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Title : TEMPTATION 10/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ.

Willow couldn't see anything in the darkness, but she knew
it was there. Whatever was tormenting her brother was out
there and it was evil.

The kind of evil the community warned about but really knew
nothing of.
And now it was here. On their farm.

Willow did not know what it was, but she knew one thing for
sure. It would not get her brother.
Not if she could stop it.

Spike secured the door and slipped quickly to the igloo
shaped mound of straw in the loft.
He buried himself in the nest to think.

Something about this whole set up was wrong. This farm,
these people, it all had an unsettling vibe about it.
He remembered back in the 60's he had eaten a commune
that was like this, but at least thay had included him in a
orgy of drugs and sex before he slaughtered the lot of them.
Very hospitable they were.

Spike had a funny feeling there would be no orgies here.
He dozed off to the thought that coming here might have
been a mistake and wondering if it was too late to move on.

Xander entered the barn early the next morning with the pail
and stool in his hands. Checking Bessie thoroughly, he satisfied
himself that she was unharmed.

Setting down the stool he began to milk.
"I don't like your sister."
The sound of the voice that came from the loft was not much
more than a whisper.

Xander paused but did not stop or turn around.
"Don't talk about my sister."

Sticking his head out Spike watched him with squinting eyes.
"What's wrong with her? I can feel a power roll off her.
She a witch?"

Xander froze.
How did this demon know all his secret fears? What else
could he read in Xander's mind? He must be wary and
guard his thoughts more carefully.

"You must not say such things. Witches are evil and there
is only goodness in my sister. You are speaking lies with a
serpents tongue."

Spike frowned and screwing his eyes as low as he could
focus, stuck his tongue out to check.
Nope same old tongue. All pink and slimy but not
pointy or snakey.

"You show your ignorance, boy. Witches are people
connected to the earth. They feel and channel the power
of the elements Earth, fire, water, and air. It has nothing to
do with good or evil. Only what they do with that power
is bad or not."

Xander stayed silent, but let that information soak into his
brain. He sorted it slowly with everything he understood
about life and what he knew of Willow. He wanted to
remember that this was the devil and every word from
his mouth would be decietful, still.........

Everything in his life up to this point had been very simple.
Right and wrong. Black and white. Good and evil.
There was no room for any gray areas.
There was never any confusion

Xander now understood where this demon's real power lie.
It was in the power of doubt.

Finishing quickly Xander stood and turned to leave.
"NO! I will not be ignored! You will stay and talk
to me. I told you I wanted to be entertained."

"Entertained?" Xander sat the bucket down and faced
the deamon with his hands on his hips.
" I have work to do then my family is expecting me to come
to breakfast. It is not my job to entertain you."

In less than a blink Spike had his hands around the boys throat.
A century of practice and Spike knew just how much pressure
and how long to apply it to get the results he wanted.

Pulled up till just his tip toes touched the barn floor, Xander
struggled to breath.
The pain in his throat matched the frantic burn as his lungs
screamed for oxygen.

Xander clutched madly at Spikes wrists trying to pry them loose,
but it was usless. The demon's grip was like steel.
Feeling himself fading and loosing awarness, Xander
went limp.

He was then painfully dropped to the ground, cracking his
elbow when he hit.
Spike stood over the fallen boy, his hands balled into fists at
his sides.

"Your job is to do what the hell I tell you to do! You forget
who the fuck you are dealing with. Piss me off and all bets
are off! I will rip the heads off every person in that house
and wipe my ass with their hair!"

Gasping for air and rubbing his sore arm Xander scooted
away and struggled to his feet. He was stunned by fear
and the revultion of the demon's language and threats.

"Fine, what do you want to talk about?"

Spike looked slightly confused. He hadn't expected an
agreement that quickly and wasn't sure if there was a
conversation topic on the table.

"Oh, I don't know. Tell me something and I will correct you."
Spike roared with laughter.

Xander was thrown off kilter. He had never seen someone
go from furious to giddy in the snap of a finger.
He wondered if all demons were this mentally unbalanced
or just this one.

Xander's brain sifted and sorted through things to discuss
that would be a safe topic. He knew two things for sure.
He did not want his family mentioned, and the demon seemed
very selfcentered so would probably be happiest talking
about himself.

"Were you always a demon or did you fall from grace?"
Xander sat cross legged on the floor as far away as he
felt safely possible.

"No I didn't fall from grace you idiot. I was a human
just like you. Going about my business until I was
snatched up and murdered by Angel. Fuckin' Wanker"

Jumping to his feet Xander's face turned red with anger.
"You lie! Angel's are God's messengers. They do not kill."

Spike rolled his eyes, but for once, didn't react.
"Not AN angel. THE Angel. The great Liam O'Connor.
Angelus himself. Although himself likes to be called
"Angel" now. Like that makes him a different person.
Once worthless Irishman, now pussy whipped vampire."

The wheels spun and searched in Xander's brain for a
point of reference. Most of what the demon said made no
sense. One word, however, did. Vampire. He had heard
that word once as a child when some of the other
boys were telling stories to try to scare the little ones.
It was before his faith was strong and it had filled his
dreams for weeks with scary pictures of the unknown.

"You're a vampire?" Xander looked at him suspiciously.
Was this another trick? Was such a thing possible?

Spike threw his hands in the air dramatically.
"Well give the man a cigar!"

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