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Beta Required

Ok I need a beta, my reg beta does not want to do it cause she does not like some of the pairings and I have asked about three others and checked the beta list here but it seems that they either don't like the concept or pairings. So I am throwing it out.

My and my lovely gay friend Jamie are writting a Xander/Spike fic. It will be NC-17 and is all from Xanders perspective. It's about a moment in his life (the present which is in fact sometime in the future) and how he got to that moment. It is 100% AU using the characters from the Buffy verus.

It will have mention of the following pairing,

Giles/Xander (underage Xander, Giles is his teacher);
Giles/Andrew (only really mentioned same as above)
Angel/Xander (Angel is a school jock, Xander is his fuckbubby/boyfriend)
Spike/Xander (The real realtionship which will take up most of the story)
Angel/Lindsey (a side realtionship)
Angel/Lindsey/Spike/Xander (cause you have to have an orgy)

There will be, as I said, underage however consentual sex, there will also be talk about Xanders father being abusive.

Also the reason a few people have wanted to not help us out is Jamie is pretty much telling his story using the Buffy Characters instead or RL people, we are changing it up a bit so that the characters sort of stay true to themselves the the core theme of the story is pretty much true and he is going to really guide the sex scence so that they are as near to the real thing as possible (eg don't expect lots of mind blowing sex cause what we have covered at the moment puts me off sex for life, and I am not a gay guy!). Some people get a bit turned off by this, mostly cause Jamie did have a realtionship with an older man while at school (year 10 to be exact) and it was one of his teachers.

Anyway, we have constructed it and the first part should be finished off in the next few days and ready to beta. So if you can help me out that would be great. My big issue is that my mind works faster then my fingers so grammar and spelling kind of suck. My Spike is not that strong either, I have issues writting him.

Also if you are intrested in reading this some positive feedback would be nice cause so far we have only recieved negitiave feedback from people and both of us are starting to think this might have been a bad idea.

X-post to my LJ

Lovely Mods if this is not allowed (eg the beta request or the story cause of the pairings) drop me a comment and I will take it down.

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