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S/X drabble - Candy Hearts

Just a quick drabble I cooked up. *disclaims* They're not mine. It's fiction upon fiction. No spoilers or warnings needed (just some mild mush). I used this: ACME Heart Maker for the images.

Summary: Xander. Spike. Candy Hearts. A quick shot of mush.

Candy Hearts.
Things were quiet in the Magic Box, as they researched the latest Easter apocalypse. Willow and Tara were looking for neo-pagan rituals involving chicks and Man’ta’ka demons; Anya was attempting to find a book that didn’t reference bunnies; Giles was adding bourbon to his tea; and Xander and Spike were sorting through a stale bag of candy hearts. No one looked up as Spike pushed one over. Xander smiled widely and gave one of his own. They exchanged once more before Spike was making excuses and pushing Xander out the door. Giles looked at the candy hearts on the table and added more bourbon.

Spike's first

Xander's first

  Spike's second 

Xander's second

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