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Fic Search

So sorry guys just discovered that my sister deleted my fav's list! *crys*

I have spent a while looking for most of my bookmarked fics both on LJ and the spander files but I can't find this one cause I have NO clue as to the title.

ETA: Found Part of it, had mixed two together.

This part = Living Arrangements by Taltos ->

All I remember is that Xander and Spike are living together, Xander is in love with Spike but hidding it. I know that at one stage Willow is giving Spike a Shoulder rub or something like that in the kitchen and Xander hears them and freaks out cause he thinks that Willow and Spike might be doing it.

This Part = still unknown!

I also think that there is a stage where Xander and Spike get together and Xander tells the gang that they have it all sorted, Spike does not mind that Xander is in love with him and is happy for Xander to tell him that he loves him, but Xander tells the gang that Spike does not love Xander and also tells them that he is ok with this and that they will still be together. When in fact Spike does love Xander.

So if any of you followed that ramble them please feel free to point me to the fic! I have lost over 100 bookmarks!
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