for His blessings on them. He humbly
apologized for all transgressions, real or unintentional, and he
finished by asking God's protection from all evil for his family,
home and community.

He asked for nothing for himself.

Halfway through the prayer Willow had lifted her head
and watched her brother carefully.
Her "tell" was now such that she could see a dark cloud
over Xander's head.
Still struggling to understand it's origin, she was startled
back to reality by the combined voices of the other three


Jacob shook out his linen napkin and placed it on his lap.
"Well, Son, did you find anything in the barn that could
have caused the injury to the cow?"
He filled his plate and passed the platters of food
around the table.

The thought of eating nearly caused Xander's stomach to
revolt, but he couldn't risk stirring the suspicions of the
other's so he too took his share.

"I found two dead rats. Huge ones."
That much was true.
"I want to go out after supper and check once more.
I will shovel her stall before putting her up for the night."

Jacob laid down his fork and looked at his son.
"Will you be long? Did you wish to speak to your Mother

His mother's eyes lit up as she waited for the announcement.
It took a couple minutes for Xander to realize what his
Father meant.

There was no way he could think about marriage and
Anya now. Not when his very soul was on the line.
He longed for the council of his Father and the comfort of
his Mother but he knew this test was of his faith as a man
and he must succeed or fail on his own.

"The food is wonderful Mother but I think I must be coming
down with a stomach bug. I think I will complete my chores
and retire for the night." He stood quickly and rushed
out the door. Confusion and concern followed him.

Spike had spent his time alone making big plans.
All thoughts of an immediate death for the boy and his family
were abandon and he now plotted a course of corruption,
torture and, on his part at least, pure carnal pleasures.

The boy would be nothing more than a slave to his whims
and wants.
He could hide out here for a week or so and hopefully lose
that pesky bitchy slayer and her lap dog. When the coast is
clear then he butchers and drains the bunch of them and is
on his way.

Absolutely fanfuckingtabulous!

Xander paused briefly outside the barn door.
The sun had dipped low so he had taken an oil lamp to
light the way. Taking a deep breath he pushed
open the door and stepped inside.

For a split second he thought he was alone.
Then it heard the dark throaty chuckle from behind him.
"Enjoy your dinner, Boy?"

Xander did not answer. Instead, he went about the task
of removing the dead rodents and attacking the soiled hay
with his pitch fork.

Angered by the disrespect Spike slapped him on the back.
causing him to drop the tool in his hand.
"Turn and face me Brat. You are here to listen to my rules
not shovel shit."

Calmly Xander picked up the fork and turned.
"I can do both, Demon. Tell me what you must, and I will
listen but I will also do what is expected of me."

Spike wasn't sure if he had won or lost that argument so he
continued on. With his hands behind his back he began
walking slowly back and forth

"First, I need blood. I expect you to either have that scruffy
cow or one of those horses out in the yard brought to
me each day."
Xander kept his attention on his task.

"It's called a pasture not a yard, and I will not allow you to
cause injury to our animals. We are given dominion over
the earth's creatures to care for them not abuse them."

Spike sputtered. "I do not take enough to injure them.
And so what if I did? It's them or you."
Xander just shrugged and Spike continued.

"Also, I don't like being called "Demon. My name is Spike
and that's what you will call me. Unless you prefer "Master."
Spike sneered and primped like a peacock.

Xander still did not look up. "Nope. Giving name to you would
only give you power over me. I shall call you Demon or nothing."

Spike could feel his temper begin a slow boil.
He refused to lose control of this situation.

"Now see here, I am stuck here for a week or so and I think I should
be comfortable. I want some company. Therefore you will
come out here each evening and entertain me."

Xander chuckled.

Spike froze.

"What the fuck is so funny? You think this is a joke?"
Xander finished and spread the fresh straw.
"No, it's just that you reminded me of my fifth grade teacher
Mrs. Hershberger. She used to pace just like that when she
made us repeat the multiplication tables or memorize bible verses."

Spike grabbed Xander's arm spinning him around and
slammed him roughly against the nearest post. Pressing
their bodies tightly against each other Xander was
shocked by the violence.

Fear raced through him as the blue eyes that were
now just inches from his brown ones flickered yellow.
The smell of terror combined with the heat of the human
caused Spike to harden painfully.

Shoving his rigid cock into Xander's leg he growled, a
sound that started deep in his chest. The feel of the hard
penis rubbing against his thigh snapped Xander out of his state.

Using all the strength he could muster he pushed Spike away.
"DO NOT touch me with your perversions!"
Stumbling he put as much space between them as the barn

"I will bring the cow in. If you cause her injury you will
pay for your sin."

Spike said nothing as Xander ran out and did as he said.
After securing Bessie in her corral he backed toward the
freedom of the door.

"I will come back tomorrow. I expect you to keep your
word, Demon. No injury to my family or livestock."
In a flash Xander was gone.

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