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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
23rd-Apr-2007 05:03 am
Title : TEMPTATION 9/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ.

Xander rushed back to the sanctuary of his home.
Exhausted from the stress of the confrontation, he was
also surprisingly exhilarated.

He had confronted the Demon and held his ground.
Xander wondered if this type of test was sent to all
young men. It didn't matter.
He would not be swayed.

The Demon had said he would stay there for one week.
Xander resolved to pray and confront each challenge
with faith and strength of purpose. He would either
win and be allowed to keep his life or he would lose
and forfeit it.
Either way his soul would not be compromised.

Passing quickly Xander called out to his family
"Good night. God be with you." And he darted up the stairs.
Willow's eyes stayed glued on him till he was out of sight.

Jess sat darning a pair of socks by the lamp light.
"What on earth gets into that boy?"
Jacob laid down the book he was reading and rubbed his
hands over his eyes.

"Leave him be, Mother. The boy has a lot of decisions to
make. He is at a time to choose a path and we must pray
that he chooses the right one."

Willow rose and made an elaborate show of stretching and
yawning. "I think I will go on up too. It has been a tiring day."
Kissing her Mother's cheek first, she the threw her arms
around her fathers neck.

"You are right Father. He needs our prayers now more
than ever."
Kissing his forehead, she ran up the steps.

Jess laid down her mending and looked at her husband
with true concern in her eyes.
"Jacob, Willow seems...."

"Never mind, Mother. Finish your mending."

Xander kicked off his shoes and curled up on his bed, still
fully dressed. He had much to think about and pray on.
All the questions of why this was happening to him were really

The Demon was here and must be dealt with.
He had shown his weakness by giving Xander his expectations,
so he knew how to respond. It was a foolish mistake for
the Demon to make.

One thing that bothered him the most was his erect member
pressing against Xander's leg. Did he know of Xander's
doubts about himself?
Was this the temptation he would use against the human?
He must guard himself against showing any weakness in that way.

"Xander? Are you still awake?"
Willow's voice was low from the doorway.
Quickly closing his eyes, Xander did not answer.
"I know you are, Brother, and I know you are in trouble. Whatever
it is remember, we all love you and you have God's love and

Xander opened his eyes to answer but she was already gone.
Wiping a tear from his face he rolled over and began to pray.
Totally exhausted, he fell asleep in the middle.

Spike had crept from the barn and slipped unseen around the
outside of the house looking first one window then the other.
What he saw confused him.

The house was not old but the occupants lived like paupers.
There was no carpet, indoor plumbing, and for Godsake they
didn't even have electricity or a telephone.
How the hell did they get a telly to work?

Where the fuck WAS the telly?

He was also stumped by the clothes. Except for the beard,
the old man was dressed the same as Xander.
Both women had dark blue dresses and bizarre little
caps on their heads.

Was this one of those weird cults that CNN always
reported on?
Was that what the boy meant by Old Order?
Spike started to step up on the porch for a better look,
but stopped. The closer he came the sicker he felt.

It was a nausea, a feeling of vertigo that pushed him back.
It was the same type of feeling a church gave him.
A repulsion the demon could not stand.
Snarling, he thought about slithering back to his cubby hole
in the loft but his curiosity kept him there.

He wanted this boy. This "Xander" But at the same time
he had a funny feeling he was making the biggest
mistake of his unlife.

Damn! If only that fuckin' slayer wasn't after him.
What the fuck did she want? Wasn't like he was the
only vampire in the world. He really did want to move on.
Find a big city to blend into.
People to eat, chaos to cause.

'Bitch wants me. That's it. Slut has penis envy and is
using that stake like a pointy cock she wants to stick in me.
Well, fuck her. And not in a good way. Ain't nothin'
about her I want. Now Xander, that's a different story.'

Spike backed up and let his gaze wander to the upstairs
window he knew was Xander's bedroom.
All was dark. He had not lit the oil lamp this evening.

Spike focused his concentration and could just faintly
make out the steady thumping of his human's heart.
The rhythm indicated sleep. Peaceful and deep.

Spike's whole body was drawn to the sound like
a magnet to north. Shaking off his human face he
crouched by the tree and growled low.

Releasing his thick cock he stroked slowly.
It felt as though he had been in a constant state
of painful erection from the moment he first saw
the boy.

Every part of the vampires body craved the purity and
innocence of him. His fangs itched to slide into his neck
like a hot knife to butter.
Spike licked and sucked his teeth imagining how they
will feel when they split the skin.

Stroking his cock quicker, Spike let his other hand pull his
balls free from their confines. Squeezing them he pressed
them painfully flat with his palm. His other hand stripped
his cock faster. Releasing his sac he scratched the soft
skin behind leaving a raised red welt.

Allowing his mind to continue to wander, Spike thought
about all the things he would teach the boy to do for him.

Spike had always been a bit of a tit man.
His own of course.
He would make the boy spend long hours just licking,
sucking and nibbling on his tits till they were hard little nubs
all red and sore.

Spike moaned and swiped a yellowed claw over the
leaking head of his cock. He felt the delicious
twitch of his ass hole and stroked harder.

And blow jobs. Oh God the blow jobs he would get.
That hot wet sweet tongue that would wrap around
the shaft while his boy swallowed against the spongy head.

Gripping himself, Spike jerked forward as he shot thick cool
cum onto the ground. Riding out the aftershocks he was
dismayed to see that despite the strength of the orgasm he was
still hard.

"Well, fuck. Guess I'll just take this back to the barn
and see what I can do about it." Spike stood chuckling and
started back for his perch in the loft.

Suddenly, something caught his attention.
Looking back at the house his eyes immediately went to an
upstairs window. Standing there was the girl. If he didn't
know better he could swear she was looking right at him.

Fear, like ice water, shot through him as he felt a power
roll off her. Backing away slowly he then ducked into
the barn. 'What the fuck?'

Looking down he noticed that he was finally soft
Very soft.


The Bee is going out of town for a couple days so there will be no
posting of Temptation on Tuesday.
Posting should resume Wednesday morning.
See you all then.
23rd-Apr-2007 12:25 pm (UTC)
Gods, loved that chapt, B! It was all over the place- in a good way, hot and sweet and curious and just, yeah, nice.
Assuming your excursion is a good thing, have fun, if it isn't for happy reasons, then well, just survive it, k.
24th-Apr-2007 05:40 pm (UTC)
A good trip - um - glad to be home.
Family business with a bizarre family.
Glad you enjoyed the chapt.
Willow may be the fly in Spike's ointment.
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