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Title : TEMPTATION 11/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ.

Xander sat quietly, He knew even listening to the demon
was probably a danger to his very soul, but for some reason
beyond the threats the demon made, he remained.

Spike had again begun pacing slowly the length of the barn as
he spoke. Hands clasped behind his back and head down,
his impassioned lecture could have come directly
from a watchers manual.

Explaining the general procedure of the turning of a human
into a vampire, the ideologies of vampire beliefs and why
they are the superior race.

"So this man you call Angel turned you?"

Spike stopped walking and spun around to face him.
Xander flinched, expecting another attack. None came.
Instead Spike sat down, also cross legged, and frowned.

Looking at him was amazing. Hypnotic.
Xander had to constantly remind himself that this beautiful
face was not human. The hair so soft, the eyes so blue.
He remembered his mother telling him once that bad
things came in a pretty ribbon.
He knew now she was right. Very right.

"Now don't get me wrong, I love being a vampire. You know,
blood, death, mayhem, murder, all the good things life has to offer,
it's just that it's so fuckin' unfair. When a vampire sires you it is a
life long commitment. We should be together. Slaughtering our
way around the world. But, no, here I am alone. Talking to a
stupid fuck like you, no offense, and hiding out from that bitch,
the slayer."

"Slayer? Is that another kind of demon? And where is Angel?
Why is he not with you?"
That's when an odd thought struck Xander. If the demon
used to be human, maybe some of him still was.
"Are you lonely? Is that why you want me here?"

Spike leaped to his feet, threw back his head an let out
and earth shaking howl stomping his feet and waving
his fists in the air..

"How dare you imply that I need you? You stupid worthless
human! I am a Master vampire! I could rule the world with
the blood of the likes of you filling my belly!"

Xander showed no fear.
Sitting calmly, he waited for the toggle to switch to the off position.
It came as quickly as expected.

Spike dropped back down again instantly calm and reasonable.
"See, it really isn't that I miss the fucker, it's just that he
made promises." Spike sighed. "Even for a vampire he
could whisper the most delicious things in my ear as he
pounded his cock in my ass."

Xander's heart jumped to his throat.
His voice low and breathless.
"It is a sin for a man to know another man in that way."

Spike merely waved his hand dismissivly. "Demons don't
live by the same stupid rules as humans. Besides lots of
human men do the same. Never had the chance as a
human, but I would have taken it up the ass even if I
hadn't been turned."

Xander slapped his hands over his ears and squeezed his
eyes shut.
"Stop talking such filth. I will not stay if you are going to
speak in this manner."

Spike chuckled and crawled on his hands and knees the
short distance to where Xander sat.

"Don't tell me you have never thought about it. Is that what
goes through your mind when you wrap your hand around
your cock and pull?
You can't lie Xander. Besides I can smell it in the air. The
arousal, the spent cum. Do you want it, Xander? Do you
want me?"

Snapping out of his state, Xander shoved Spike back and
jumped to his feet.
"Stop it! You lie and you try to tempt me but it won't work!
I will not come out here if you talk of such disgusting things.
I will tell. I will tell on you and we will defeat you!"
Xander grabbed his pale of milk and ran from the barn never
looking back.

Spike was still rolling on the floor with laughter long after
Xander had gone. Finally wiping the tears from his face he
regained his composure.

"Oh, you'll be back, boy. And we both know you won't tell"
Dancing around the barn happily, Spike had not been this
content for years.

Xander rushed to the house and sat the bucket on the side
pan of the sink for his Mother. Kissing him lightly on her
son's cheek, Jess patted his face.
"You feel flushed. Are you fevered?"

Xander scooped his Mother up in a bear hug.
"I'm fine, Mother. I just didn't want to be late again."
Setting her back down, he cupped her small face
in his rough calloused hands. "I love you, Mother."
Smiling, she gave her automatic response

"And God loves us all."

After breakfast, Xander knew he need some time alone.
Time to think and reassess his situation.

"Father, why don't I start to work on that busted axel on
the buggy. I can have it broke down and ready for the
new wheel by sun down. That would give you a chance
to clean out that beaver damn that has the pasture spring
backed up."

Jacob wiped the food crumbs from his beard thoughtfully.
"You sure you can manage alone? That is a heavy job.
Although that is two birds we could defiantly catch in one

The rest of the family laughed at his twisting of words.
Xander silently said a prayer of thanks for people he loved
and vowed again to protect them.

"I can manage. But I do want to get an early start."
Xander pushed back his chair and grabbed his hat to shade
the sun from his eyes.
"See you later."

Willow watched him leave. The dark cloud that had been
hanging over his head was now a larger fog. It swirled around
him, never touching but reaching out with thin tendrils trying
to make contact.

Willow's resolve was set. She had waited long enough
for Xander to come to her with the truth.

Today she would have some answers.
One way or another.
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